Aaron Kwok Makes Living Arrangements for Moka Fang

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Aaron Kwok Makes Living Arrangements for Moka Fang

After dating for less than two years, Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and Shanghai model Moka Fang (方媛) registered for marriage. Notorious for his commitment-phobic nature, the 51-year-old bachelor finally settled down because of Moka’s unexpected pregnancy.

Recently, 29-year-old Moka was spotted out shopping while dressed in a loose black dress and tennis shoes. Her baby bump has gotten noticeably larger, leading to speculation that she is currently five months pregnant and is due in September.

Aaron, however, has not slowed down in his career. However, the first-time father is excited about the baby and has been careful about taking care of his wife. To ensure the best care for Moka during her pregnancy and to continue with work, Aaron purchased a luxury home in Shanghai for her so that she can live near her parents. While he is busy with work, Moka can be taken care of by her parents.

Aaron would then make arrangements for Moka to return to Hong Kong when he has a break from work. In addition to securing a comfortable living situation for Moka, he also consulted with a Feng Shui expert to bless the home and ensure a safe delivery for both mother and child.

Source: East Week

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Aaron Kwok Makes Living Arrangements for Moka Fang

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