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Aimee Chan is Pregnant?

By on May 20, 2013

Aimee Chan is Pregnant? thumbnail

Above: “Slow Boat Home” star, Aimee Chan, is rumored to be pregnant.

Aside from appearing at an initial promotional event for Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線>, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) has been surprisingly absent from the drama’s promotions. When Aimee turned down filming for new series, Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon <寒山潛龍>rumors spread that she is pregnant and planning a wedding with boyfriend, Moses Chan (陳豪).

Moses recently spent $30 million HKD on an independent house in Tai Po. With only one series left to film for the remainder of the year, it looks like 42-year old Moses is getting ready to tie the knot.  Moses will reportedly accompany Aimee to visit her family in Canada to discuss the marriage plans. Asked for comment, Moses replied, “I still have work in Hong Kong, so I won’t be going to Canada with Aimee. I know everyone is concerned. Don’t worry; I’ll let everyone know when there’s good news.”

An insider confirmed that Aimee is flying back to Canada to have Moses meet her parents. Since Aimee does not have any relatives in Hong Kong, her 3-week vacation may potentially last until the end of the year. The insider said, “Naturally, the next step in their relationship would be marriage! It’s just uncertain how the plans will unfold for now.”

Using Health Issues as an Excuse

Since Aimee dropped the filming for Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon, TVB has been frantically searching for a replacement. Aimee disclosed that she rejected the filming due to personal reasons and revealed that her current health condition does not allow for her to take on martial arts roles. To explain her absence at the Slow Boat Home promotions, she cited her poor health condition as the reason yet again.

When asked about if Moses had proposed to her, Aimee avoided the question and simply answered that she would not be revealing any information to the paparazzi.

Source: Oriental Sunday #806 via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (56)

    1. Amar says:

      I’m still not use to the fact that shes dating Moses.
      Not a fan of Aimee.

    2. TN1 says:

      Wow! Is she or aint she? Congrates if she is!

    3. HeTieShou says:

      Time will tell all and hope that she does tie the knot if she is pregnant.

    4. sandcherry says:

      I don’t know if this is the right time for Aimee to get pregnant now as she is being highly promoted by TVB?

      Perhaps Moses will be happy about this (Aimee’s pregnancy) as he will definitely be able to marry Aimee and start a family soon.

    5. xin says:

      If this is true, congrats!
      If this is true, glad that she will not be on-screen for some time.

      • yuki says:

        Agreed, hope she retires from “acting” and become a full time mom and wife..

      • miriamfanz says:

        She still has Ruse of Engagement and Outbound Love waiting to air… No chance of not seeing her

        • xin says:

          I can bear with 25 episodes of action-packed Ruse of Engagement. As much as I love Ruco, by choice I’m not watching Outbound Love. :)

    6. Mt says:

      So Moses says (not for the first time) that he won’t be accompanying Aimee to Canada, and then a supposed ‘insider’ speaks. Just let them deal with their relationship in private. If they do get married and have children, they’ll let everyone know. In the meant time, leave them alone.

    7. sel_fi_wu says:

      Moses implied in news today that he’s planning to marry aimee and moses didn’t outright deny about pregnancy. what does this mean?

    8. sushiroll says:

      lolz if its true than its good news, that will get her off the screen. now hurry up and pimp more kids please.

    9. Mlove says:

      She look different now in the current series. She’s look a lot older.

    10. SY says:

      can’t wait for her to retire from acting. she can be annoying to watch sometimes.

    11. sandcherry says:

      I like Aimee Chan. She has worked very hard to improve her acting skills as well as her Cantonese. She is good compared to many non-Cantonese speaking actresses in TVB.

      • sandcherry says:

        It is just a shame that she got pregnant when she’s highly promoted by TVB and getting more and more popular and recognized.

        • Ding says:

          Definitely not popular due to her acting! It more to tvb ramming her into our faces. Recognized by who? Tvb??? Lol

        • Ding says:

          Was she rude? I am surprised! I read somewhere that she was very nice and friendly !

      • 939393 says:

        Aimee is getting more and more on my cards now. She has certainly improved. But for you to say that it’s a shame that she’s pregnant may not be very appropriate. A foetus is a life after all and should be viewed as a blessing.

        • Larry 3 says:

          How is it inappropriate? She still sucks. She can take a long rest and If she does decides to stay in acting, good for her.

        • Hippo says:

          Maybe you take the internet too serious?

        • 939393 says:

          Try telling your friend “oh you’re pregnant? now that’s a shame!” and see what the expectant mother and everyone who’s listening feels. What i’m trying to convey is that being pregnant is not ‘a shame’ but a blessing.

      • Susan says:

        I agree with sandcherry and 939393 that Aimee has improved. I thought she did a nice job in “Master of Play” and also now in “Slow Boat Home”. You can tell she has put hard work on her acting and Cantonese.

        • Hippo says:

          She may have improved, but if you just don’t like someone, it’s hard to change that opinion.

      • Jessica says:

        She is really improving and she’s a joy to watch on Slow Boat Home. It’s weird that people compare her to the likes of Christine Kuo.

    12. Shrimpboat says:

      With the amount of series that she’s been in, I’m not surprised if her health has gone downhills. TVB isn’t exactly known for being mindful of their employees’ health.

    13. lalaland says:

      Now we are going to take a break from Raymond & Karena news, gonna have more and more news about Moses and Aimee

    14. ANGELA says:

      Honestly Aimee Chan is a bad actress.
      Dont know what the hype with her is, she cant act. She is rather annoying. Plus Moses should just take a break, long break. He’s been in too many series and its really boring. Need new actors. Its great to have Lawrence Ng back. Miss having Bowie Lam.

    15. LP says:

      Maybe she needs to fix something on her body and it’s better to do it in Canada to avoid the paparazzi

      • yuki says:

        Her chin again? a bit shorter would be nice.. or could it be for some acting classes… not sure if it will help though..it seems like TVB create roles for her that she is someone returning from the USA or she is some sort of princess from a foreign country, I guess to explain her accent…lol, I agree her acting is somewhat annoying and as for Moses, he really left an impression on me as DaDa Day in Heart of Greed, that was my favorite of him, all others are forgettable

        • star says:

          haha, you are right, tvb is always looking out for miss hongkong/princess from north america, shouldn’t the title be reserved for people who stayed in hongkong instead of those who chose to immigrate to north america or elsewhere

    16. char says:

      I wonder what Bernice liu would say…

    17. Jodie says:

      Haha this is ridiculous
      Aimee Chan takes three week holiday.. DEAR GOD SHE MUST BE PREGNANT AND PLANNING TO GET MARRIED TOO.

      Seriously, it’s as if people just randomly pluck scenarios out of a hat.

      • clamine says:

        From another news report: It was said Aimee initially took 3 weeks off, but then she extended it to the rest of the year, is Aimee taking maternity leave?

        Not randomly but deductively

      • irene says:

        I believe rumour is true because she is the one who will grab any roles given.

    18. jc says:

      Aimee doesn’t like to take leave but now going back to Canada for a long leave boy..must be some things serious..

    19. Ang says:

      I prefer Aimee as compared to Bernice

      • sandcherry says:

        Personally I think Aimee is more genuine and flexible than Bernice in her real personality. I hope it is true, too. Aimee seems to love Moses truly while Bernice took Moses as her partner to boost her popularity in Hong Kong. She did same to Harwick Lau when she first entered TVB.

      • char says:

        Bernice is better!!! She and Moses should be back together!

    20. CJ says:

      Met her during her shooting in Malaysia. Sorry to mentioned about her acting skill is really bad. She famous because of only her bf , Moses Chan.
      Real her does not friendly or humble. Sad that she has such poor attitude with bad acting skills.

    21. Jack says:

      He’s 42? How old is she again??

    22. Cm says:

      Totally agree with all the sentiments that she is a bad actress who hasn’t improved. In fact the only part I have seen her in that she was tolerable was when she was a newbie in Catch Me Now, playing a charcater who was essentially herself: a overseas Honkie with bad Chinese. Its probably mean to say so, but if she is pregnant, at least she’ll be off our screens

      • CJ says:


        • yuki says:

          Ditto that comment! There is something about her acting that is not natural. It just doesnt seem to blend into her character. Think she would fare better as Mrs Moses and let the hubby take care of her. That is one of the reasons that she went for Ms Hong Kong at a late age. She was not doing well academically and not all that bright.Thus, she hope to gain some success in the entertainment field and hook a big fish which she did.

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