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Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Bring Their Romance to “Sheng Xia Wan Qing Tian”

By on February 16, 2013

Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Bring Their Romance to “Sheng Xia Wan Qing Tian” thumbnail

The modern romance drama Sheng Xia Wan Qing Tian <盛夏晚晴天>, which stars real life couple Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Yang Mi (杨幂), marks Hawick’s first television drama as a producer. Directed by former TVB director Mak Kun Chi (麥貫之) and with a script helmed by former TVB executive scriptwriter Chan Po Wah(陳寶華), Sheng Xia Wan Qing Tian is roughly based on the novel of the same name.

Hawick Lau Yang Mi posterThe drama tells the story of Xia Wanqing (Yang Mi), the daughter of the Chairman of Hua Xia Holdings, a real estate company. After getting betrayed by her best friend and losing her boyfriend, Wanqing meets the right playboy Qiao Jinfan (Hawick Lau), who turns her life around.

Also starring in the drama is Jarvis Wu (吴建飞), Wang Xiao (王骁), and Liang Yu Lin (梁又琳), Louis Fan (樊少皇), Li Fangding (李方丁), and Tong Chun Chung (湯鎮宗).

Hawick invested a hefty budget to produce Sheng Xia Wan Qing Tian. Touted as one of China’s most fashionable television dramas in recent years, well known fashion designers, including the works of Simon Gao and the team behind Harper’s Bazaar China, were tasked with designing the show’s costume wardrobe. Sheng Xia Wan Qing Tian is also noted for its iconic scenery and grand scope, with filming locations that included Beijing, Qingdao, and Paris.

Sheng Xia Wan Qing Tian premiered on Hunan Jingshi on February 15, and is expected to run for 46 episodes.

“Sheng Xia Wan Qing Tian” Trailer

Summer Hawick Lau 2  Summer Yang Mi  Hawick Lau drama

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  • Readers' Comments (21)

    1. Heather says:

      Looks meh. Not interested.

    2. aehyu says:

      what’s the point in investing in everything but the storyline? :/

    3. ehh says:

      yang mi’s acting really went down, very stone-faced through out. guess she figured she only needed to look good.

    4. HeTieShou says:

      I have not seen a single modern series from China that I actually like yet.

      • advo says:

        I started watching the one called Another Brilliant Life but unfortunately I’m not a fan of how the storylines are turning out.

    5. Bubblez says:

      I am still interested in seeing this drama though. Sounds interesting. :/

    6. advo says:

      I’m sorta interested because Hawick looks and acts better in modern dramas. However, I dislike Mainland modern dramas because even though they have predictable premises, there are always really, really convoluted plot twists. They might not be clichéd and boring like the Taiwanese/Korean idol dramas, but they are still bad because the outcome is always unsatisfying.

      • Little fishy says:

        Erh, I found mainland series still cliche, and still boring cos they love to drag it out. The only point I’m going to give is they have weird plot twist that might not be boring to some but make no sense. Overally, mainland series generally have no originality, they love to copy the successful bits of other drama.
        Anyway, moving along, I applaud how they try to follow kdrama in term trying to be more fashionable. Some of yang mi’s outfit look ok, however her accessory is horrible and drag the whole thing down, everyone else’s outfit is horrible and boring, the boys’ clothes are again bad, different tee shirt with suit jacket on to for all of them = did you actually put thought into designing the boy’s clothes? And the suits don’t look great on them =_= fail fail

        • advo says:

          Haha, you kinda admit to my point when you said they have weird plot twist that might not be boring but make no sense. I agree with you about the plot twists never making sense. Imo, they try to make them less predictable by adding those plot twists, but it’s never organically written so it just doesn’t make sense. I pretty much dislike most modern Asian dramas aside from TVB in the past.

          But I’m hoping for some improvements, and I think I read that Mainland production houses are trying to update their modern dramas.

      • Fox says:

        Maybe you should watch some serious China modern series, very cliche and at the same time, good plots, but not easy to understand like the current Txb ones.

        Those adaptions of yun ching novels are pathetic as there are not so many good yun ching novels at all.

    7. Nori says:

      Not a big fan of mainland modern drama. To be frank, mainland dramas only good if they are ancient series. Moreover, I don’t think Hawick Lau and Yang Mi should play on screen couple when in fact they really are in real life.

    8. sushiroll says:

      Hawicj must be like sticking his middle finger to TVB and bernice liu now that he cracked it big time and rolling in moolah.

    9. So what are the chances of this being any good?

    10. kiki says:

      The only series i have watched from China from beginning till the end is called ” Sealed With a Kiss ” n this dude is in there and that’s the only series that i actually thought ok he can actually act hahaa..lol…cuz i watched other stuff too but its always one episode n that was it, never finish but that one i did and it was good.
      This real life couple thou its just eye candy to me b/c they also did a series where they first met and it was so damn boring but they are also a good looking couple thou so needless to say i watched 2 episodes top and i was done w/it. Then they did movie together which is waste of tape, i skipped it thru utube – thank god its free ahaha… so i have no hopes that its a gonna be a series, sounds boring as well. But like i said they are banking them as a couple right now since they have still in media demand. Also, this Hawick Lau is almost 40, he looks good still i have to say. She does not look that young but he looks damn young.

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