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Myolie Wu and Him Law to Star in “The Vinegar Lady”

By on July 24, 2013

Myolie Wu and Him Law to Star in “The Vinegar Lady” thumbnail

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) has been very busy. After completing the arduous five-month filming of war epic Rosy Business 3: No Reserve<巾幗梟雄之諜血長天> in early July, she spent the next week running around Hong Kong and other Asian countries to promote Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, which is currently airing on TVB Jade to fantastic viewership reception. But now, the 33-year-old actress is ready to act in her new drama, mainland Chinese television series Love <如果不曾愛你>, which has begun filming in Beijing. Myolie will also be traveling to Inner Mongolia for some outdoor location shoots.

Shooting drama after drama can be very tiring, but Myolie has no plans to rest. In November 2013, she will return to Hong Kong to shoot an upcoming drama for TVB, The Vinegar Lady <醋娘子>, a period drama that will be produced by Poon Ka Tak (潘嘉德).

TVB’s plans to produce The Vinegar Lady was revealed in early 2013, when it was rumored that TVB intends to film a third installment of Wars of In-Laws <我的野蠻奶奶> series. However, after the real-life breakup of Myolie and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) in July 2012, TVB had to temporarily shelve the plans for The Vinegar Lady.

In a radio interview conducted in early April 2013, Liza Wang (汪明荃) disclosed that she was approached to star in The Vinegar Lady, but she turned it down due to a schedule clash. Liza also said the story of The Vinegar Lady is “completely different” from Wars of In-Laws, and that the two series should not be seen in the same light.

Confirmed to star alongside Myolie in the upcoming drama is Him Law (羅仲謙). The Vinegar Lady will be the 28-year-old’s first period television drama.

Asked whether Bosco was originally intended to be the male lead for The Vinegar Lady, Myolie said, “I never heard of that. I’ve always been told that it will be Him.”

Though Myolie and Him have starred in Season of Love <戀愛季節> and Triumph in the Skies 2 together, they never really shared that many scenes together. What does Myolie think of her new partner?

“It’s a fresh collaboration. We’ve attended promotions together before. I think he’s pretty cute and nice! Let’s hope for a happy collaboration!”

Would it be embarrassing for Myolie if Him’s reported girlfriend, Tavia Yeung (楊怡), came to visit them on set while they are doing an intimate scene? “Tavia and I are good friends. I don’t think so… we are all professional actors!”

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (45)

    1. PatPat says:

      Can’t wait for this drama ! Haven’t seen Him Law in a period drama before though . Excited ! Myolie works really hard , keep up the good work , but still needs to rest! :) I also think Him would look cute and handsome in period drama’s as well ! XD

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        you should also be happy that him law officially promoted as male lead with this vinegar lady. seems that out of oscar, him, vincent, benjamin, he is the first one that got to be a lead role. good for him.

        • windy says:

          but can we say it’s b/c of the g/f that landed him his first lead? haha LOL…
          I mean come on, wow… a lead already when we practically never heard of him a few years ago. And all those well deserved cameo’s never even get supporting roles.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          i’d rather watch him law than his old girlfriend

    2. Coconut says:

      All wait for crazy fan come and say this is breakthrough role myolie because she grew her hair.

    3. thuongan says:

      In the above picture, Him Law is not handsome because his face looks meaty; he will be good looking if he is thinner.

    4. bear says:

      i tot myolie is not good friend with tavia? isn’t tavia close friend of charmaine sheh? but yeah i noe myyolie have alot of friend tvb actress xDD she must be awesome.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        myolie is closest to nancy. also close too mandy, elaine, sharon and they make the gang of 5. in her previous interview myolie said among the fadans she’s closest to linda, ok to tavia. and surprisingly implied she’s not close with kate. wonder why because myolie is always well known as friendly and have many good friends.

        • Nicole says:

          If you are a true fan of myolie, instead of this fake myolie-obsessed persona, you should know that the “胡说八道club” consist of myolie, nancy, elaine, mandy and paisley wu since they post photos all the time. Sharon is close to myolie, but she isnt in the “gang of five”. Sharon is closest to christine.
          Get off your pretending and stop using myolie as a shield to scold other actresses or actors.

        • Yen says:

          Wow! I’m really amazed!
          You did keep close eyes on Myolie news!
          I mean I do like Bosco, except that he is close to Michael Mui, I really have zero idea who he is close to!

      • AC says:

        Myolie and Tavia are good friends but aren’t in the same group of friends that go out and hang out with each other. They became friends when they filmed Eternal Happiness (I think) and my guess would be that they understand each other since they both started at the same time.

    5. sel_fi_wu says:

      lookin forward for this fresh couple! seems like tvb has chosen him law to be promoted to lead by pairig with tv queen myolie! not that fond of him’s acting but with myolie’s guidance on his side i’m sure this will be his breakthrough! love that myolie looks happy to br pairing with him law! glad too that all the rumours surrounding this series a few months ago are now proven not true! good!

      myolie is young looking for her age so she will look cute and matching with the muscular him law!

    6. sel_fi_wu says:

      hope tavia won’t be jealous :P

    7. sel_fi_wu says:

      some other fan said in other forum that the scriptwriter implied that vinegar lady will be touching and epic love story. will be a new genre for myolie! and for him too.

      • llwy12 says:

        Yup…that’s what scriptwriter Ka Wai Nam hinted on his Weibo. When fans found out that he was returning to TVB to collaborate with Poon Ka Tak, they started peppering him with questions about the series (this was before he was confirmed to participate in Vinegar Lady). Since Tak Gor and Mr. Ka together were most famous for bringing us the DIF and UE franchises, the immediate question was whether their last collaboration was going to be DIF5 or UE3 (some fans have been asking for this for years…LOL). To dispel the rumors, Mr. Ka stated on his Weibo that this time around, they will “no longer be investigating cases” — rather, they will be “embarking on an epic love story journey” instead.

        Keep in mind that Ka Wai Nam wrote the above on his Weibo prior to him being attached to the Vinegar Lady project…the assumption is that he is referring to this particular series, since he hasn’t clarified further about it on his Weibo and there has been very little information published about the series itself.

    8. AC says:

      I prefer Myolie to pair up with someone else like Ruco.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        want ruco too but he doesn’t film for tommy’s side. kenneth is more likely since he filmed for poon ka tak and many of tommy’s productions

    9. sandcherry says:

      Wow, Him Law is being promoted to act 1st lead actor, paired up with Myolie Wu, so soon. How about Ron Ng, Edwin Siu, Vincent Wong, etc.? They assumed heavier supporting roles in the last two years, and they are still acting supporting roles. Well, it is never fair in TVB.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        ron has been a first line siu sang male lead sincr long ago. edwin may get his turn soon from tsang division. him law is representing tommy leung side

      • advo says:

        It’s a shame they didn’t pick Vincent for the role instead of Him who’s a terrible actor. Additionally, I liked Myolie and Vincent’s chemistry in WOIL2.

    10. Austin says:

      It’s quite an odd couple, Myolie seems to partner best with those that are significantly older than her. Recent series on love stories haven’t been much of a success, romance was never their strongest choice of genre anyways. I’m not surprised about Him I mean look at who the producer is, constantly casting Him and Mandy in series. I think there’s another male lead involved, not much have been said yet.

      • megamiaow says:

        Finally, a male lead whos not 50 or approaching.

      • advo says:

        Yes, because Myolie looks old(er)/her real age herself. And Him is so baby faced, so it will be such an old pairing.

        I wonder if netizens will kick up a stint like they always did whenever Charmaine was paired up with Raymond Lam?

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          myolie looks younger than her age such as in triumph2. there won’t be much different gap between myolie and him. of course i prefer her to pair with ruco or kenneth, but it’s good that tommy leung side finally decide to make him/mandy/oscar batch lead and pair with more prominent partner. better him law than the cocky and overconfident oscar.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          myolie looks younger than her age such as in triumph2. there won’t be much different gap between myolie and him. of course i prefer her to pair with ruco or kenneth, but it’s good that tommy leung side finally decide to make him/mandy/oscar batch lead and pair with more prominent partner. better him law than the c0cky and overconfident oscar. – See more at:

        • HeTieShou says:

          I don’t think so and Myolie looks about her age if not older…

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        no myolie has said that she only know about him law pairing with her so there shouldn’t be another male lead. maybe louis cheung the singer will be the second male lead and pair with second female lead but myolie said her partner is him and she didn’t hear anything else.

        • Austin says:

          Production doesn’t start till November, a lot can happen then even the change in cast. It does happen frequently.

    11. Mindy says:

      odd odd couple!!!

      him is too baby faced for myolie….

    12. Veejay says:

      Don’t think Tavia will visit the scene since she knew Myolie pretty well.

    13. llwy12 says:

      To be honest, the piece I’m disappointed about is that this is going to be another period drama. With the long-awaited return of golden’ scriptwriter Ka Wai Nam returning specifically for this series (he agreed to return and do this series because he promised producer Poon Ka Tak that he would collaborate with him on one last series before Tak Gor retired), I’m sure many fans were hoping for another modern investigative drama (they were the team that brought us Detective Investigation Files and Untraceable Evidence). But it looks like that won’t happen anymore….

      Not a fan of Myolie or Him, but I do like both Ka Wai Nam and Poon Ka Tak’s works for the most part…..so I’m pretty much going to wait until more information comes out before making a decision on this one.

      • Nicole says:

        To be honest, it sounds horrible.
        Vinegar lady is supposed to be a grand production and we are getting him law.
        Myolie performs best in modern dramas, and looks best in stylish outfits, and worst in period settings, look at taichi.
        Poon ka tak produces the best modern dramas, and his output of period dramas are dismal.

        Both do not seem to do well in epic love stories.
        Cant we just get a nice and simple case solving series?

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          prefer modern investigation series too since myolie never did one either but poon ka tak did very well in the series with myolie and sunny where ron went back to the past. the series was touching and the script was good. that shows poon ka tak can make a good period series.

        • llwy12 says:

          I agree with you guys — especially knowing that this will be the last Poon Ka Tak / Ka Wai Nam collaboration AND TVB is desperately in need of a good crime-solving / investigative series, since they haven’t had one in years (a ‘good’ one that is). I’m not necessarily in favor of DIF5 or UE3, since I’m highly opposed to ‘ruining’ classics with lame sequels, but another investigative series not affiliated with the previous franchises would have been nice (sort of like what they did with Forensic Heroes, which was similar in theme to UE, but completely different in terms of setup and such).

          I actually do have confidence in Ka Wai Nam, since he has written quite a few great scripts in his long career at TVB (both modern and ancient/period — his resume is massive, as it dates all the way back to the mid-80s)…sure, there were a few ‘duds’ in there, but overall, I like majority of his series….but I have to agree also that producer Poon Ka Tak’s output of period dramas / ancient series have been dismal overall (in my opinion, the only 2 decent period pieces he produced were Eternal Happiness and Chip Off the Old Block).

        • Nicole says:

          A chip off the old block was set in the 60s/70s, and i didnt bother finishing eternal happiness because it was horrible.

      • advo says:

        Can’t believe they cast Him Law and his one-note acting as lead for a grand production!

    14. TN1 says:

      Ewww wat sorta titl is dat! TVB shd hv invited Ekin Cheng for dis pairing with MW or perhaps storyline kinda like older woman falling for a younger guy aint dat rite TVB!!!!

    15. yeung4life says:

      can someone please tell me if Him or Tavia have declared their relationship out to the public?

      • pastel says:

        Yes, I guess,…
        The reporters have been asking for a year or so now, and both of them haven’t said anything.
        But, they haven’t denied it or anything…
        And Him said after the incident with Theresa he wants to make sure he doesn’t keep his relationships too high-profile.
        Its in an old article titled “Him Law Remembers His Love Lessons” .
        But, apparently after the car incident in September, Tavia apparently admitted it. That is an article titled:
        “Tavia Yeung Admits Dating Him Law After Caught in His Lap”.
        As well, they have been seen doing stuff together, like BBQ, or riding in each others’ cars.
        And Him has met Tavia’s mom and Tavia has met Him’s mom…
        Also, Him specifically thanked Tavia when he won his AOD award last year…
        So, that concludes with a YES.

    16. LALA says:

      hmmmmmmmmmmm isnt there anyone younger in age than her?

      I LOVE HIM LAW. More of him on the screens the merrier!

    17. hannahh says:


    18. Ana says:

      it’s fine. in korean dramas, lead actress are like 10 years older than the male lead. About time TVB give the actresses a break from grandpas.

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