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“Tiger Cubs 2″ Completes Filming

By on September 19, 2013

“Tiger Cubs 2″ Completes Filming thumbnail

After months of exhaustive filming under the hot sun for Tiger Cubs 2 <飛虎II>, the cast is glad that it is finally over. To celebrate the event, Joe Ma (馬德鐘) forked out money from his own wallet to hold a feast for the cast and crew. The male cast shouted “Delay No More!” for the final time.

Joe happily paid more than $10,000 HKD to hold a feast. Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Him Law (羅仲謙) also sponsored lucky draw prizes.  Since filming of Tiger Cubs 2 began, several cast members were injured due to the many action scenes. To motivate themselves through the tough filming schedule, the male cast came up with the slogan, “Delay No More!” which they would shout during filming to push themselves towards the drama’s completion. Now that filming is finished, the cast was relieved.

Although Joe was once part of the Hong Kong Police Department before he became an actor, he found Tiger Cubs 2 to be one of the most strenuous dramas to film. When asked if he would take part if there is a third installment, he said he would consider after seeing the response of Tiger Cubs 2.

There have been recent speculations that Raymond Lam (林峯) intends to start his own company and has already approached Kate Tsui (徐子珊) to join him. Joe expressed that he also thought of starting his own company, but did not have the time to carry it out. On the other hand, Linda remarked that she has not heard about the rumor, “Raymond has not told me such a personal matter. I also did not know that he asked Kate to join him. I’m still contracted to TVB for several years.”

Still Good Friends

In other news, reports claim that Christine Kuo’s (苟芸慧) good friend, Eliza Sam (岑麗香) has been taking advantage of Christine’s ballooning weight gain by reducing her fees to appear in promotional events, resulting in a strain in their relationship. However, Christine trusts Eliza and jokingly said that they may consider French-kissing each other to prove that they are not at odds with each other. Christine said, “But after much consideration, we think better not or we may have to French-kiss every time there is a rumor about our fall-out. We have lived together for half a year. I have always been taken care of, but she is the first person whom I have to take care of.”

In order to take care of her mother who has just undergone a surgery, Christine intended to fly to Canada for a holiday. At the same time, she hopes to be able to improve her mental and physical well-being.

Source: Ming Pao

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  • Readers' Comments (9)

    1. Shrimpboat says:

      They must be so relieved! So much blood and sweat (literally and figuratively) put into this series; really hope it’s a big success.

      • choco-bunny says:

        same for the cast of ROE! They must be so disappointed. Next yr, tvb executives better not give the same lame excuse abt similarity of the 2 series not to air it. They’re depriving the audience of some good entertainment, i tell you!

    2. yeung4life says:

      linda chung and Him paid for the raffle tickets? what?

      like I’d understand why Him did the raffles coz he wasn’t the lead actor, and same thing goes for joe paying more than 10,000 HKD coz he’s the lead actor.

      But linda? I’m sorry but if she’s the lead she should be contributing to that 10, 000 feast with Joe. I mean, Myolie and Kevin offered an abalone feast for the ghetto justice….

    3. Charbydis says:

      Not sure if anyone is aware, but the “Delay No More” slogan was originally part of a billboard ad in HK, then someone read it wrong and found it sounded just like a Cantonese swear phrase regarding someone’s mother. So not sure what they cast meant when saying that slogan. =)

      • Shrimpboat says:

        Lol! Good point. Your comment motivated me to read the actual Chinese version and it did say that when the guys shouted “Delay No More,” it scared Linda into thinking they were shouting profanity.

      • llwy12 says:

        Haha…yup! Especially if the people saying that slogan have bad English — then it sounds even more like that Cantonese swear phrase…LOL.

        I actually think that the cast members were uttering that slogan as sort of an ‘inside joke’ thing…

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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