Chilin Lin, Michelle Chen, and Yang Mi Nominated for Worst Film Actresses

Mainland China’s Golden Broom Awards, which are similar to Hollywood’s Razzie Awards, recently announced its list of nominees. Heading the list of Most Disappointing Film Actresses with two films apiece are Taiwanese actresses Chilin Lin (林志玲) and Michelle Chen (陳妍希), and mainland Chinese actresses Yang Mi (楊冪) and Jing Tian (景甜).

Already in its fifth year, the Golden Broom Awards highlight the past year’s most disappointing film, medium- or small-budget film, director, screenwriter, actor, and actress. To the surprise of few, the critically panned Switch <天機-富春山居圖> scored a nomination for Most Disappointing Film, with leads Andy Lau (劉德華) and Chilin Lin both nominated for Most Disappointing Actor and Actress respectively.

Chilin Lin received a second Actress nomination for Sweetheart Chocolate <甜心巧克力>. Joining her were Michelle Chen, who appeared in Badges of Fury <不二神探> and Together <在一起>, the newly married Yang Mi, female lead of the first two installments of Tiny Times <小時代>, and the up-and-coming Jing Tian, who starred in action films Special ID <特殊身份> and Police Story 2013 <警察故事2013>.

With the exception of Police Story 2013, the aforementioned films were all nominated for Most Disappointing Film. Renowned director Feng Xiaogang’s (馮小剛) Personal Tailor <私人定制> also netted a surprise nomination.

Actors nominated for Most Disappointing Actor include Donnie Yen (甄子丹) for Special ID and Together, Chilam Cheung (張智霖) for The Fox Lover <白狐>, and Jet Li (李連杰) for Badges of Fury.

The voting process for the Golden Brooms began on New Year’s Day and will continue for the rest of January. The end results will be revealed on March 3.

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    1. Donnie Yen face looks so stiff he can barely move it and there’s no expression.

      1. a lot of action stars cant act,like jacky chan,jet li,sylvester stalone,arnold swarzenegger etc.
        to me the acting thing is not really that important as long as the action is good.

      2. You are so right he can’t act and I just can’t stand the fact that he takes every opportunity to show what a great husband he is ! Wanna puke!

      3. Watch Ip Man movies, Bodyguards & Assassins, Wu Xia. Actually watch his movies made after 2007.

    1. Compares to her singing? Yes, more bearable. Haha LOL..That voice, I just wonder how she gets those record deals.

      1. Haha LOL. I think Yang Mi is really an overrated actress.. Dunno why she so popular?? Her acting so so, her singing awful, not to mention her plastic face

        And i really bored with the highly exposed Hawick-YM relationships (before the wedding). Both of them trying too hard to seek attention o.0

      2. Haha funny Funn, yep i knew it.
        I quite liked Gong, its okay for the romance but not a great series.
        I just don’t understand her fame with less talent. Yah called she’s lucky.

  1. Even when above Michelle Chen is all dressed up, she still is average looking no matter how you look at her huh? It’s almost amazing how lucky she was to have gotten so popular or what? haha

    1. There are actors who manage to become popular in spite of their average or below average looks. Criticizing Michelle Chen is sexist double standards, plain and simple.

    2. It wasn’t luck but her own effort to bring the girl next door image to audience in You’re apple of my eyes.

      1. I think it is not sexist to wonder why she actively sought to play the role of xiaolongnu. The role was supposed to be played by a drop dead gorgeous lady by normal aesthetic standards. if say, chapman to auditions for Yang Guo people would comment as well. She really believes she has exquisite features to take on the role I suppose.

    1. Good looking is priority advantage in HK to gain popularity furthermore Andy L’s fans mostly woman these women don’t judge his acting an example is his wife one of his die-hard fan for so long and came thru to marry him he…he..

      1. LOL! And that’s a 24 years courtship that finally bore fruits for Carol Choo! Truly amazing !! That must be a Guiness World record too!

      2. … u r so sarcastic, love is not a game, if we can marry someone we adore and love, is it a miracle ?? then u r so single ..

      3. @ross : … its so hard to love and maintain relationship for 24 years long … and i certainly u have lost ur mind… it called true love, if u make a joke about … then u dunno about that… what about ur love life ? miserable ?? i bet.

    2. I agree. I thought I was the only one who thought he was Andy Lau playing an Andy Lau (with some minor twists).

      1. … yeah if u think acting is so piece of cake … then u should be actor …. yeah … worst actor ever.. lol

      2. When I was a lot younger,I used to think that acting was easy. However, after taking a drama class, boy was I wrong. Acting us a lot harder then I ever thought.

    3. Yeah I agree to that too but I must admit that he is very hardworking

    4. … then u never see Running Of Karma, The Truth, … all dramas not for commercial purpose … if u so called that not acting, then maybe u must be a great actress ..

  2. Michelle is cute, but she’s really more suitable for small screen or picking up characters that are students or average-class to begin with. That is why she did so well in Apple in my Eyes because that character actually suits her perfectly.

    1. Agree.. Michelle only suits the school romantic girl role.. 0h Girl has to grown up! She can’t pass other role, bah she really dissapointed me in Bages of Fury, though i loved her in YTAOME

  3. @Ross
    Very true must be recorded in Guiness world or chinese history lol

  4. Michelle Chen and Jet Li are exactly useless in Badges of Fury. Their characters are unnecessary but I dun find they both did too bad. Perhaps Lin Chilin beats all :P.

  5. I don’t think those nominated for the Golden Broom award bothers. They have been laughing all the way to their banks.
    Their popularity are sky high in China.
    They make more money in a day than most in a month.
    Enough people in China are willing to support them.

    1. Having money is one thing, not having respect in what you do is quite the other. I bet their egos are pretty deflated upon hearing this.

      1. It is not all about money and should not be all about money. If you do not even enjoy or have passion for what you do then money a kind of meaningless.

  6. Three of them really look alike like all my barbie dolls which were made of ‘plastic’.

  7. I am really surprised that so many people on this forum agree with the nominations. Each of these actors/actresses are good in their own right. I think the nominations are unfair and bias. And clearly indicates that critics, fans and media alike, really don’t know anything or understand the process of acting. The comments are more geared towards the actor/actress instead of their role or character. Even though some of the films had their flaws including my favorite Donnie Yen, he and the others are much more capable then this stupid award gives them credit for. Audience expectations can be fickle.

    1. Why are you surprised lol? Yang mi’s tiny times has been criticized since the first installment on how bad it is. But because of money, she signed up for second and now third, that show she cares more for money than actual acting quality. Based on what you said, if the majority thinks the same way then they don’t know acting, go say that to Oscar, golden globe :/ rotten tomato rating -.- I disagree with the oscar’s best movies a lot of time, but I don’t go saying they don’t know the process of acting -.-

  8. Are we supposed to take this seriously?

    Donnie in Special ID was entertaining and a hell lot better than his role in Flash Point and Jet Li was fun to watch in Badges Of Fury, despite the wack plot and terrible fight scenes.

  9. Havent watched too many Taiwanese and Chinese dramas myself, but the couple times seeing Chilin was bad. To me she was like a ‘vase’. There are so many good actresses but just lacking in chance. The nominated actresses here have pretty faces but lack acting skills. Whether they play any role isn’t signifcant to me bcoz I find their acting scks. They should learn how to act first.

  10. Tiny Times was god awful. all actors/actresses in the two movies were so wooden. ugh.

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