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Karma Rider <師父·明白了>
Hong Kong TVB Drama 2013

Producer:  Chan Yiu Chuen
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Suspense
Episodes: 20


Raymond Wong as Chor Yat Jeen
Priscilla Wong as Foon Hei
Evergreen Mak as Wan Tin Bong
Rachel Kan as Hoi Chun Fah
Helena La as Foon Shu
Kaki Leung as Foon Jing
Mikako Leung as Foon Tim
Cilla Kung as Foon Siu
Wai Kar Hung as Bak Yat Yat
Owen Cheung as Bak Hok Yi
Amy Fan as Mok Sau Si
Matt Yeung as Cheng Ying Hung
Whitney Hui as Wan Yau
Cheung Kwok Keung as Lok Mou Ngai
Cheung Wing Hong as Kong Tai Ping
Du Yan Ge as Wun Tin Sang


Set in an unnamed ancient settings, an orphan who was born without hair was taken in by a Buddhist master after he was cured by said master of injury, but strangely, this master refused to accept him as his student. This orphan grew up to be a dedicated police officer named Chor Yat Jeen. He was transferred to the police station in Ma Heung Town and in the town, he met a lot of  people who have fate with him such as the thief  Foon Hei, the rich girl Wu Dip and a man who can see glimpses of the future named Wan Ting Bong. He also has to solve a murder mystery and learn life lessons about fate, karma, true love and most importantly, what action you choose to take can change your supposedly pre-determined future.



Karma Rider 4The setting that the producer chose to use is interesting. The setting of this series does not belong to any one period in history. It’s a mix and match of many eras, creating a fusion ancient period.  The characters dress in ancient costumes, but, they have some modern looking clothing accessories. The furniture and houses are ancient in style, but, the table arrangements of the police station looks like those in the 90s series, and I think the ‘9 Lau Stronghold/stockade’ is based on the Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong. The producer said that he did this on purpose to create a comic book feel. In this respect, I think Devil’s Disciple is more successful. Devil’s Disciple did feel like a comic book to me, but, Karma Rider did not.  Nonetheless, I like this setting. This fusion setting gives a fairy tale like feel to the series. It is like the series is set in a mythical universe.

On the story, I think that the scriptwriter/producer already has the story well thought out before starting on the actual writing of the script. The relationships and link of events all tied up together well. There is no incident or event that is unnecessary or a plot that appear at the beginning and forgotten at the end. All the events and characters are related in some way, which really brings out the theme of fate. The only slip in the plot is the lousy math, which is a common blunder in many TVB series. The age of the characters do not add up. Another aspect that I feel the series could have done better is the solution of the main case. I feel that the solution of the main case is a bit rushed.  The scriptwriter chose to pop the solution on the viewers first and use flashback to retell the process. This limit them in showing  some potentially touching scenes involving grandma Foon Shu’s 4 missing children. Two of the siblings were together under a well for quite some time, but, there’s hardly any interaction scene shown. The scene of one daughter finally forgiving her mother was less than a minute long.

Those who think Triumph In The Skies 2  has too many subplots and too much focus on unnecessary sub relationships that veer away from the main plot would like this series. The focus of the series has always been on the growing relationship of Chor Yat Jeen and Foon Hei. The love built up slowly and does not feel rushed or sudden. The sub relationships have some crucial scenes to show the milestone in the relationship and give viewers an idea of the depth of the relationship, but they were never the focus. In fact, I wish they have more scenes of one sub relationship. I love the couple!

How is this series related to “Butterfly Lovers”?

Here’s a few elements that will keep reminding audience about “Butterfly Lovers”

– Foon Hei believes very much in the story of “Butterfly Lovers” and “Butterfly Lovers” is her favourite opera.

– Butterflies appear often in the series and played some real crucial roles.

– A girl disguise as a boy, making the boy she likes think she’s a boy.

– Joining together after death. (I wonder if  anyone sent complaint letter to the Broadcasting Authority saying this  plot gives the wrong message to young people).


The songs used in this series are as follows:

Themesong : Understood (明白了) – Hubert Hu (胡鴻鈞)

Sub themesong : Butterfly Transformation (化蝶) – Hubert Hu (胡鴻鈞)

Sub themesong: Lucky Child (幸運兒) – Fiona Fung (馮曦妤)

Honestly, I don’t remember how the themesong sounds at all. But, the 2 subthemes are still playing in my head as I write this review. They are very well chosen for the series.

Initially, I felt that Butterfly Transformation was too modern for an ancient period series. But, the more I listen to it, the more I like it and feel that it successfully brings out the theme “Butterfly Lovers”. As for Lucky Child, I like it the first time I heard it. It is very apt to for the relationship between Foon Hei and Bak Hok Yi.

(Note: Just listen to the themesong Understood. The melody is actually quite beautiful and the lyrics very meaning. I wonder why it just failed to stick in my memory).


The acting here range from average to excellent. None of the actors are bad enough to ruin the series, which is a good thing.

Raymond Wong as Chor Yat Jeen

Karma Rider 2Raymond Wong played a guy who was born without hair to signify that he was someone with an untroubled mind. Raymond did not wow me in his performance, but, he was not bad either. I guess this is one of his middle of the road performance. He played his part competently but not impressively. I think he was wrongly cast  for this role. While watching the series, I always have the feeling that this role should be played by a younger guy, at least looking about the same age as Matt Yeung and should look a lot younger than Evergreen Mak. I get the significance of the bald head, but, I don’t get why this character has it. He didn’t seem any less trouble free than other characters. He has his worries and attachment. When he finally grew hair, it was because he can’t decide who he loves. What does not mean? Love is the most troublesome thing to the mind?

Priscilla Wong as Foon Hei

I think Priscilla Wong’s acting was very natural for a newbie.  Some people said she was acting too cute and dumb. But, I think this was just how the character was written.  Foon Hei is a girl who still believes in the legend of ‘Butterfly Lovers’, who believe in good things.  She is not stupid. She has some quick wit, but, she thinks very simply. She went through quite a lot of hardship as a child and I think she’s very grateful for what she has now. Priscilla was able to show all these qualities.  I think Foon Hei has a more trouble free mind than Chor Yat Jeen. But I guess we can’t have a girl being the bald one. Priscilla will have to shave her head. I like that Priscilla’s acting is still fresh and not yet tainted by years of experience that sometimes will make an actress become formulaic in her acting. I hope she will continue to grow as a dynamic actress.

It’s interesting how  Chor Yat Jeen and Foon Hei are both so into butterflies. Maybe they really are the reincarnation of the butterfly lovers.

Evergreen Mak as Wan Tin Bong

Karma Rider Evergreen MakI don’t have much to say about Evergreen’s acting other than it’s very good. He gave a very good performance as the clairvoyant Wan Tin Bong. Initially, I thought he played a highly cultivated spiritual practitioner. But, it turns he’s not. He’s just someone who got chosen by heaven to have this ability or he somehow was able to tune in to the right channel to access the info. He reminds me of Moses, the reluctant messenger/prophet chosen by God to do His bidding. Wan Tin Bong didn’t want to see those flashes of future too, but, they kept coming to him and every time they came, Wan Ti Bong would ask his teacher (the sky) what It wanted him to do.

Helena Law as Foon Shu

Helena Law is another veteran who gave a great performance as a mother who misses her children.

Foon Shu is a very kind lady and seeing how much her foster children love her, she must be a loving parental figure. But, she did fail as a mother when it came to her 4 biological children. She made a bad decision in leaving her 2 girls alone in the temple and she gave a wrong message to her son regarding right and wrong. Many parents actually made this mistake too. When a child does some minor bad things, parents just let it pass instead of correcting them. When the child finally commits a serious crime, the parents become very upset.

Cilla Kung and Owen Cheung as Foon Siu and Bak Hok Yi

I put these 2 together because I love their subplot and because their major story is their love story. I think they have great chemistry.  I love their scenes together especially the scene where Hok Yi shelter Foon Siu from the rain. So sweet.  This is the first time I see Bosco Jr  (Owen) act. Initially, I felt that he overdid the weak scholar role. But, after awhile, I became more use to his portrayal and found him quite convincing. This actor has potential. I hope to see more of him. Cilla Kung as improved leaps and bounds since her ‘The Four’ debut. She was very wooden and totally cannot act in ‘The Four’. But now she can do the emotional scenes very well.  The part where she was crying over Hok Yi was well done. She only needs to tone down her shouting.

Wai Kar Hung as Bak Yat Yat

Wai Kar Hung was excellent as Bak Yat Yat, the not-so-bad gangster. I think this was the first time he played a father to a grown up son. Wai Kar Hung displayed the pride, love, and authority of a father very well and his devastation at losing his son was very heart-breaking. Bak Yat Yat is an interesting character. The more unlike him his son is, the happier he is. He must not like himself very much. But, the fact that he was able to bring up such a good son in a place like 9 Lau Jai’ shows his success as a parent. Besides that, he is also faithful to his late-wife and respectful to elders. This character is a joy to watch. Once again,  excellent portrayal by Wai Kar Hung.

Kaki Leung as Foon Jing

Kaki Leung used a very unusual approach in portraying her character, the mute girl Foon Jing. Instead of using sign language alone, she mouthed her every dialogue and dubbed her voiceover out of sync. Kaki Leung has said in her Weibo that she purposely dubbed her voiceover out of sync with her mouth movement as a new experiment. I think her out of sync dubbing was successful because it reminded audience that the character is mute and the voice did not come out of her mouth. Her mouthing all her dialogue, on the other hand, was not very successful. It did not look natural. Normal mute people around us don’t communicate like that. I wonder why Kaki portrayed the character this way. Was it to show how much her character desires to talk?

Other notable performances that worth a praise are Rachel Kan as bathhouse owner Hoi Chun Fah, Cheung Wing Hong as the assassin Kong Tai Ping and Katy Kung as the young Mok Sau Si.


This is one of my favourite TVB series of 2013. It’s a beautiful little small production that has good meaning, good acting and good story, and memorable songs. I won’t mind watching it again.

The review is written by Kidd, a Contributing Writer at 

50 comments to Review: “Karma Rider” (By Kidd)

  1. thuongan says:

    I don’t think Priscilla’s acting is good; without her this series will have much higher rating not just 23 points. All artists in this series act very good except for Priscilla’s

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    • areyoukiddingme replied:

      you must be a joke, her acting was pure and natural. I think her acting this way was more because of the script than her performance.

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      • bunny replied:

        she seemed like she’s pushing it. i think it’s her voice. it’s not that bright and loud. but she pushed her volume to sound loud and bubbly. instead her voice is dull and weak. sometimes she sound like she crack while speaking. i think there’s definitely room for improvement. not bad as a rookie but not pure and natural. i remember in the early episode she was telling a lie, and it sound to fake to the “dong yeah” she was like “what what!!???” i was omg bad acting. if u compare her acting to another actress it’s a turn down.

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  2. sandcherry says:

    I did not watch this drama series. After reading your good review, I may consider watching it. I don’t have much confidence in Priscilla Wong’s acting, but with your good compliments, I think she may surprise me in her character.

    Thanks. Very well-written review.

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    • smurf120 replied:

      During the airing, I definitely preferred KR over TITS2 and never felt the need to speed the story over to see the plot as solving the cases were pretty negligible concern. I still listen to the themesongs now and again when I think about family/ friends/ spirituality.

      Would love to hear what you think of the series.

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    • Susan replied:

      I agree with smurf120. I think this series was much better than Triumph in the skies 2. The story has depth and I like how they incorporated Buddhism in it.

      I thought the cast all did a good job. Priscilla is quite good for a newcomer.

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  3. Rain says:

    Thank you for your review. I enjoyed watching Karma Rider & love this series. It should deserve more recognition. I also enjoyed watching Priscilla. A fresh breath between the leading actresses at TVB. She has my sympathy. She remind me of Karena Lam. Also loved the love story of Cilla & Owen. This series is a must see!

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  4. smurf120 says:

    Kidd – great review!

    This is also my favorite series for 2013 for story AND acting because I cared about all of the characters. Every plot, subplot, dialogue, even theme-song wove together coherently and with meaning.

    Owen and Cilla’s story touched me much more than I ever expected and I cried uncontrollably when they read the letters.

    Raymond Wong acted well enough but his character was so solemn and leaden that it needed a refreshing honest dose of Priscilla’s Foon Hei. Another actress may have increased the ratings, but a more seasoned actress is be much too knowing – I truly believed that Foon Hei thought herself worldly when she was actually lovingly sheltered in the little 9 Village walls with nary a worry except picking the pockets of the local baker to pass out buns to the poor before Chor Yat Jeen came along. Even someone as young as Katy Kung would seem too worldly and knowing.

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  5. thuongan says:

    I just watch some episodes of this series and gave up because I felt annoyed by Priscilla’s acting; not only me, there were a lot of people also criticized her acting and I did read many of those.

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  6. thuongan says:

    Even though with a very strong supporting role artists, the series’s rating is still very low because of Priscilla’s acting is not good enough to be a female lead.

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  7. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for the review! I agree with the opinion that this was one of the better series this year. I thought the writing was creative, and liked the positive message behind it.

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  8. luvdwayulie says:

    I actually love this series, despite the criticism. It’s because it is really meaningful, especially as what Kidd said, the theme song 😀 of course, the actors and actresses are quite good too. Never mind Priscilla Wong, she stil has her chance of improvement. 🙂

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  9. Bubblez says:

    I agree with everything you say, especially the songs chosen for this drama 🙂

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  10. Anna says:

    Loves Priscilla Wong in this series

    She brought out an innocence and purity than a more experienced actress like Tavia or Myolie would not be able to portray.

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  11. Richane says:

    I like the theme song in Karma Rider.

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  12. Teecee says:

    This series is actually one of the better ones that has aired so far, it’s pretty different as well. I like the theme song, the lyrics are really meaningful and it connects with the plot of the series, again another underrated series. This was so much better than Triumph 2.

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  13. thuongan says:

    Triump is more interesting to watch.

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  14. felicity says:

    I also enjoyed this series a lot more than TITS 2. It was refreshing, unexpectedly touching, short and sweet. I liked most of the supporting cast, such as Helena Law Lan and the dude who played the not-so-bad gangster. Nice love story between Foon Siu and the young scholar. I also liked the main duo of Raymond Wong and Priscilla Chan, their sweetness and innocence was endearing. Yoyo Chen did well as the poor little rich girl.

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    • Kidd replied:

      Ah, I forgot to add Yoyo Chen in my list of actors worth a praise. I like her in the series too. She makes a handsome young man. 😛

      I like the costume and hairstyle the costume designer chose for her. I initially thought it’s too plain for a rich miss. But, later I understand the reason behind it.

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      • smurf120 replied:

        I think Yoyo did really well as the rich miss. She is quite mature and big sis like – so to those people that she should have been Foon Hei I really imagine her to be Ching Ying Ying (silent one) with the voice-overs.

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  15. Priscilla_acting? Good? pfttt!! says:

    Her acting is HORRIBLE!!! A pain to watch I vowed to stop after a 3eps but continues to 10 just to see if she improved…really she must have some powerful connections to get the lead role. Krystal Tin, Elena Kong are much better…

    Login or Register before you can reply to Priscilla_acting? Good? pfttt!!
    • smurf120 replied:

      Krystal Tin and Elena Kong are great actresses who need smart, strong roles to match wits with other strong people. I don’t buy them to be girly teens for one second.

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  16. Kidd says:

    My favourite couple, and I love the song too. 🙂

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    • smurf120 replied:

      sniffles – I cried hard after the father finally relented at the end.

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      • Rain replied:

        Me 2 !

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  17. mimi says:

    Thank you. At least I did find peopoe enjoying this show. This show is with depth and makes u wonder. Not forgetting the sweet relationship between Raymond and Priscilla’s character. Imagine a guy always there to share with u on everything and wishes u good morning daily. Not to mentioned that he can hear ur shouting and run to you the fastest possible. I like……

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    • smurf120 replied:

      I also love that Raymond/Priscilla’s love is not represented by grand dramatic gestures but sweet and committed “Good Morning” every day.

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  18. bubbles says:

    some people say that this is a bad drama, but I soooo disagree. IMO, it was better than TitS2 because of the acting, the plot, and the overall feeling. Priscilla’s voice was a tad annoying, but she and Raymond made a very convincing drama. I LOVE the subtheme song. so touching. I’ll always remember, “Life’s Eight Bitters… Seperation is the most bitter.”

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    • Kidd replied:

      The like Life’s Eight Sweetness theory presented by Foon Hei. 🙂

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  19. anneyen says:

    finally, a good review in english for this drama Karma Rider … after 3 months i only read many chinese reviews that were very meaningful … im a great tvb fan and i watch almost every drama each year … earlier this year Reality Check GPS was the only drama that i felt worth watching from tvb as it was meaningful, but now Karma Rider is my top favourite =)

    it has been such a long time since ive watched such an addicting tvb drama that leaves so much to be remembered and rethink, somehow i feel like watching this drama over and over again … although it is not really popular, but to me this is the my choice of BEST TVB drama this year … the script is one of the best that i have watch in tvb dramas recently, it has such in depth thoughts that is very meaningful and true, people who does not understand the story are just those who are still far away from enlightenment.

    actually while watching the show i wasnt much interested in the love story chor yat jin & hei ji ji, honestly i felt it was rather boring because too much of focus was placed on their relationship although there was nothing much … i like priscilla in reality check, but im quite annoyed with her voice while watching karma rider although i dont particularly dislike her acting here.

    my favourite couple is cilla & owen’s siu mi mi and bak hok yi love relationship, it was so touching and like what kidd mention, bak yat yat was so convincing as a father. also the 2 poems were so well incorporated into the script “天长地久有时尽” & ” 但愿人长久,千里共婵娟” … both poetry express only hope, and that good things might one day come to an end.

    besides that, my main focus when i watch karma rider was to know the story of the 4 lost biological children of fun shu … particular jonathan cheung wing hong’s role as kong tai ping, actually the only reason why i watch the show every night is to anticipate his appearance … everytime he buy or eat the spring onion pancake, it just makes me so sad … and the scenes of him and his sister in the drain without words is just so touching and heartfelt … and finally when he met his biological mother, when he say that “she loves him even though he has become a strange creature” … and the last dinner together with his mother and siblings, to finally say “mother i have something to settle with elder brother”, it has such deep sadness that i cant leave my mind from this drama … hope to see more of jonathan cheung in tvb dramas with good roles.

    some chinese reviews say they cry alot watching this drama, i cried alot too while watching … but not because it is a sad drama, all the actors and actresses acted very well in this show that while watching them i too felt their character emotions and started tearing.

    hope to watch more meaningful and well produced dramas like karma rider from tvb =)

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    • Kidd replied:


      That’s why I decided to review this series. I like this series very much, but, I didn’t see any english review of it and the Karma Rider articles in Jaynestar has already been lock from comments. I want to talk more about this series, so, I wrote the review.

      I also like to watch Cheung Wing Hong very much and felt very sad for what he experience (Like when he overheard what his brother said. My heart broke for him). I would have talk more about the 4 siblings case, but, I didn’t want to reveal too much in the review because the suspense is another element that makes the series interesting.

      Yes, the series has a lot of deep meaning.

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      • anneyen replied:

        i started liking cheung wing hong’s character kong tai ping only at halfway through the drama … initially i did not pay much attention to this character because i though it was only part of the investigation case, because usually tvb produce ancient dramas like their modern investigation stories whereby the characters from the case has nothing to do with the main characters … but karma rider is different which makes it interesting and nice to watch ^ ^

        earlier i did notice that this character always takes a piece of spring onion pancake from the stall while the lady owner is not around, and eventually pays for it by dropping some money in the container … but really didnt expect their relationship to be mother and son.
        although this character is a bad person and not worth any sympathy since he is an assasin .. but becuase of his love for his elder brother he is willing to do anything and sacrifice himself selflessly for the elder brother’s sake …unfortunately, the elder brother keeps on giving him empty promises of buying a house although kong tai ping does not want it … despite all his sincerity to his elder brother, in return the brother treats him only like dirt =( … yup agree with you kidd, that scene when he overheard that the elder brother wants to get rid of him is so hurting like a stab on the heart ;-( … actually recalling the earlier scenes, probably kong tai ping really wanted to quit his evil doings when he surrendered … but like what wan tin bong says “可怜必可恨 – there is a reason for hate for every reason of sympathy” … kong tai ping ended with such a fate because of the bad things he has done.

        actually, i thought that all the lost siblings would be executed since all of them have crime charges … i even thought that the reunion meal would be the last that they can meet their biological mother shu po po (grandmother forgiveness) … when mo sing hap (voiceless warrior) knock on the door of fun family door i thought it was the court officials… but tvb seems to like storyline with mercy so it was quite a happy and calm ending .. but honestly, i prefer if the ending was tragic because afterall kong tai ping deserves a punishment.

        at the beginning of the show, my guess was wrong about who were the 2 girls of the four lost biological children … counting the characters on the poster, i thought rachel kan (sauna bath boss) and sau si jeh jeh (blind lady) were the daughters … surprise to it is not =D

        overall i like this show very much, it is my favourite tvb shows in these few years … how i wish tvb would put more airtime to the four lost siblings rather than dragging time with some boring love scenes … on the love story side, the romance between siu mi mi and bak hok yi was even greater and nicer to watch than the two lead characters … besides “lang bing bing, gu ling ling”, dont have much feel for the two main characters … after watching the whole show, i think 3 main things that i like the most is 1) the storyline of the four lost siblings, 2) the love story between siu mi mi & bak hok yi, 3) the philosophy and meaning of the show

        PLUS, the themesongs by Hubert Wu is also very nice and meaningful ^ ^ … im so addicted to the few songs that i listen and relisten to it the whole day … too bad there is no MV for this drama =(

        as a fan of tvb shows, i hope there will be more meaningful and heartful dramas like this that really have an emotional value.

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      • anneyen replied:

        hey kidd, i cant resist chatting about my favourite character in this drama kong tai ping acted by cheung wing hong.

        now everytime i think of spring onion pancakes i will think of kong tai ping, his mother and his younger sister … although it is sad and touching, but the spring onion pancake conveys the caring love and family warmth that they share with each other ;-( … the family reunion moments is so well presented and as a viewer my emotions flow through until i naturally became teary eyed because the place where they meet again were not expected, like what we sometimes encounter in real life … when kong tai ping was seriously injured and fainted in front of his mother’s stall it was really touching, and with the voiceover script of kong tai ping expressing his inner feelings “even when she know her son has become a strange creature, she still never give up on him” … the scriptwriter really know the right moment to place such a scene … also the silent moments between kong tai ping and his younger sister eating spring onion pancake in the drain were touching, although they had no words with each other but somehow the brother and sister bond was there … the family meet again as strangers but they somehow can fell and love for each other.

        conincidentally i found a lee kum kee recipe book that has the recipe for making spring onion pancake … maybe i will try making it one day, but it reminds too much of karma rider =P

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  20. m0m0 says:

    i didn’t finish the series cause i didn’t understand it.

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  21. elisabella says:

    Yoyo Chen’s acting is much better than Priscilla Wong’s.

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  22. anneyen says:

    hey kidd, thanx for writing this review for fans of karma rider like us to chat about this drama =)

    actually i feel the story of the 4 siblings is the more important and interesting part of this drama … because it was never highlighted in any promotion, summary or review so most viewers who have not watch this drama thought that it was just a love & romance story … agree with you that suspense is an element that makes this show interesting … perhaps, those who have not watch should not come here to read … so that we can talk about the SPOILERS, hehe =P

    another misconception about this drama that most people who have not watch or did not watch this drama properly is that “raymond wong & priscilla wong” is a reincarnation of “leung sam pak & zhok ying toi” which is not correct … actually the leung-zhok story was just a fanaticism of hei ji ji and just a clairvoyant dream of chor yat jin … and a legend of ma heung city … basically, it is totally different story that has nothing to do with the legend… maybe the misunderstanding is due to the written summary that says it is a same love story that happens 300 years later.

    the shadow play and story telling at the tea house is quite nice to watch with the classic music background … nice presentation ^ ^

    Login or Register before you can reply to anneyen
    • Kidd replied:

      Well, we can’t say for sure they are not reincarnation of the Butterfly Lovers. They do have a not of affinity to butterflies. Chor Yat Jeen trust for butterflies is beyond normal level.

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    • Kidd replied:

      “perhaps, those who have not watch should not come here to read … so that we can talk about the SPOILERS, hehe =P”

      Then, it will defeat the point of a review.

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  23. sandcherry says:

    After reading your review (saying that “Karma Rider” is a good drama series and has a good storyline), I decided to watch the drama series.

    I have already watched 4 episodes. However, I don’t know if it is due to my poor intelligence, I did not seem to understand the plots and developments of the drama series. The plots were not clearly illustrated, and I had tons of questions about its developments. I don’t know if I should continue watching.

    Login or Register before you can reply to sandcherry
    • Kidd replied:

      Give it a few more episodes. Not all questions will be answered in the first few episodes, but, everything will tie in later. Just need so patience.

      What question do you have now?

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      • sandcherry replied:


        Thanks for your feedback. I will continue for a few more episodes as per your suggestion. I have too many questions about the plots now, but I guess they will be answered later on in the drama series.

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    • anneyen replied:

      Maybe you will start to understand the plot from Episode 8 & 9 onwards. Whatever that is happening from Episode 1 to 7 contain important hints to the main plot later.

      By Episode 14 & 15 you might love & miss the romantic couple Siu Mi Mi & Bak Hok Yi =)… their love story is very cute and nice ^ ^

      Patiently watch every episode and maybe you would appreciate what will happen at the ending. There are important clues in every episode. If you wish to fast forward, just skip the love and daydream parts of Priscilla.

      After watching the show, my favourite plot is the sub characters not the main love story.

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  24. HeTieShou says:

    Great review and I was hesitant to see this series at first but now I want to see it because of your review. I am usually in the minority when it comes to liking series that are not popular. I have not seen a good ancient series from TVB in a long long time so would love to see one.

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  25. bbfanny says:

    Great review and made me tried to watch the series but I can’t seem to enjoy it or think of it as high as Kidd does after 5 episodes. I feel the setting and storyline is weird and the actings are awkward. Priscilla is pretty but that’s it, the rest of the cast aren’t exactly the faces that will grab your attention to watch them onscreen.

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    • Kidd replied:

      I’m sorry that you are not able to enjoy the series as much as I do. Maybe we just got different taste. Sorry for wasting your time on the 5 episodes.

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  26. raijinpressure says:

    MY 2 cents, so fanboys/girls don’t get angry. The plot for this series is a big WTF. I also couldn’t stand Priscilla’s horrible acting. Some say she is pretty, but what good is it when her acting is annoying on TOP of being bad. I get that her character is supposed to be a bit naive, cute and all. But my god, that tone of voice and everything is just all too much annoying. There is a difference between new actor level of bad and bad actor level of bad. Overall I think she made the character much more frustrating than it was supposed to be.

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    • sandcherry replied:

      I think Priscilla Wong says her dialogues tooooooooo clearly ………. like word by word ……….. a bit exaggerated. Her voice is very clear, but she does not have to say every word so clearly, like a news anchor

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      • smurf120 replied:

        It was strange to me too until I noticed that you can hear it most pronounced with Bak Yat Yat where he really yells out each word with exaggerated pauses. The rest of the people in 9 Lau Gai seems to do this as a lesser extent.

        I decided to take it as the local town dialect to distinguish them from the rest of the big city townsfolk who speak softer.

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  27. smurf120 says:

    Everyone has right to own opinions. For me this was series where heart of the story is a mystery, but you can’t hurry to solve the problem and need to experience the characters.

    I found myself pining for some of the simplicity of the characters. Perhaps it was because it contrasted to the meandering pace of TITS2 when I could find myself to care for any of the characters except Coco.

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    • anneyen replied:

      agree with you, it is a show that we need to experience the characters =)

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