Shocking Ending of “A Great Way to Care 2” Revealed


TVB crime thriller, A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解码II> will be airing its finale this Friday, April 19. Though the drama is wrapping up on the cases, with romance taking up a large portion in each episode, there are some twists and turns that may surprise viewers.

The story follows that army knife killer played by Lee Yu Man (李绮雯) was released from prison and wanted to seek revenge on Tavia Yeung’s (杨怡) character. This caused Tavia to recall her painful past, resulting in her having a split personality.

Meanwhile, the arrogant rich heir played by Dai Yiu Ming (戴耀明) was acquitted from charges of drug-raping his girlfriend. However, he was caught in a shooting soon after and needed police protection. As a result, Tavia was sent to protect him. Strangely, he was strangled at the stairway. While everyone suspected Tavia’s father, played by Steve Lee (李家鼎), to be the killer, it was in fact Tavia who took justice into her own hands and killed the criminals who escaped the justice system.

Ben Wong (黄智贤) was in a coma after a car crashed into him while he was chasing a criminal.

Police Turned Serial Killer

Because of her split personality, Tavia became a cold-blooded killer. Beginning with Lee Yu Man, Tavia’s sadistic drawing of blood was shown in close-up shots while the victimized Lee Yu Man looked on in horror as she was slowly tortured to death. In another scene, Tavia used an army knife and slowly cut the face of Cheung Sai Ho, causing him great pain. She then slit his throat to end his life. Tavia’s third victim was a drug distributor who managed to escape the law.

Eventually, when Tavia was found to be responsible for the murders, she abducted pregnant Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) to get away. In the end, Tavia realized her mistakes and ended her own life by shooting herself.

Two-Timer Outed

Two-timing Edwin Siu (萧正楠) was finally exposed when his lovers, played by Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) and Aimee Chan (陈茵媺) exposed him through the pretext of a birthday party. After each woman gave him a few slaps, they left him. Realizing that Aimee was the one he truly loved, he tried to win her back through another singing show on the streets.  Touched, Aimee forgave him and they got married.

There will be a scene where Christine will have a pole dancing scene. Dressed sexily in a cleavage-baring top, her doctor character will swap her glasses for the pole. Christine’s pole dancing scene may offer audiences a brief break from the blood and gore in this week’s final episodes.

Alex Fong (方中信) and Yoyo Mung will also have a good ending. Last Friday’s episode ended when Alex finally agreed to donate his sperm to Yoyo. However, Alex felt he needs to be responsible for his child and will end up with Yoyo.


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  1. Omg I actually didn’t want Alex and Yoyo to be together. And the relationship with Tavia and Ben was rushed. I personally like the 1 one better then the 2

    1. I agree. I feel like Yoyo’s character was useless, and Ben’s development was too rushed.

    2. I felt the opposite. I felt Alex and Yoyo has great chemistry while Tavia and Alex didn’t have much.

      I was surprised that Tavia developed with Ben instead of Alex, but, I like this development.

  2. Does Ben stay in a coma? Such a sad ending for Tavia 🙁
    Why would Christine pole dance though? That seems random. Seems like Oscar won’t end up with anyone

  3. anticipating the finale!! such a tragic ending for tavia 🙁

    and haah i agree with daisy! christine pole dancing is very random haha

    1. Wonder how Christine’s pole dancing compare to Fala’s.

      1. Clamine,
        Fala is a pretty fluid dancer. She was able to do a leg split mid-air on the pole dancing.

        Maybe they added the pole dancing scene to show that Christine is more liberated after letting go of her romance with Edwin Siu. A flirtatious nightclub scene planted in the ending to lighten things up.

  4. Ack! Jayne! You put spoilers in the byline! I didn’t want to read that she came to her tragic end before seeing the show >.<

    1. I guess Karen is a new writer. Yup, it’s a spoiler.

    2. TVBFanatic,

      I put the byline in the description of the article because tragic end can mean many things. If you didn’t read the article, then there would be many more elements that would remain unspoiled.

      1. I didn’t read the article because I didn’t want to know anything 🙂 I only posted in the article after reading the byline.

      2. TVBFanatic,
        My apologies; I will keep spoilers away from bylines next time.

        You’ll be in for a true surprise when you watch the ending.

  5. Such a sad ending for Tavia, but I’m happy for Alex and Yoyo together, Alex first reaction for the sperm donation was so funny.

  6. I thought dai yiu ming was strangled to death, so what’s with the torture/slitting of throat?

    Also, Edwin sang on the streets to cheer Jade up.

    Don’t think this is very accurate.
    I really wish they didn’t make this show a focus on Tavia!

    1. “In another scene, Tavia used an army knife and slowly cut the face of Dai Yiu Ming”

      ^The translation is wrong. It’s not Dai Yiu Ming who got his throat cut, its another person. From the original source, it says “及後楊怡再殺鄭世豪,以軍刀慢慢滑過其臉上,隨後再割頸處決對方. “

      1. No problem! 🙂 I noticed it didnt make sense either LOL

      2. Thanks for the correction. I read it too fast! Much appreciated.

  7. can u please refrain from putting major spoilers in the title for petes sake.豈有此理

  8. If Dai Yiu Ming killed by Tavia, then her father appearence at roof, her house n pub just her delusion. Lee Yee Mun torture Tavia with one stab now Tavia 10 times

  9. i like this show. I think Tavia’s character led a very tragic life….

    1. I agree- if you look at her character’s background in general, from when she was a little girl all the way to where she would end up (death…) her character is extremely tragic…real father is a criminal, sent to an orphanage, three of her ‘brothers’ from the orphanage died, her Father is going to die, her boyfriend ends up in a coma, she gets injured/shot numerous times+hospitalised many times but ends up ok, suffers from a mental disorder, becomes a criminal herself and doesn’t realise and when she does she commits suicide…wtf tvb??! I really feel for her character man D; LOL

  10. never like the ending …. will there be a part 3 ???

  11. right now the hk netizens are more concerned about sita chan’s death than the two mediocre and boring series that tvb is airing. hope both series end fast.

  12. excellent performance of Tavia and Lee Yee Mun on episode 23 last scene. Tavia freak me out. Totally make me shiver throughout whole scene. I totally cant recognize her.

  13. i like this ending…i am not Tavia’s fans…in fact…i don’t really like her….but this character is good changeling one for her…i like it…

  14. has anybody seen agwtc ep 23???

    tavia was scary good!!!!

    she OWNED this role! so excited for the final epis :))))

    1. Yes I have and it’s brilliant. Especially during the part where Ben told her that her father was just an imaginary figure and also the part where she goes all crazy torturing lee yu man.

      1. i def agree, i got the chills during the scene of her torturing lee yu man. Omg.

        I think tavia does well with acting out complexed characters! she definitely excelled in these recent episodes!

        lookin forward to how her character ends

      2. Her performance in Ep 24 is equally brilliant, if not more. Looking forward to tomorrow’s finale. On another note, Her performance in Justice Attack is pretty good as well. Is tavia dull no more?

    2. The best part of AGWTC2 just began and 2moro will be the final episode. So sad.

  15. Just watched ep23, really scary of Tavia. Her performance is quite well in ep 21,22,23.

    Actually, I am just interested in the last 5 eps to see the mentally unstable serial killer. I am glad that Edwin does not appear much in the end. I am sick of watching his character and his triangle love.

  16. I am quite confused with Tavia’s hazardous mental progression. Just saw episode 23, she is very well aware that her father does not exist. She is a serial killer. Yes, but ugh what split personality? I am confused.

    Btw, that other girl who stabbed Tavia earlier and let her blood run dry… her screams are REALLY annoying.

    1. I have no idea what kind of mental disorder Tavia’s character has. Her symptoms do not match schizophrenia nor does it match DID.

      Then again, these TVB writers really have no knowledge of psychology at all, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they just made up a disorder.

      1. LOL. Yeah, I was confused. Usually with such productions, the producer/screen writer or whomever likes to use the more general psychological disorders i.e. schizophrenia, DID, PTSD and etc… but in Tavia’s character’s case… ugh I don’t know what is going on with her!

    2. Tavia’s father is not real? Okay, this is another spoiler!

      1. He is real. It’s just that he never actually showed up. It was all her imagination…

    3. I dont recall any mention in the series that she’s suffering from schizophrenia. Could it just be the author’s error? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  17. Tavia’s character reminds me of Moses’ in Master of Play.

    1. Her character remind me more on Stone Sir (Felix Wong) in Grey Metal Gun. But her character much more scarier than Stone sir (he smirk so much) . She very effective to look scary the moment she slashed Yee Mun . Kudos to her.

  18. At the end, I want Tavia to ended up in prison instead of having her to kill herself. -_-

  19. the poster of A Great Way to Care 2 was copied from the painting “The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali. Can’t TVB think of anything else besides from copying a famous painting?

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