TVB’s “Bullet Brain” is Getting More “Plastic”


So what is the opposite of a legendary drama? Plastic drama.

Ratings for TVB’s Bullet Brain <神探高倫布> dropped dramatically last week, hitting an embarrassing all-time low of 20 points (1.28 million viewers) for a television drama that is not a sitcom or a “canon-foddler” drama. Episodes 11 through 15 of Bullet Brain averaged at 23 points, losing 200,000 viewers from its premiere week.

The drama’s ratings are even lower than Come Home Love <愛.回家>, a sitcom that is currently airing on TVB Jade’s first prime time slot of the evening. Dramas that air on the first-line usually garner the lowest ratings of the three time slots. It has been said that Bullet Brain’s viewership failure indirectly contributed to the popularity of Come Home Love.

Ridiculous and Illogicial

Criticized for its “morally offensive” plot and boring script, Bullet Brain has recently been dubbed by netizens as a “plastic drama” – a Cantonese cyberword to describe dramas that are “historically inaccurate, ridiculous, illogical, and boring.”

Bullet Brain is a fantasy drama about a peasant who transforms into a highly intelligent being after he is shot in the head by a bullet. With his newfound intelligence, the peasant becomes the infamous Detective Columbo. However, the remaining bullet fragments in his brain causes Columbo to become a morally questionable and cold-blooded crime solver.

On this past Wednesday’s episode of Bullet Brain, Pao Ping On (Ngo Ka Nin 敖嘉年), who inherited Columbo’s (Wayne Lai 黎耀祥) intelligent brain cells, threatened the neurosurgeons to transfer the rest of Columbo’s brain cells to him. When the doctors refused, Ping On tried to kill them, but he was stopped by Columbo, who has now reverted back to his compassionate pre-Columbo self.

Ping On strangled Columbo to death, but Columbo was miraculously revived after he was struck by lightning. In an action sequence, the black-dressed “hero” Columbo and the white-dressed “villain” Ping On battle it out in a flowery choreographed fight.

“What is going on?” was the reaction that netizens had as they watched their unusual fight sequence. Some viewers were immediately reminded of the fantasy black versus white battle sequences in ATV’s My Date with a Vampire <我和僵屍有個約會>.

As expected, the magical confrontation turned out to be an exaggerated fight imagined by Columbo and Ping On, but netizens did not seem to have appreciated the Street Fighter-esque sequences. “What was the point of all that?” a netizen remarked. “What did I just watch?”

Another user said, “I thought this was a detective drama, but everyone turned out to be schizophrenic psychos and have an obsession with death.”

“This is trash,” one finally commented.

Bullet Brain fight1  Bullet Brain fight 3  Bullet Brain fight 4

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. Anyone still watching this piece of garbage?

    1. If people are watching it daily, god bless you! SERIOUSLY! It is probably better to watch this crap then smoking up cheap as drugs.

      1. What a laugh, you may not high but you will certainly turn physco!

    2. I can’t seem to keep up with the drama too…but I think calling it garbage and other names is fairly harsh- afterall, the cast and the director did put their effort and time into filming this series. As this series gets worse by each episode, I feel for the cast lol. They get a bad script, they still have to act and finish their job.

      Don;t know what the scriptwriters were thinking though when they wrote the script…this one really did fail hard.

    3. I gave up after the first few episodes. Don’t know what to make of it. Hard to take the acting seriously when the story is so illogical.

  2. It would have worked if it was a comedy but since it is a damn serious drama, it doesn’t work. Why can’t this series be a comedy? By making it into such a serious drama with metaphors and whatever and yet with comedic elements intact, it is just plain ridiculous. How can a series populated with credible to amazing actors be so crappy of the crappiest kind?

    1. Exactly!!

      Ps: I thought this is supposed to be a detective drama when I first heard of it. Apparently, not even close.

      1. TVB should have never name in Chinese Detective Columbo series title.

      2. Please list reasons why they shouldnt name it detective columbo?

      3. Why should I name one. You do it for me.

      4. @Larry 3:
        How can I do it for you when I am not you? Why is it hard for you to express reasons?

      5. “Please list reasons why they shouldnt name it detective columbo?”

        1. the series does not have detective work in it
        2. half the series ISN’T about Columbo
        3. the nature of this series is such that the characters could be garbage collectors and still be in the same storyline.

      6. 4. Sire Ma(Eva Kim) gets most of the screen time.
        5. Main character Detective Columbo was either lying on a bed, flirting with Eva, being a country boy, or CHOK-ing. No signs of him solving any cases, or being a detective.

      7. 6. Columbo spending enough time screaming at Ping On in what I consider one of the most turbulent love affair ever, and no detective work

        Columbo “I will help you find your conscience Ping On!!” (= I love you Ping On, I want you, now!!)

        Ping On “I don’t need my conscience! You’re just jealous I am smarter than you! HA! Ha! Ha!” (=I love you too Columbo, yes! yes! Yes!)

        Can you feel the passion? The love?

        Remember that song ..

        “never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!!”

      8. @Larry 3: That was not needed. To say that bullet brain is similar to brokeback mountain:3

      9. Excuse me? “Coo-coo for coco puffs” ?
        Can you please stop making fun of me?

      10. Have you guys ever thought that this drama could be simply about Columbo and how he becomes back to normal? :/

  3. It is because of the scriptwriter that destroyed the drama. His next aim is Rosy Business 3. I find Wayne, Pierre and Nat’s acting fantastic

    1. It is must see TeeVeeBee, when scriptwriter botch another series staring the same people.

      1. Once again, you should stop saying it’s the scriptwriter when it could be his first series that he wrote. Have some sympathy instead of being hardcore judgmental.

      2. Can you have me sympathy Lily/Lisa/CoCo/Teresa? Obviously you dont watch TVB dramas from the 80s to NOW.

      3. Well, I spotted a troll coming across this website.

      4. Larry,
        I do not think you are fair. Unless you have substantial evidence that Coco is also Lily/Teresa/Lisa, you should not excuse someone of having multiple identities. Coco only admitted that she was also teri.

        And as for watching 1980s dramas to now, it is subjective. I was born in 1994 and I find it difficult to chase after pre-1990’s dramas. Do you expect someone who is still in school be able to chase all the dramas from 1980s to now? And after Megaupload crisis, it has been even more difficult to watch these old dramas online. And even if we could find them in TVB stores, do you expect a person who was born in the late 1990s to be capable to buy TVB dramas?!

      5. I use clear judgement. If I spotted something wrong. Im telling it is wrong. If Im wrong, I own up to my mistake. This not a big deal.

      6. Larry,
        I’m not doubting your judgment in any way.

  4. Today’s episode had Detective Columbo’s wound (Eva bit him) magically heal! That was the last straw. I am DONE with this crap.

  5. uggh… Wayne’s acting is so bad… I don’t get the hype at all. RLF is much handsome and better than him

    1. @Ray supporter: And I don’t get what RLF got to do with Wayne’s acting, good or bad!

    2. OMG, Seriously. Raymond Lam has no connection to this drama what so ever.

      1. How can you compare Raymond Lam and Wayne Lai?!

      2. How DO YOU compare Raymond Lam and Wayne Lai…CoCo for CoCo Puffs.

      3. @Larry 3:
        I don’t think Coco’s comment was for you. i think it was geared to Ray supporter.

      4. Still coco right? Only one is crunchier and perhaps more manufactured.

    3. who says Wayne Lai was handsome in the first place anyway?

    4. …..being supposedly ‘handsome’ and acting well are two different things fyi.

  6. I’ve totally given up on expecting a decent TVB drama like the good old days! Even my parents don’t mind watching umpteen times of old drama re-runs because the current ones are really trash and waste of time! I really hope that the other rival stations will get their license approve soon so that we have other choices. I don’t even care if those actors are not some kind of drama king or queen. As long as the plot is interesting, I don’t care who is starring at it.

  7. What is TVB Jade, is that teh lower end of TVB?

    Watching War at Beauty and the quality is really bad, is that also a tvb jade series? Is the poor quality (scripts not withstanding) because tvb is out of money?

    1. > Is the poor quality (scripts not withstanding) because tvb is out of money?

      No, it’s because they’re way too comfortable as the only station HK watches so they don’t try anymore.

      1. I believe that the lack of producers and scriptwriters is also having some effect.

    2. Shows how ignorant you are… Tvb jade is tvb. Tvb has many different channels and jade is all the Cantonese shows while pearl is English shows from the US etc

  8. This show is starting to remind me of Fly With Me. TVB should not try to make sci fi series. They don’t work.

    1. HK’s audience group is a bunch of see lais, yes? I highly doubt they understand the whole genetic mutated concepts and such for them to fully know why some of the characters fly, struggle, etc etc.

      1. I agree with you. Mhm, I think the target audience varies on the type of drama TVB produces and the theme of the drama. I tend to believe that period dramas such as Beauty at War are dealt with older generations

      2. That is not true, there were period dramas score higher rating because of the hype and promo. Right now, there is negative TVB news on a certain series affecting their image.

      3. Larry,
        Uhm, I am not talking about ratings.
        There are some period drama who deals with classical Chinese heritage. And in order to fully understand the chinese opera and whatnot, you need to be a certain age. I am eighteen and I did Chinese school almost all my life. Yet, I find it difficult to know what’s happening.

      4. You dont need to know periodic history off your head. The TV series should gives some background on “this” or “that” history story. That is usually how it works if you understand TVB well. Any generation should enjoy if its done properly.

      5. Uhm, that is not what I am trying to say.
        I am saying in order to FULLY understand the DIALOGUE itself in some of the scenes in these ancient dramas (eg. Chinese opera scenes), you will need some knowledge/background of classical Chinese.

      6. How is it “my problem”, Larry?
        If I am eighteen and I have this issue, surely people who are around my age or from the same generation will most likely have this problem. And this will also affect the target audience as well.

      7. Also, furthermore, these dialogues will be boring/dull to those who do not understand what’s happening.. S:

      8. I do not see this as “again, that’s my problem”. If TVB dramas are geared towards see lais/families, then the chance of them skipping the drama or misinterpreting the scene is HIGH. Age definetely plays a part in this. You can’t expect a 15 year old who has no historical background of CLassical China to fully understand the drama or the dialogue.
        But since this is going nowhere with you and the fact that we have differing opinion, I will not comment anymore.

      9. Re-read my comment in the last couple post… it doesnt matter if you understand history.

      10. Let me clarify:
        1// It’s not understanding history, it’s understanding the dialogue portrayed in these ancient drama that relies on classical chinese heritage (Chinese opera, specifically)
        2// By having some knowledge of what happened during that period, it would MATTER because it may make things easier to understand what’s happening in the drama. For example, in episode 2 of Beauty at War, there were scenes with chinese opera and classical chinese dialogues. It made things HARD to understand. Unless you are watching with eng subtitles or traditional chinese, it is hard to follow along. And luckily, Sandcherry and Funn were able to ASSIST me in understanding that specific episode.
        3// Some comments made on ( is proof. Maybe YOU should read some of the comments made by DD and how DD expressed it was hard to understand and that knowing some parts of Chinese history would help.

      11. I thought you not going to comment any further. Whoooopieeee

      12. I had a need to clarify once more since you were not getting it.

      13. I got the memo… “I will not comment anymore.”

      14. “I got the memo… “I will not comment anymore.””

        There was more than that. But if you’re going to pretend that you didn’t see it, then that’s a low move.

      15. thats fine, no big deal. since you wrote: “I will not comment anymore.”, that is your claim.

      16. Idk what you mean by period dramas but if speaking about ancient series…then yes, for the past two decades or maybe less.. ancient series are averaging in the high 20s. Hardly ever do they pass the 30 mark. Well ofc not including grand productions like cant buy me love.. etc with the grand casting. But generally ancient dramas do not make a break through compared to modern dramas.

      17. @Crystal-
        That’s what I’m talking about. (:
        I’m talking about ancient ancient series, not contemporary ancient series productions. ._.

      18. I think TVB should stick to family-themed or police dramas (such as The Academy).

      19. Thanks for the shoutout Bubblez.

        In a nutshell: BAW uses lots of idiomatic language and 4-word phrases and classical Chinese. People without a 12 year Chinese education are going to be lost. If I pause and reason out the phrases then I’ll understand the dialogues but often it’s a shot in the dark.

      20. Thanks dd! That was what I have been trying to say!!

  9. Bubbles,
    With your comment it shows that you are knowledgeable and opened minded. I do not like to talk with stupid people but i am interested to discuss with you; just leave this place and we will meet each other at another place -where the stupid people are absent-to discuss.

  10. It feels like the whole drama is about sire ma’s character, which is really annoying. And the plot is like going in slow motion, keeps beating around the bushes. Makes me feel so sleepy every time I hear the music. And the scenes of sure ma really does my head in

  11. I like Pin On acting,,, but somehow.. Wayne a little over acted,,, seem a little fake

    1. He’s been “faking” throughout this series.

      1. I think it’s due to Wayne’s character deals with two characters. In other words, he is a schizophrenic character who can not differentiate his two identities. >_<

      2. No, its not the character… it is his performance, thats the issue.

      3. Why don’t you figure out what schizophrenic means before commenting back?

        This is exactly the same thing as Howard Campbell (Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut).

        Moreover, Wayne is not that bad as it seems with you guys (well from watching episode 6)

      4. You are way behind form the rest of us that are watching right now. Keep working on your brain cells.

      5. ]Yes that is true but “keep working on your brain cells” has nothing to do with watching this drama.

      6. Nah, for you.
        It’s quite funny though. When people are able to stand up to you with a good legitimate reason, you do not reply back.

  12. TVB should invest in better post-production equipment. their CGI is so crap. Remember that Demon one with Raymond Lam, Tavia and Bobby? Shots of Raymond standing on top of a building looked sooo fake

  13. even AGWTC2 and Sergeant Tabloid and the sitcomes did better than these bigger budget ones.

    1. TVB might as well re-run those series, even already watch it for the second or third time.

  14. To me I like the movie, I think is fun & kinda like SHERLOCk movie!!!!! good, bad, & bored at least all the actors do their best characters in the movies…..

    1. If its like Sherlock… they need to solve cases. This is a bootleg version of it.

  15. I love Corinna Chamberlain’s acting in this drama<3

  16. The actors/ actresses are good in this drama (except for sire ma, she did bad), but the drama isnt doing teir acting any justice. And as funn said, i mofht be able to accept it if it were a mindless comedy.

    I am only watching this cos i dont wanna get started on come home love, and war and beauty is too deep for me to understand and appreciate..

    1. It can be a comedy series if they could get rid psychotic stuff and Detective Coloumbo’s “other” stupid personality. Then, it can be a decent lol series. Fill in some cases, their background, add a action scene, love scenes solve, and a BBQ ending. Wallah!

      1. I think in the beginning, there were slightly some comedic-like scenes:)

      2. Comedy, turn to suicidal, turn into crazyness deep ship. Blah.

  17. After reading all the above comments, I like to make some comments and the way I see this series. You can disagree with me, but please keep it to a minimum and be respectful!

    Let’s begin
    1. A number of you said that this series is NOT about Columbo, which I can see why. However, I personally do not think this series was a detective/ crime drama series to begin with. I think this series is mostly about towards how Wayne became who he is and how that has resulted the people around him. Because of this, Sire Ma has a bigger role because she’s Columbo’s “love interest”
    2. Some people suggested that this was like TVB version of Brokeback Mountain. However, Brokeback mountain “depicts the complex romantic and sexual relationship between two men in the American West from 1963 to 1983” (wikipedia). This series does NOT do that. Ping On and Wayne’s character have a relationship where Ping On is thankful/indebted to Wayne because it was through Wayne’s sacrificial as 高大喜 that both are able to live.
    3.I do not remember where I saw it but Eva (Sire Ma) suddenly can see the future or something among those lines. Not too sure. But I think this may be related to that time where she was injured in the early episodes. It could be an aftermath of that episode.
    4. Some of you blamed the scriptwriter. However, I believe that the scriptwriter just used a different approach to develop this drama. This isn’t your typical detective drama series, in the first place. If it was, it would be like Forensic heroes except in the ancient times. Also, I think the scriptwriter first started with the current situation of Wayne using his smartness to solve the cases and then starts to show how/why wayne became who he is. In similar to other tvb series, it is mostly similar to Drive of Life because they also showed the ending (current situation) and then began the story. On the other hand, it could be considered as a mix of Gun Metal Grey (police), Mother Night (schizophrenic characters) and Flowers for Algernon (a dumb person became smart but had difficulty near the end).

    1. Yippee! I approve of this message, Christy! Thanks for this post (:

    2. Brokeback Mountain was a joke in reply to Funn’s comment.

      1. @Christy: I agree with you! This was well said. (:
        @Winnie: I also agree with you! It really spoke on the controversial.
        @Larry 3: It didn’t seem like it was a joke.

      2. I think you should attend a clown college. It’s a joke.

    3. 1. Like I said, it could be about garbage collector and it will still work and still be total crap

      2. i believe the ref was a joke

      3. evidence why this series is crap

      4. It is the scripwriter/director/producer/except actors’ fault.

      Crap is crap. Bullet Brain is the worst series in my opinion. Beauty At War may be confusing but Bullet Brain is just nonsense on a loop.

      1. I hate to admit it but the criticisms for this series is fair for the most part.

      2. I disagree with you, Funn. You were one of the respected commenters I had so far.. but that final post did it. It may not be your guys’ cup of tea but I do not think this “series is crap” to begin with.

        1. To blame everything on the producer/director/scriptwriter is not fair at all. Is it their crime to try something new? All they did was used a different method and a new theme. They tried to create something new. A topic that was not fiddled with. People complain when TVB copies other TV dramas. Yet when they try something difficult, people also complain. What do you guys honestly hope for?

        2. YOU may see it as “nonsense on a loop” but I have been watching every episode. Yes, I admit that there were some parts where it was annoying, but not “crap”.

        3. Like Christy said, this series was not your typical detective drama. I believe using different perspectives in viewing this drama may be a lot better.

        4. “the criticisms for this series is fair for the most part.” is only based on how you and hongkongers view this series. However, it got really interesting when Natalie came into the picture.

      3. I really disagree with you Sasha… TVB needs help, criticize and making noise will help to address the problems on this series and further help PREVENT this crap ever again, Im hoping.

        The producer, the director and the scriptwriter are truly at fault for not maintain the series properly. I have seen so many flaws from the props to the script. They should have fix the problems before releasing it out. Lots of people are having issues with the series. You can not ignore that.

        Look TVB has copy other people dramas, it is a fact. They are running out of ideas, thats the fact. They can be unique to copy and twist it to make it interesting in their own version, it has happen before. But thats not the main concern.

        The “nonsense loop”, it can be irratating as you have watch this part before and they replay it over and over… it is annoying and it is crap since they can fill that part into other scenes.

        This is not a detective drama at all, after watch 20 episodes. It is plain lousy drama series.

        Yes Natalie came in and done her part. But the 85% percent of it is craptastic.

        No, there are many TVB watchers all over the world. They say the same thing. Im hoping TVB can read the concerns.

  18. The main stumbling block for me about this “brain dead” of a series is what is that got to do with the iconic Italian-American TV detective made famous by Peter Falk? Or maybe it has nothing to do with it, then why would a HK guy named Columbo?

    The more I think about this the more I feel I’ve got a bullet in my brain.

  19. This show is crap because of the scriptwriter, actors, producer and director’s fault. The storyline is horrible but the actors with Bo Bo, va va, on on made it impossible to watch. It is everyone fault and the actors play a big part.

    1. Agree. The script is terribly written, but the artistes can make it interesting if they act well. Unfortunately, both script and acting are bad in “Bullet Brain” (as per my personal opinion). We should not just blame the scriptwriter or producer. Script is the soul of a drama series and acting adds the life to it. “Bullet Brain” does not seem to have any soul or life.

    2. I disagree. The storyline isn’t that bad. c:
      They just used a different method, a method that is not used frequently.

      1. No, the storyline is beyond bad. It is beyond garbage. The series is way too complex and full of illogical plot. This is really a horror tv series and it is an embrassment for the people who in this crap series.

        Of course it is diffrent method. I encourage TVB to use different method to prevent run ins with similar genre. But in this case, they did and it suck so bad. I know recently Tvb has been critize to try to be different, they are trying and not have won support for the viewers yet.

        I fell TVB rush the series and did soddy job not to realize some flaws. Tvb can not do this. This can ruin some peoples reputation and it is sad.

      2. “All they did was used a different method and a new theme. They tried to create something new. A topic that was not fiddled with. People complain when TVB copies other TV dramas. Yet when they try something difficult, people also complain. What do you guys honestly hope for? ”

        On Bullet Brain’s wikipedia page, it was noted that this was a FANTASY drama. So, of course, some things are illogical and won’t make sense. And I do not think TVB has rushed this series nor having flaws. And you mentioned that “this can ruin some peoples reputation”. As far as I am concerned, in the past, major actors such as Chow Yun Fat, etc. all experienced bad dramas. Were their reputation destroyed by the bad dramas? NO.

      3. @sasha
        Chow Yun Fat moved on to movies. People understand that for CYF, crappy roles in dramas were his way of getting some experience.

        Wayne Lai on the other hasn’t really ever gotten a major role in a movie, and that’s saying something when Wong Cho Lam gets a movie where he’s the main character. So fans will always compare his drama roles with one another since that’s all he’s got.

        I don’t know whether it’s because he’s too old or because he’s just so..uh, what’s the word. I mean, he’s not uncharismatic, but he’s just…normal. So normal. So vanilla.

      4. Wikipedia can say anything that is Fantasy.

        Are YOU kidding, this series is full of flaws, especially that first episode that they using modern cars in the 60s era???

        This series has already did affect the actors/actress reputation especially god awful Sire Ma. I hope this is a short term memory since every freaken day that this series is getting poor reviews, and it is not funny.

      5. “On Bullet Brain’s wikipedia page, it was noted that this was a FANTASY drama. So, of course, some things are illogical and won’t make sense.”

        Nooo. It usually requires some suspension of disbelief when you’re watching a drama/film – even more so if it’s a fantasy. As long as it follows the rules it has set forth in its own little world, then what should be the problem?


        “People complain when TVB copies other TV dramas. Yet when they try something difficult, people also complain.”

        Of course they’re bloody well going to complain if it’s such a mess. Granted, there are people who won’t be receptive to certain styles no matter how well executed it is. However, I am one of those that don’t care whether TVB ventures out or if they regurgitate the same material. I am just a viewer who wishes to be entertained. Should I award TVB some sort of badge for “trying” even when I look at the final product and its apparent sh*tness just hits me right in the face? On one hand, I really do want to give TVB some encouragement for heading in other directions, but on the other hand, I don’t want to inflate their egos any further and allow them to think they’re making a good job of it. Because they’re not.

        Complaining about them trying something different =/= complaining about them doing something disastrously, but just so happens to be different.

  20. I agree with most of what Christy has said. I found this drama to be refreshing and it was funny at times. I do admit there were some parts where it was annoying to watch. Nevertheless, some scenes were beautifully written and I found Edwin’s role to be an eye-catching role.

    1. I dont find it refreshing when i see natalie cooking a dead body and feed the crap to the workers and witness my friend throwing up on the food at the scene.

      1. It is refreshing because the method used to develop this drama was different. Also, I was talking about the scenes delivered by Pierre, Lau Dan, Corinna. The scenes between Pierre, Corinna and Wayne were beautifully written and it was just a heartwarming scene. Furthermore, I was not talking about that scene

      2. Thanks Sasha for clarifying it for me (:

      3. Oh Please, you dont even know what is refreshing in this series.

      4. I think what is refreshing is subjective just how acting is subjective.
        What may be refreshing to me may not necessarily be refreshing to you.

      5. There is hardly any refreshing in this series other then it suck so badly now.

      6. Like I said, what may be refreshing to me may not be refreshing to you. And regardless of what you guys see as “crappy script/drama”, those scenes that I’ve mentioned are heartwarming. I found myself laughing at some of those scenes as well.

      7. heartwarming? ha. It didnt touch my heart.

      8. Well similar to how Bubblez and Sandcherry mentioned that acting and what is refreshing is subjective, so are heartwarming scenes. But I believe that you’re just cold-blooded.

      9. How Im cold-blooded? Im telling it what it is.

      10. “How Im cold-blooded? Im telling it what it is.”

        ^ Although this drama is “poorly written” ( do not think it is poorly written), there are funny scenes :/

        And you’re just abnormal. Mainly, most people would laugh at those scenes.

      11. The funny scenes does not make up this drama at all. Tell me, which scenes are funny and give me an episode # so I could review it.

      12. What is the point for me in giving you the episode number? You would simply disagree to it, just how you disagreed with Bubblez, Coco and whatnot on almost everything.

      13. Wow, CoCo/Alice/Bubblez thanks for the fun.


      14. Larry:
        I am extremely disappointed and mad. Unless you have proof/evidence that I was them, do not associate them with me!
        1. Today is my 19th birthday. I was out at 12pm (Pacific time) with my friends to celebrate my birthday. Please do not associate me with Coco/Alice. Just because they have bought my name up, it does not mean I was them.
        2. I stopped replying to you because I found it pointless/stupid. A waste of my time, especially on my birthday. Time has shown that me and you have differing opinions. So rather than arguing you bit by bit, I just left it there.

      15. And if you don’t believe me, that’s fine too. But do not make any accusations saying I was them when that is completely untrue.

      16. Thanks for replying to me, what ever your username change.

      17. Larry,
        That is VERY unfair to me. I came home 30minutes ago and when I went on this website just now, I saw that I was accused of being multiple people when that is untrue.

        How would you feel if I accused you of being “Peace be with you” or any other people?

      18. So, you not stop replying to me. Thanks.

    2. Like I said, I stopped replying to you awhile ago because I have two reasons:
      1. I was out with my friends to celebrate my birthday.
      2. I found it pointless/stupid because we had disagreed on several topics. And I did not want to waste my time to argue on a never-ending topic.

      And finally, I hope that you will stop associating me with them since I was not them in the first place.

      1. You wanna ignore or stop replying to me?…. You need to stop contradicting in your comment.

      2. I had to reply back because I was ACCUSED of being several people and I needed to make myself very clear on this topic. I replied again because it seems that you think I was lying, pretending or something.

      3. I have not accused you. I wrote “Wow, CoCo/Alice/Bubblez thanks for the fun.


        I think YOU take this too seriously. Seriously.

      4. Larry
        I am known to be serious and sensitive. And I do take things seriously. Hence when I saw that post of yours, that was what I initially thought.

      5. Here’s thing… Just stop putting ” I stopped replying to you “… you have to keep your promise other wise it doesnt do anything.

  21. Congratulations to Bullet Brain for a record ratings and also beating Beauty at War for one point…. A HUGE 22 points. Cancelling the series should have save TVB bleeding money.


      1. 《金枝慾孽貳》同《神探高倫布》收視鬥低,兩部黃金時段重頭劇都輸畀處境劇《愛‧回家》,令人大跌眼鏡。《金枝貳》上星期收視不升反跌,平均得21點(約135萬),上星期三其中一節,更錄得19點,收視慘淡﹗至於《神探高倫布》亦唔好得去邊,已經踏入結局篇,收視平均都係22點;反觀《愛‧回家》有25點收視,再次爆大冷。

      2. Even though it is true, it does not mean that ratings are important to every viewer. ._.

      3. Of course not, The ratings do show TVB is LOSING money on this series. This is NOT a GOOD thing. TVB main income are ads.

      4. ” The ratings do show TVB is LOSING money on this series. ”

        Oh? What are they gaining when people watch the dramas and what are they losing when people do not watch the dramas? TVB’s main goal has always been to create dramas for hk viewers. I don’t remember seeing profit from these ratings is one of the higher priorities for tvb.

      5. I just dont know what to say. Either you really not smart or just dont know TV/Movie market business.

        Alice, please go into TV business.

      6. Well if a series does well there’s a lot of side jobs being offered to the artists involved in the series. More side jobs = more money for TVB. If the series is not well received businesses (malls, grand opening, ads in magazines, etc.) they would not risk their investments in these artists involved with this series and invest in someone else.

      7. @WildBerries, you’re so right. It’s so sad

      8. @Wildberries:
        Wow, if that is true in terms of not investing in someone because of one bad drama, that’s harsh.

      9. It is competition, one or more artist can not take this bad series as a financial hit.

      10. @Ashley, well you can call it harsh, but that’s how the entertainment business works. There’s just way too many choices out there for investors to choose from, why risk your investment on a flopped series?

      11. “There’s just way too many choices out there for investors to choose from, why risk your investment on a flopped series?”
        ^ Wow, that is true. However, sometimes, tvb does not get invested because of the risk associated. For example, triumph in the skies 2 had to be postponed because of airline issues, not because of the actors/actresses.

      12. Hmm, I may have confused you. What I meant by investors I meant businesses, grand openings, brand products looking for an artist to promote their product or appear at an event. Not an investor that is actually looking to invest directly into a series like TIT2.


    1. Are you on drugs or being drunk on typing ?


  24. I personally liked Pierre’s acting of Columbo than Wayne. I was more convinced by Pierre’s acting. He has the potential to be a contender for Best Actor soon. Did anyone else feel that way or at least feel that Pierre gave a better impression?

    1. Pierre Ngo is a very good actor. He always did well in his character. I hope TVB will promote him more, to a first lead actor. I always enjoyed his acting.

      1. I agree with you, sandcherry.
        TVB needs to realize this. Wayne is a good actor but I couldn’t feel that “spark” in him as Columbo either. I felt it in Rosy Business 😛

    2. The problem is he still stuck in second line lead actor. I think he can do better then a lead actor, it’s just TVB is not looking at him for a promotion in years

      1. TVB is only focusing in promoting those early 30s siu sangs. Wayne Lai and Michael Tse are super lucky in this respect. If Wayne Lai did not showcase in Chai Gou (Rosy Business) and Lau Sing (No Regrets) and Michael Tse did not showcase in his “Laughing Sir” character, they would still be lead supporting actors.

      2. Female artistes are not as lucky as male ones. For example, Elena Kong , Joyce Tang, Christine Ng are very good in acting, but they are never promoted by TVB to act 1st lead roles. On the other hand, those new young actresses, who cannot speak proper Cantonese or know how to act, are highly promoted by TVB, such as Christine Kuo, Sire Ma, Rebecca Zhu and Eliza Sam.

      3. I agree with you, sandcherry. But I think Rebecca Zhu is not as lucky as Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam and Sire Ma

      4. Rebecca Zhu will be more promoted by TVB once Fala Chen leaves, i.e. latter of this year or next year. She has been given many roles in the forthcoming drama series.

        I think she would be more promoted if her acting was more recognized by people in Hong Kong in her Siu Yau character in SSSS.

      5. That may be true, Sandcherry. Only time will tell. But they might also promote Oceane Zhu, Angel Chiang, Priscilla Wong, Sire Ma, or any of the current second-line actresses.

      6. I heard that Priscilla Wong is very articulate in her dialogues. She speaks perfect Cantonese. She has been given a few roles as 1st supporting actress. Sire Ma is not bad; she just did not act well in “Bullet Brain”. As for others, I don’t know. It depends on their luck and timing.

      7. I think they should focus on their second-line actresses or the “green-leaf” actresses (:

        It is good that Priscilla Wong is getting promoted and given her first few supporting roles but I think TVB should pace it equally.

      8. I don’t understand why TVB does not promote Nancy Wu and Elaine Yiu. Both actresses act very well in their roles and they are young and experienced actresses. Well, there is always unfairness in TVB.

      9. “I don’t understand why TVB does not promote Nancy Wu and Elaine Yiu.”

        Maybe they don’t want to have sex with the higher ups. It is a sad fact of life, but true nevertheless. Sometimes lead roles can only be gotten that way.

  25. I’m up to episode 19 now. I think the major problem with this series is the focus. So many interesting characters in the series, and the writers chose to focus on the self-centred, rash, immature, brainless, incompetent, conceited and overall very unlikable Eva and her fantasy and diary writing. I seldom fast-forward series. But, even I have to fast-forward some of Eva’s part because it’s too time wasting and irrelevant.

    And the girl took 20 episodes to start maturing a little bit (I glimpse a bit of episode 20).

    The series start getting interesting again when the focus is back to Ping On, Columbo, Mui Mui.

    1. eva is a really weak annoying and horrible role and sire’s bad acting made it worse.

      glad that for no reserve at least we all know that the female lead will be an intelligent, cunning, mature and strong spy played by an experienced tv queen myolie :). love strong and smart female roles like this. at least can save us from annoying stupid female role and bad acting of newbies.

    2. totally agree with u. i have to fast-forward most of eva’s scenes. shes so stupid and selfish & i sick of natalie’s actions too. and why mui mui have to bear all the sorrow??? its not fair after all. definitely frustrated with the ending

  26. i just finished watch the entire movie and i feel so dissappointed with the ending
    how come a ” faithful” columbo always says he loves his wife (natalie) alot and even forever but then he said he loves Eva,his wife now is the past. how could he say that? i cant understand the point here. what’s the love he always keep in his heart for 20years? what does it mean when he used to say he doesnt love eva. he just loves his wife. so ridiculous!
    And about the Eva character.( and about natalie’s acts too). i find so so hard to find a point that persuade me eva is the main character with a loving heart. To be honest. when i saw her i just wish i could be there to slap into her face and say shut the f.. up. she’s so annoying, selfish, aggressive.
    she only thinks for herself for the whole time and all she want to do is just to prove herself right. to prove that she’s the one who win
    the movie is good bc the 2 male actors’ acts and natalie were so good. but Eva mess the whole movie up with her character and even sire ma’s acts. i totally sick of her action. she cant act like a Tvb actor/actress. i cant understand how this girl could play the main female character role!
    the movie would ne wonderful if she didnt exist

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