Jessica C. Finds Andy On to Be Hot

Model/ actress Jessica C., Andy On (安志杰), and Philip Ng’s (伍允龍) new action packed movie, Zombie Fight Club <屍城> recently premiered to fairly good reception.

First time taking on the role of a female zombie fighter, Jessica found the action scenes rather challenging. Luckily, Jessica did not sustain any injuries and was only tired at the end of the filming session. Despite the hard work and sore muscles, Jessica enthusiastically expressed that she really wants to be female martial artiste.

Aside from her action stunts, Jessica also has a daring shower scene with another actress in the movie, showcasing her sensual side.

Jessica C. “Andy On is My Cup of Tea”

Even though Jessica and Andy did not share any romantic scenes in Zombie Fight Club, the two appeared very close and sang praises for each other. Besides calling Andy a hero, Jessica said Andy was someone who took great care of her when they were filming.

When asked if he disappointed on not being able to have more romantic scenes with Jessica, Andy lamented, “Of course it’s disappointing! It’s not every day that you get to work with a pro actress who also dresses in sexy clothing. When we first started filming, we weren’t close with each other, but she’s very professional and sexy. She’s a good person and she’s very nice. Every time you see her, you’ll be happy. She makes everyone happy.”

Upon hearing Andy’s cry about the lack of intimate scenes with Jessica, she responded that if they were to collaborate in the future, she would not mind having intimate scenes with him. Jessica disclosed that Andy would be her cup of tea if she did not already have a boyfriend. She said, “Andy is very hot! Even with clothes on, he is very muscular.”


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  1. Not everyone can be a Maggie Q, she was hella luck. Jessica C is average at best, hope luck will be on her side.

  2. i never heard jessica c speak cantonese or mandarin,how can she become a moviestar in hk? she is pretty but at least learn to speak cantonese if you want to start a movie career in hk.

  3. Andy on is so sexy all girls want to eat him life not surprise this jessice c who ever ,wish to have some intimate scene with him ..

    1. they are just complimenting each other, hopefully to get some attention and more jobs, look at their faces, screaming for $$

  4. What’s with all these funny names – Jessica C, Lisa S and Maggie Q ?

    1. maybe they have surnames chinese people may have difficulties in pronouncing.

      1. Quigley, Selesner and Cambensy

        Wow, all difficult names to pronounce! In the past they would have adopted a chinese name!

    2. Not sure about the others,but the Q in Maggie Q’s name means Quigley which is her father’s surname because her dad is American while her mom is Vietnamese.

      1. o, she doesn’t have any chinese blood in her? no wonder she seem so unbelievable in her acting.. pretending to be chinese in most of the shows she’s in, i felt uncomfortable watching her, she lacks the gentleness of a chinese lady, in fact, i see her with a hint of a transvestite, maybe it’s because of her hard features

      2. Sorry but just because she has no Chinese blood in her does not mean that her acting is not good or unbelievable. What a racist comment. Not all Chinese women are elegant and gentle. Are you saying that Chinese and Chinese women are superior to all other races? What if she did have Chinese blood in her? Would that automatically make her acting better and believable? Absolutely not!

      3. nope, her acting’s originally haughty, she’s trying too hard to be a chinese and yet teasing the chinese race, she really didn’t quite get it (how a chinese girl talks/moves)

        maggie q keeps acting/pretending to be a chinese, does that mean that she’s not comfortable about her race?

      4. Is there a certain way for any Chinese girl to act?? Sorry but I personally do not like how some of the Chinese girls that I know act, but of course how anyone acts varies based on a number of factors not relating to nationality/ethnicity. I agree that it is sad that should not be something she is not and should be comfortable being what she truly is. But the good thing is, she has shown that you do NOT need to be Chinese or any particular race, nationality or ethnicity in order to be successful in this business or in life.

      5. yes, chinese gals and other gals from other race talk n behave in a different manner (its called culture), and for an actor to not notice and catch it, then she’s not good enough in her work. hence not successful

      6. Maggie Q never pretended or said she was Chinese and was open about her Vietnamese/white heritage.

        @got it: She’s not one of your ‘dainty’ types, but more suitable for action films, just like so many other gentle looking chinese actresses. Whatever your prejudices towards Maggie Q, she’s one of the few successful Asian actresses in Hollywood with her new weekly drama ‘Stalker’ which is getting high viewership.

      7. @msxie,
        Thanks for the info! I do not know much about Maggie Q and do not really follow her news much. However, I remember her being open about being white/ vietnamese and never once heard her saying she was Chinese or was trying to be one. She is one of the few Asian actresses who are successful in Hollywood so maybe some are jealous of her.

  5. She is not that pretty for a mixed girl, just an average look to me. And what’s up with all the mixed actresses in Asian go by the first letter of their last name following after Maggie Q? MaggieQ sounds fine, but the rest sounds retarded.

  6. i saw jessica in real life once in HK and didnt find her pretty.

      1. There is always way more to anyone rather than just looks.

      2. Yup, like all the girls love her and she makes her own clothes……

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