Jet Li Not in a Rush to Film Another Movie

The Chinese film industry is gaining a strong foothold globally, with locally made movies such as Lost in Thailand <人再囧途之泰囧>and Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons <西游•降魔篇> grossing more than 1 billion RMB. While many stars are eager for the mainland “gold rush”, Jet Li (李连杰) is enjoying his relaxed lifestyle and will not dive into projects purely for financial gain.

Last week, Jet appeared at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center to present the 1 million RMB prize to the winner of the Wulin Competition Global Championships organized by Snail Games. Though he has more or less been out of the film industry the past year, Jet Li was not surprised by how well the Chinese movies industry is gaining traction. Jet said, “Times have changed. We used to want to go to Hollywood. Now, Hollywood is coming to us. I have predicted this day will come because there is a huge demand in China. I believe we will even overtake the world’s movie industry within the next 10 years.”

Although his new film, Badges of Fury <不二神探> will be released in June 2013, Jet has no immediate plans to film another new movie. “Many people invited me to film movies. This year, I rejected 3 film offers. Let’s wait a little, until I feel like it. If it’s fun, I’ll do it,” Jet said.

Spokesperson for Taiji

Since founding charitable organization, The One Foundation, in 2007, Jet has been actively involved in international disaster relief efforts.  Now, Jet is on a mission to promote martial arts form, taiji, to a wider global audience.

Speaking of his company, Taiji Zen, Jet Li immediately grew animated. Taiji Zen is a company which Jet Li founded with Alibaba Group Chairman,  Jack Ma (马云), to promote taijiquan, which has often been stereotyped as an exercise practiced only by the elderly in parks. The first Taiji Zen school will open in Hangzhou in May, with a large internet promotion due in August. Jet has high hopes that one day, taijiquan will be eagerly embraced and practiced by youths around the world.

As a Buddhist, Jet felt an urge in 2009 to “go into the hills to meditate” for a few years, like ancient kung fu masters. However, internet tycoon, Jack Ma, persuaded Jet that he had a greater mission to accomplish. Jack asked Jet to co-found Taiji Zen to increase awareness for Chinese culture and promote taijiquan.

Jet advised the youths of today, “[Video] games can help you learn the Chinese culture. Games can teach you many things. But games cannot replace your studies and your life, so do not neglect your studies and your life because of gaming. Do make more time for entertainment and your work. And learn to take care of your family too.”


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  1. His crow’s feet is very obvious when he smiles!

    1. What you prefer the stretchy plastic freaky looking faces! 😛

      1. Uh May, I am just stating the truth. Da hell with the sarcasm. If I were to comment how nice he look instead, you would be replying me that I prefer men with lines, given your effing sense of humour.

        For a man that’s 50, do you not think he age well?

      2. He didn’t age well compared to other TV/movie stars probably because he didn’t do botox as May was trying to point out.

      3. If you can’t take comments on a public site then don’t put you effing comments up! It was meant to be a joke…haha the smilie face! What’s natural is natural…meant to say that since most people try to go against nature and screw w/their own faces!
        If you can’t take it don’t post…!!! shish!!!

  2. taijiquan.. movements of beasts like snakes, not for christians

    1. You don’t have to be christian to practice taiqi.

  3. I would rather see Jet Li age gracefully than seeing him do weird stuff to his face like botox. No matter how old he looks, he is still handsome as ever, cant wait to see him in future films!LEGEND :p

  4. It’s a shame that he has lost passion for making movies as he hasn’t made a classic since Fearless. Badges Of Fury better deliver.

  5. Sadly, nowadays everyone can be GREAT in kung-fu >.<||
    Watched his latest film lately and it's the computer that does all the wonders.
    Don't think any of the actor/actress are well-trained in KungFu at all.
    There's nothing WOW like his days as Wong Fei Hung 🙁

    1. Yen,
      Let’s hope the remake of “Shaolin Temple” will propel a much needed young martial artist into the spotlight. Real hand-to-hand combat is still craved by fans; that’s why Donnie Yen is so cherished.

      1. Jayne,
        Yes! Hopefully!!
        My most disappointed movie of Jet Li got to be “The Sorcerer and the White Snake” 🙁
        It’s been a long time didn’t hear bout Jet Li so looking forward to watch it! Extra bonus there are Raymond and Charlene too!
        But it’s a huge let down!!
        He didn’t really “fight” in it 🙁
        Give me the impression, is him too old already that he can’t fight?
        If that is, might as well he stops filming actions/Kung fu movies. Let the best memories stays better than lolllll all the nonsense so-call kungfu movies >.<|

      2. @Yen

        Didn’t you learn your lesson from Butterfly Lovers?

      3. @dd
        Huh? Jet Li in Butterfly Lovers?
        Didn’t aware of that cause I didn’t watch it xD

  6. nowadays, all kungfu movies are cast with handsome ppl..not real kungfu actors like Jet Li…of cos Wong Fei Hung movies is the the new guillotines…very waste of time..

    1. Truman6!!!
      Supperrrrr agree with you!!!
      Urghhhh!! Really a waste both my time n money watching it >.<||||
      But the graphic is nice..that's why loo..nowadays ANYONE can be a KUNG-FU master 凸.
      During my times, renowned KungFu artist are Jacky Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Yuen Piu, Michelle Yeoh, the guy whom played Wong Fei Hung in 3rd&4th installment. The "ghost leg" character in Wong Fei Hung (dont know his name), Sammo Hung, Hui Ying Hung, Siu Fong Fong and Yuen Wah.
      With them surely will be actions packed and wow lots of Kung fu ^^v

  7. The BODYGUARD FROM BEIJING was still my favorite movie with him.

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