Nick Cheung and Eddie Peng’s “Unbeatable” Releases Trailer

Early buzz for Nick Cheung’s (張家輝) Unbeatable <激戰> has been positive, with the 45-year-old winning the Best Actor award for his performance at 16th Shanghai International Film Festival. Malaysian child actress Crystal Lee (李馨巧), who portrays Nick’s 10-year-old roommate in Unbeatable, won the Best Actress title. Nick struck good chemistry with costar Eddie Peng (彭于晏), who plays his protege in the film.

Nick portrays a former Hong Kong boxing champion, who amassed gambling debts in his middle age. Eddie fell on hard times when his father disappeared after his business failure. After meeting Eddie in Macau, Nick becomes his boxing mentor and hopes to restore his own dignity and pay off his gambling debts. As Nick and Eddie enter the MMA ring, they take down many strong opponents while overcoming their own fears.

Unbeatable screened at the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival in June, with Nick and Eddie walking the red carpet.  While rehearsing for one of the scenes in the movie, Nick and Eddie revealed that they had an accidental kiss. After their lips unexpectedly touched each other, Eddie became more cautious during filming. Nick had to keep asking Eddie to relax and open his mouth. Eddie jokingly said that he has become closer to Nick after shooting this scene together.

Nick mischievously said, “If audiences enjoyed watching both of us act together, we can do a gay-focus theme for our next movie.”

Nick trained very hard for his six-pack abdomen to better personify his role as a boxer in Unbeatable. Eddie spoke of Nick’s professionalism, “He’s an admirable actor. Working with him is very comfortable. In many of his movies, [Nick has a different appearance]. In Nightfall <大追捕>, he lost significant weight. In Unbeatable, you will feel that he is a completely different film king.”

Eddie felt sorry for Nick’s extreme training and commented that this is his most “fear-provoking” movie to-date since he started his movie career.  Eddie joked that director Dante Lam (林超賢) is a sadist and felt terrified every time he called out his name.

Unbeatable will arrive in mainland Chinese theaters in August and open in Taiwan in September 2013.

“Unbeatable” Trailer

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  1. I hope the whole movie isn’t a bunch a fast cut fight scenes. It’s hard to appreciate how hard the actors work when your eyes dont get a chance to focus on all of the scene before it cuts to something else.
    I’m not asking for a static camera, but when it comes to technical fight scenes, if you are really doing the work and not trying to cheat the audience (like most action scenes in movies today), lengthy, clear shots of what is going on will make the audience more appreciate everything that went into making it. -I.E…surroundings, lighting, actors’ training, MA choreography, etc.

    I’m really looking forward to watching this knowing how hard Nick worked for it and the fact that I already thought he was an excellent actor.

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