2013 Golden Melody Awards Announced: Battle of the Couples

Nominations for the popular music category of Taiwan’s 24th Golden Melody Awards were announced earlier in May. This year marks the first time in many years to see Hong Kong musicians competing against Taiwanese musicians on an equal scope.

Media outlets also noted 2013 to be the Year of the “Cold” Newcomers, in which seven rookie singers – most still unknown – are nominated for the Best Newcomer award. The most well-known of the seven, Ann Bai (白安) and Jia Jia (家家), only released their debut studio album last December.

Another noteworthy point is that ex-couple Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), together known as “Double J”, will be competing against each other for the Best Album award with Opus 12and MUSE, respectively. Another celebrity couple is Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) and first-time nominee G.E.M. (鄧紫棋), in which both will be competing for the Best Mandarin Singer categories.
The 24t h Golden Melody Awards for popular music will be presented on July 6, 2013 at the Taipei Arena. Popular television host, Matilda Tao (陶晶瑩), will be hosting the Golden Melody Awards once again.
Check out the some of the nominations below:
Best Song of the Year
“After Taste” <回味>
Eternity Promise, Kay Huang, Goahead Music
“Speechless Song” <無言歌>
Gaia, Sandy Lam, Universal Music
“Coastline” <海岸線>
Coastline, Lee Zi Heng, Thirty-Seven Degrees Production
“Your Color of Roses” <玫瑰色的你>
Games We Play, Deserts Chang, Sony Music Entertainment
“The Artist” <大藝術家>
MUSE, Jolin Tsai, Warning Music
Best Mandarin Album of the Year
Opus 12 <12新作>
Jay Chou, JVR Music
Ghetto Superstar: 2009 – 2013 Best Singles Collection <貧民百萬歌星>
MC Hotdog, Rock Records
Gaia  <蓋亞>
Sandy Lam, Universal Music
Back to Wonderland <回到未來>
Khalil Fong, Warner Music
Jolin Tsai, Warner Music
Best Mandarin Male Singer
Yoga Lin for Fiction 
Jay Chou for Opus 12
Jam Hsiao for It’s All About Love
Xiao Yu for One More Try
Khalil Fong for Back to Wonderland
Best Mandarin Female Singer
Ellen Loo for Quietly Hide
G.E.M. for Xposed 
Sandy Lam for Gaia 
Jia Jia for Unforgettable
Lala Hsu for Ideal Life
Best Music Arranger
Baby C for “Milihuwan”, dalan
Skot Suyam for “Runaway Mama”, Fiction
Jason Huang for “A Larger Cello”, Opus 12
Chang Shilei for “Gaia”, Gaia
Best Producer
Chen Chu Hui for dalan
Jay Chou for Opus 12
Baby C for Eternal Promise
Sandy Lam and Chang Shilei for Gaia
Lai Jia Ching and Wang Kai Chuan for O-Kai A Capella
Best New Artist
Jia Jia for Unforgettable
Ann Bai for The Catcher in the Rye
Rachel Lu for We Don’t Talk
Sangpuy for dalan
Ai Yi Liang for If You LuVVVVV Me
Miss Ko for KnockOut
O-Kai Singers for O-Kai A Capella
Source: QQ.com
This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I seriously don’t know how they nominate people. Because Rainie Yang is so beautiful but she never gets nominated… like wtf, really?! There are so many great songs.

  2. How the heck does G.E.M. get a nomination for best Mandarin female singer?! Totally surprised!

    Happy to see Khalil Fong on list!!!

    I’m so over Double J! Yes, they are on top of their game. I find Jay’s album more enjoyable than Jolin’s. Jay does well with ballads while I prefer only to listen Jolin’s fast dance songs. Jay’s new album wasn’t to new for me but Jolin’s album is to much pop.

    1. GEM’S album is awsome. Much more credible then Raine Ynag’s.

  3. @hellomynameis LOL “…because Rainie Yang is so beautiful but she never gets nominated”; last time I checked, this was a music award. However much its reputation has degraded over the years, the GMAs have done well in excluding idol-singers such as Show Luo etc.
    @menuiq leehom hasn’t released an album in a while so he doesn’t have anything to compete with. but we can expect something at the end of this year–he’s back in the recording studio 😀
    I just wanna know how the heck JJ can be totally left out of this year’s. I thought he fixed himself as a must-have but i guess not.
    hope khalil wins something- he had an awesome album this year imo

    1. I was scanning the list for JJ as well, his album this year was beautiful. So I don’t understand.

  4. Where’s LeeHom? Kimberley Chen?
    I would like to see more of khalil Fong… D:

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