Aaron Yan Glad to Be Free of Fahrenheit

The now defunct Taiwanese pop group, Fahrenheit (飛輪海), once dominated the charts and the hearts of many devoted fans. It was rumored that the 4 male artists did not get along, causing a rift amongst the group and eventually going their separate ways. Aaron Yan (炎亞綸), who was in Hong Kong to promote his upcoming solo album, said, “I feel much more free after going solo.”

Aaron shared that his new album, The Moment, focuses on his own relationships. He said, “I don’t think the company likes artists to divulge too much information about their personal lives, but I want to use this opportunity to let my fans understand me as an artist through my music.” Aaron was not shy when he spoke about his past relationships. “I was in a committed relationship when I first joined the industry. We lived together but because I was so busy with my work, she picked up all her belongings one day and left.”

Aaron reveals that he made a lot of sacrifices and accommodations to be part of the boy band. He said, “I’m more of a romantic ballads kind of singer, but we can’t be performing those kind of music with the boy band because fans want to be entertained by our dancing and upbeat music. Because I was the youngest amongst the other guys, I had to act as the innocent and naïve one when in fact, I had the most experience. That’s why now that I’m a solo artist, I can truly express myself and hope to launch my music career the way that I want.”

He also took the opportunity address the speculation that the 4 members did not get along. “We worked together for 6 years and all know that deep down inside, the bond we shared was not fake. It was only because we wanted to pursue our own interests separately. Just like how Jiro Wang (汪東城) loved performing as a part of a band, but I like to sing romantic ballads.”

Regarding reports that Jiro hinted at Aaron’s plastic surgery which resulted in a slight resemblance to Jiro himself, Aaron was quick to brush the topic off. “I’ve seen the reports. I think what Jiro said was taken out of context and misinterpreted. As to whether or not Jiro had surgery done, you should ask him instead.”

Aaron’s “Maybe You Still Love Me”  <可能妳還愛我>
from The Moment Album

[vsw id=”0m36EGwHcEo” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Oriental Daily 

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    1. err … are you living in a cave? He is super popular in asia.

    2. He is from the group band called Fahrenheit. He went to US for study or something, and he then went back to Taipei.

      Did you watch:
      -Sunshine Angel as Wen Shu Xiu (Guest Star) (GTV , 2011)
      Love Buffet as Xing Yi Cheng (FTV / GTV, 2010)
      Gloomy Salad Days as Shen Qi (PTS, 2010)
      K.O.3an Guo as Ding Xiao Yu / Jiu Wu (voice only) (FTV / GTV, 2009)
      Mysterious Incredible Terminator as Zhan Shi De (007) (FTV / GTV, 2008)
      They Kiss Again as Ah Bu (CTV, 2007)
      The X-Family as Jiu Da Zhang Lao Wu / Ding Xiao Yu (GTV, 2007)
      KO One as Ding Xiao Yu (GTV, 2005)
      It Started with a Kiss as Ah Bu (CTV, 2005)
      An Shi Ai Mei Hui (Guest Star)(AzioTV, 2004)

      He was in it. But, in my opinion, he should stay with music…i do not see his acting that good even

      1. I guess you don’t follow Taiwanese e news much if you don’t know Aaron or FRH. Aaron came to the US and lived her for years when he was young to study and then came back to Taiwan and has been there since.

        His acting is not bad, but not the best since music is more of his passion and where his talent lies.

    1. hahah LOL….i thought i was the ONLY ONE who thought so… OMG, such a woman in above pic… jesus, taiwan likes such girl looking boys huh?

      1. He looks more masculine than the Korean idols. Many of them look more girly.

  1. tell me that’s a MAN in the above photo. TELL ME NOW! 😆

  2. He looks so strange in that picture…used to think he was the cutest

  3. He’s glad he’s free from Fahrenheit so he can freely become a woman now? Seems so.

  4. I thought he was homosexual…Or I remember one of the member being homosexual or something. I wonder if it’s him or Calvin.

    This is like F4/JVKV all over again…band member dispersing 🙁

    1. No one knows for sure if he or anyone is unless they openly admit it themselves. I have not heard of Calvin being homo ever, but rumours of Aaron being one has been going around for awhile now… It’s not like it matters anyways.

    1. Maybe they did not officially disband, but you can say that they did. Wu Chun has left and the rest of them all are doing their own thing so it really does not matter if they announce it or not. That is how it is with ALL groups for the most part from what I have observed through the years. They start out fresh and do everything together, then as the years pass by, they all venture into their own thing and want to go solo. FRH has been together for years and each have their own areas to explore and they all want do it now…

      About whether they truly get along or are close,honestly only they would know that.. But based on what I have seen, it seems like they are decent friends. however, they have even closer friends outside of their group that knew in school or elsewhere not within their group.

  5. He didn’t help Jiro to deny about plastic surgery and ask press to ask Jiro himself. Jiro really did?

    1. i think it means that he’s implying Jiro did plastic surgery too..

  6. Trying to look like Jiro? Or trying to look like Wada Akiko, judging from that photo above…?

  7. Jiro is not the most handsome but i do think he is still the cutest among the four.

    1. Many thought that Chun was the most handsome, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      1. very true, thats y even if chun is the most handsome, i still find JIRO the cutest and hottest hahhaa

  8. My sister was a huge fan of FRH, but she loves Aaron most. Too bad they can’t be like their seniors S.H.E!

      1. Um, I’m personally a huge fan of S.H.E, why would I insult them?! Even if I’m not a fan, I sure can tell who has talent and who doesn’t, okay?? I did not compare S.H.E to FRH talent-wise. I meant that the 2 groups are from the same music company, but too bad FRH can’t last as long as S.H.E as a group. Does having talent correlate with lasting long? I don’t think so (e.g. Twins).

        Saying that I’m insulting my favourite girl group? That’s like an insult to me!

      2. I think FRH is talented in their own way. I actually many of their songs and albums a lot. I go for talent, not looks like most of those crazy idol worshippers. But hey, talent is just like beauty which is in the eye of the beholder…

  9. After reading this article, I’m glad that FRH moves on. Each member can now do what he really wants to do. Aaron with his ballads, Jiro with his Rock music, Wu Chun with his movies and Calvin with his hosting.

    They might not be as tight as SHE, but, after spending 6 years together, I’m sure there are some real friendship between them. At least, Calvin still attended Wu Chun’s birthday party.

    Calvin has always been the glue in FRH who made an effort to keep everyone together. I wonder if he will be sad that FRH disbanded. I also wonder if he will release a solo album like Jiro and Aaron.

    As for Aaron looking like Jiro, I don’t think so. Aaron and Jiro might look more plastiky than before, but, they don’t resemble each other.

    I used to think Aaron is the best-looking in FRH (yes, even better looking than Wu Chun), but, I don’t like his current look now. The picture above makes him look so manufactured. What happened to this guy?


    1. I agree with you Kidd… But I feel so sad when any bands disband. Being in a band shows togetherness and unity, while going solo just makes a celeb seem more lonely. That’s just what I feel though. I think Calvin should be the saddest compared to the rest of them since they disbanded. Every group has to disband one day..

      What happened to Aaron and Jiro?? They should have just kept their natural self since they both looked fine before… I guess I am not against some minor enhancements, however, I am guessing they may have done more than that…

      1. I have read report of Calvin having has surgery on the nose and eyes. What do you think?

        Some people will develop double eyelids when they get older. I really hope it’s this case for Calvin. He shouldn’t mess with his eyes. The thing that attracted me to him in the first place was his bright smile and his smiling eyes helps a lot in making the smile looks bright.

      2. Really? When was that?? I have never heard of Calvin having any work,but it is a possibility that he may have. However, it was probably something very minor if he did get something done. I just saw him in the series “When love Walked in” and he looked the same for the most part so I am not sure if he did anything or anything major. His eyes and all look about the same, but he does a lot older. I am rewatching Romantic Princess and he looked so young in there and his features look about the same to me.

        Yea, who can resist his killer smile?? I think that his smile is what stands out the most on his face…

      3. @ HTS

        Yeah, I also think he didn’t change much when comparing his old pictures and current picture. Glad that you confirm it. I guess the press scrutinize too much?

        How do you find “When love Walked in” ? I’m interested to watch for Calvin, but, the plot sounds very typical idol drama romance plot and zzzzzz.

      4. @Kidd,
        Thanks for the links and news. I have not looked at them yet but will after I am done typing this message. I saw “When love walked in” on the online site which has a lot of Taiwanese and some Chinese drama too. I think the address is sugoideas.com. You can go there and see that series and many other new and some older dramas too. Some have english sub if you need it too. I am now watching Romantic Princess on that site too. It has many other series too so you really should check it out. Actually, When Love walked in is not that idol like. It is more serious than the typical idol dramas. It sort of reminded me of Romantic Princess, but is a lot more serious. However, it is a bit draggy that I almost gave up half way but finally finished it till the end since I was curious about the ending.

        Calvin looks about the same to me, but of course more mature now… I think the press is over scrutinizing way too much… You can watch the series and then tell me what you think. Aaron and Jiro changed but Calvin and Chun are about the same to me. I think Aaron looks the most different while Jiro also does not look that much different to me.

        Thanks for the link and let me look at them now.

      5. @Kidd,
        I just saw the photos and honestly, he looks the same to me… I think maybe one photo, has more make up on or it is more airbrushed than the other photo. However, his overally features look pretty much the same to me. I can be wrong, but that’s what I feel and think.. I feel that Calvin already has nice features and does not need to fix anything at all. He looks great the way he is…

      6. @ HTS

        Thanks for the address. I’ll check it out when I’m home. 🙂

      7. @Kidd,
        You are welcome and yes, please check that site out it. It has a great number of series new and old. I just saw some and enjoyed them very much..

  10. Apparently, a lot of Korean celebrities, male and female, strikes this pose 😀

  11. That’s a bad nose job Ive ever seen..

    Bad taste Aaron, you can afford better one.

    1. I don’t think he got a full nose job, maybe an enhancement of some sort??? Sort of like Tavia and we all know how hers turned out…

      1. He used to looking Okay and handsome when Farenheit firt debut but he really looks so artificial now.

        the nose bridge and mouth..

        sorry to say this, he really looks like a transvetite

      2. I agree and liked his natural self better. His current looks look very fake and artificial…

      3. I saw Jiro and I went, why? WHY?! Plastic! And now this one too? Why? What’s wrong with original face or is looking plastic the new manly look?

      4. Jiro looks plastic now. Not sure if surgery or botox. I think he wants to keep looking young forever but it makes him look plastic and unnatural. He should just let aging takes natural process. I think his fans will still like him even if he ages.

  12. Just watch the MV. Singing is pretty good. He has a mature voice.

    1. Yea, I think his singing is very good too. I wish that he kept his natural looks because he looked better than he does now…

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