Big Stars to Be Absent at Jade Solid Gold Music Awards

Even though TVB and the Hong Kong Recording Industry Alliance (HKRIA) finally resolved their differences in 2013, their long-term royalty dispute will continue to affect the outcome of the 2013 Jade Solid Gold Music Awards, which is set to take place on Sunday, January 19.

When the HKRIA demanded an increase to TVB’s royalty tax in late 2009, the TV station responded by banning all of the Alliance’s singers from their programming. As a result, the once-prestigious Jade Solid Gold Music Awards could only reap its winners from artists belonging to record labels in good standing, namely EEG and Stars Shine International, which has recently transformed itself into TVB’s own record label Stars Dream.

Since many of Hong Kong’s top musicians are signed with the Alliance, this move generated major public outcry and caused record low ratings for the JSG program. TVB was reportedly in discussions to phase out the show and even suggested that they will cancel the annual awards.

In early 2013, both TVB and HKRIA surprisingly agreed to what is dubbed a “basket contract” to settle the controversy, allowing Alliance artists to return to the small screen in exchange for a six-figure royalty payment. However, in order to obtain eligibility to compete in the JSG Awards, artists must sign an additional JSG competition contract. Because of this clause, this year’s awards will likely remain EEG and TVB’s playground. Top artist Eason Chan (陳奕迅) already confirmed that he will not be attending the show, and Kay Tse (謝安琪), who had declined to follow Stars Shine into TVB, will likely lose the Most Popular Female Artist title to EEG’s top sister Joey Yung (容祖兒).

Although Leo Ku (古巨基) has been the winner of the Most Popular Male Singer Award during the controversy, fellow label-mate Raymond Lam (林峯) snagged the title last year. With a large fan base, Raymond has a good chance to continue his reign this year, as the awards are based on popular votes. However, his hesitation about renewing his TVB contract coupled by his alleged rebellious attitude could be detrimental to his relationship with the station. Raymond’s attendance at the JSG awards show is uncertain as well. Some suggested that TVB is pinning their hopes instead on popular The Voice <超級巨聲> contestant and Stars Dream artist Alfred Hui (許廷鏗).

While many top singers will again be absent, there is still hope that TVB will invite other heavyweights to rejuvenate the event. Chilam Cheung (張智霖), who recently won recognition for his cover of Eason’s popular Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄> theme song, has expressed interest in attending. “I will attend any award ceremony if my schedule allows, though I do not know if TVB will invite me.”

Sources: Ming Pao; Ming Pao

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  1. i do hope that raymond will attend… i hope raymond and joey win the popular male/female artist

  2. No one cares who wins, we know award ceremony no longer has its true meaning

  3. In a recent video interview, Raymond Lam clarifies his status with TVB, whether or not he would go to the awards, etc. (:

  4. Me too I thought that raymond lam & joey
    Will attend and get the most popular male/female
    Artist^_^everyone doesn’t even have to always have to care that is going to win but at least they can get noimated into the votes^_^

  5. Jsg award are equivalent to USA s people choice award ,MTV award and billboard award

  6. LF did not confirm whether he will attend or not….so all LF HK fans…please continue vote for him….thanks

    1. 至於無铫高層余詠珊透過電話訪問表示:「我不知道,仍未聽聞他不出席。我個人當然希望所有角逐的單位都出席,這是體育精神,加上今次全民投票,成績表由觀眾派發,不輪到公司或者我們去控制賽果。」她透露投票活動直至頒獎禮當晚才結束,暫未知會否公開票數,要留待公司跟會計師去商討。

    1. 大家投左票未? 2013年度勁歌金曲頒獎典禮, 今次採用全民投票形式,快o的下載tvbfun, [給力][給力]的投票!入選歌曲 No.24 #同林#No.25 #Nice#; 最受歡迎電視劇歌曲獎 No.7 #On My Way#截止時間為2014年1月19日下午六時;最受歡迎男歌星 No.6 #林峯#截止時間為2014年1月19日晚上十時。

      look like it it TVB Fun at…thx

  7. Looking at the nominations, there’s not that many people to choose from. I would be shocked if Joey and Raymond do not win. I don’t follow Cantopop so I may be wrong on how popular the other nominees are. There are literally no nominees besides Joey and Raymond who have won top prizes, either at JSG or the other music award shows.

  8. so many great artists cannot participate in this awards ceremony such as Eason Chan, Pakho and Shiga…. It’s not a surprise that Raymond and Joey won…

  9. what a stupid jsg award as always! most of hk good singers not participating and making it a shoo in for tvb and eeg award and making it rigged for raymond and joey! zero credibility whatsoever. why don’t just give the award to alfred hui at least he’s better! and so fishy because alfred got the most noise and feedback to win actually!

    1. Agreed, JSG award has degraded and is no longer credible since 2013.

    2. For some awards, I didn’t feel that it was rigged. Some artistes deserved to win! It would be nice if we saw a different face for the most popular awards but I think they won it for diff. reasons.

      And I think Joey Yung would have won because she sang at her concerts despite that she wasn’t feeling well… Probably generated a lot of “compassion points” from fans who attended the concerts and recognition within the hk music industry as well. Not a lot of artistes would actually go ahead and perform for their fans. There are some artistes who will cancel their concerts one day before, or on the day of the concerts due to pathetic reasons, or completely cancel their concerts..

      As for Raymond Lam, I think he won because of the songs he did during this year. Although nice and his other song wasn’t my favourite.. I think On My Way and the Purple Hairpin songs definitely helped him during this year. It could also be Raymond Lam’s last year of getting this award since Tang Chi Wai left TVB.. @.@

      As for Alfred, I am happy that he won two awards at JSG! Those two songs are two of my favourite songs. And I forgot where I read it, but Alfred said that he didn’t want to get that award because he wasn’t at Raymond Lam’s level and he felt that he is still pretty new in the music industry. Alfred probably was the runner-up since Raymond Lam only gained 36, 412 votes out of 122,696 and that Alfred and Raymond were the top two most voted singers.

      1. Oh, and for the some artistes deserved to win, I am talking about J. Arie, Joyce Cheng, Hubert Wu, GEM.

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