C AllStar to Hold Concert at Hong Kong Coliseum

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Vocal group C AllStar will be taking their talents to the Hong Kong Coliseum this year. The four-member a cappella group is scheduled to perform at the famed concert venue for the very first time on March 23. To increase interaction with their fans, C AllStar will accept live requests to perform songs from other artists in addition to their own repertoir. The group has also secured a team of veteran concert producers to ensure a smooth and memorable experience.

Making its debut only four years ago, C AllStar quickly marked its place in Hong Kong’s music industry with its perfect harmonies and meaningful lyrics. The group’s first single, iSing, wowed listeners with its multi-layered vocals and paved the way to C AllStar’s eventual success. Their most well-known piece, “Sky Ladder <天梯>, became a major hit both online and on the charts. Recounting a real-life story about unconditional and undying love, the song’s popularity generated enough interest to spawn a TVB drama and brought the group major awards even two years after its initial release.

Proficient in an eclectic mix of musical styles, the group successfully transforms Cantonese pop into a new art form. Wanting to save Hong Kong’s music industry from its ongoing decline, C AllStar is determined to find the right formula. The group’s effort resulted in experimental album Cantopopsibility. Released in October of 2013, the record was designed to invoke the same nostalgia in different people via a varied mix of musical genres.

Achieving success with their latest effort, C AllStar hopes to bring their message to a wider audience with their Our Woodstock Concert 2014 <我們的胡士托演唱會2014> performance. Respected more for their talent, the four members feel that their perseverance and dedication are what make them truly stand out. Andy Leung (梁釗峰) compared their work ethic to frying eggs. “If our specialty is to make scrambled eggs, then scrambled eggs is all that we will make. Instead of unnecessarily adding tomatoes into the dish, we will research ways to make our scrambled eggs even better. This way, others will learn to admire your focus and professionalism.”

Kenny Chan (陳健安) added that the group’s Cinderella-like rise gave hope to its fans. “Everyone saw that we were able to make our dreams come true despite coming from very modest families. This is a shot of encouragement for many average Hong Kong locals.”

Source: Ming Pao

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C AllStar to Hold Concert at Hong Kong Coliseum

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    1. laputasam says:

      Glad that they get their own concert in HK Colesium. Totally deserve it. One of the few good talents in a dying Hong Kong music industry

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      • C All Star replied:

        Agree, they are a very talented and well-grounded band. I find the idea of accepting lie requests a creative and connected idea. Very interesting and clever.

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