Eason Chan Will Not Be Retiring

It was rumored that Hong Kong popular singer Eason Chan (陳奕迅) will be retiring in two years time, causing a widespread of alarm and worry among fans. Eason’s manager Katie Chan (陳家瑛) denied the speculations, stating that Eason is only taking a break to recharge his energy.

Early speculations began when it was revealed that Eason’s contract with Universal Music would end in 2016. In recent years, many noticed that Eason’s workload has steadily increased and leaving him work-weary. Last year, Eason claimed he was bipolar and exhibited odd behavior during a concert. He took a vacation in England afterwards with wife Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈)to relax and balance his emotions.

During an earlier show, the 40-year-old singer hinted that he no longer wants to work in the music industry, “I still have two albums left before my contract expires. I really want to rest after I’m done and I don’t want to release another album. Actually, it should be that I don’t want to work anymore.” Eason’s statement immediately lead to speculations that he may retire from the industry.

Although Eason will not be retiring any time soon, Katie disclosed that for the time being, Eason will be slowing down with his music releases and performances. However, he would finish up his current projects as scheduled. After his contract expires in 2016, Eason hopes to venture out and explore different artistic elements instead.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Who cares? He is overrated.latest album only sold 900 albums. Dont think his products is on demand.please leave the industry,u wont be missed

      1. Only 900 copies sold? Really?

        Even William Hung had done better than that. LOL

        This dude must have spent too much time with his hair curlers.

      2. ‘he so overrated omg u guyz look at me i’m such a hipster’

        overrated my ass i don’t see ur name on the China Forbes richest list. haterz gonna hate

      3. Chill your ass,chill.if you are his diehard , you should knew him better how anoying is him

  1. Darn it……..I was hoping this guy would retire and disappear from the industry completely.

  2. Eason needs a break, his health is taking a beating…look ar his face as compared to his younger days, he is either getting fat or at the onset of diabetes similar to Alex Man (Mahn Ji Leung), te 80s-90’s star.

    1. agreed! can’t deny his talent, but really don’t like him

    2. agree, don’t like his attitude and don’t listen to his songs

    3. Agree too. Talented jerk. Don’t need those in the media. Bad influence.

  3. eason can sing
    eason can act
    eason has bling,
    fame, it’s a fact

    AAAND cut to: Bitter losers leaving hateful nasty comments about someone they don’t know in 3,2…

  4. Anita Mui praised him for his vocal talent before she died. I hope he will not disappoint her.

  5. I really do enjoy his music!! But is time for someone to take his place. I’m hoping Fred Cheng can!! Only time will tell!

  6. Sometimes it’s not only about his singing talent. Ones attitude and character are equally important. Dont tell me he’s the best of the best.

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