Fred Cheng, Alfred Hui, and Jinny Ng Share Goals for New Year

TVB’s new record label, The Voice Entertainment, produced award-winning artistes at the year-end music awards. Three of the label’s artistes – Alfred Hui (許廷鏗), Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘), and Jinny Ng (吳若希) – won a total of more than 50 music awards, including the coveted Gold Song Gold Award (Song of the Year) for Jinny Ng. Though acknowledging the success they achieved last year, the three young stars also said they still have much to improve. Their goal for 2015 is to continue to work hard to reach new heights.

Without a doubt, Fred Cheng was the rookie king of 2014. His debut album The Story of a Panda was certified gold by the IFPI, and he also successfully held his first solo concert. Fulfilling his long-time dreams last year, Fred is extremely grateful to know that he has many supporters. Fred will work hard to repay his fans, aiming to make strides in his music and acting careers.

Alfred Hui, 2011’s rookie king, slowed down his work output in 2014. Reflecting on the direction of his music career, Alfred hopes he would be able to add in his own elements and style in his new music. He also wants to collaborate with more music producers.

Source: Ming Pao 

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  1. The Voice Entertainment one thing that make tvb look positive. who ever let tvb made a music label was a idiot.

  2. tvb should stay out of the music industry…they cant even make good tv shows…and now they wanna get into the movie industry too

  3. look at all those prizes,the new supertrio of this era,fred chen,alfred hui and jinny ng. they do remind me of leslie cheung,alan tam and anita mui.


  4. Tbh…..these trio have great voices in for younger generation including Joyce Cheng other then them the rest is garbage

  5. 3 singers with more than 50 awards in a year ? This just shows how weak the music industry in HK now.

  6. Wow!!! Over 50 awards!!!!! That’s incredible!!! 😮 but very happy to these wonderful singers that achieved a lot last year in 2014 especially Fred cheng held his very first solo Concert!!!! ;))) hope that they will work even harder and produce even more music!!!

  7. Do they give an award for breathing?

    50 awards. Crazy. That is why none is prestigious. If a little stingy with awards, then it becomes something prestigious.

  8. ah hahahaha, look at all those cheap plastic trophies! 50 awards! Must be really cheap!

  9. Jinny Ng should sing Hokkien songs. what for sing in Cantonese? She should remember her roots. She Malaysian Penang kaki mah? Why pretend be HK girl? Malaysia not want her is it?

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