Jay Chou Releases “What Kind of Man” MV Starring Ariel Lin

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Jay Chou (周杰倫) released his newest music video for the pop ballad “What Kind of Man” <算什麼男人>, the second single off his upcoming album Aiyo, Not Bad <哎呦,不錯哦>. Parts of the music video were filmed in Verona, Italy, which is famous for being the setting of the Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet.

The video opens with Jay and Ariel Lin (林依晨) working as baristas at a coffee shop in Italy. Jay and Ariel are a couple, but when Ariel packs her bags to leave for Taipei, Jay does not attempt to hold her back. Ariel meets another boyfriend Darren, starting a new life.

The video project is Jay and Ariel’s third collaboration together. Ariel is already quite familiar with Jay’s style and praised his work ethic. She said, “He likes to try everything, but once he decides on something, he will give it his all. I consider him to be someone who is very ambitious and capable.”

Jay praised Ariel’s acting and her natural performance in the video. “Her crying scenes were very touching. Ariel is an amazing talent! No wonder she is the Film Queen!”

The lyrics to the song “What Kind of Man”, which is written by Jay himself, is about losing someone you take for granted. Asked if the song is meant to be an inspirational song for men, Jay said, “Many men are afraid to chase for their own happiness. Maybe they are too calm in the heart. This song is for everyone to courageously chase after love! Everyone has experienced a memorable first love or past, and you have to cherish that.”

Jay’s thirteenth full-length album, Aiyo, Not Bad, will be released on December 26, 2014.

“What Kind of Man” MV

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  1. san says:

    .. wow i never found ariel lin attractive , but nowadays exspecially in this mv, i fall in love with her. …

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  2. ... says:

    I quite like this song and MV compared to the other two he released. (: ariel is cute as always!

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