Twins’ Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi Release New Singles

Hong Kong’s favorite idol group is coming back with new music after their one year hiatus, but this time, they are not coming back as Twins, but as solo artists.

In early April, Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) and Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) released their new singles separately – Gillian’s first Mandarin single, “Inertia Hibernation” <慣性冬眠> was released on April 9, while Charlene’s comeback Cantonese single, “Mistake” <錯過> was released on April 11. Both singles will be the first promotional plugs for their upcoming studio albums, which will be released next month.

With intentions to tackle the mainland Chinese market, Gillian’s “Inertia Hibernation,” a slow love ballad, is produced by Singaporean record producer Taz Tan (陈台证). The tragic romantic piece, composed by Wu Jie (吴节) and with lyrics helmed by Wu Xiangfei (吴向飞), tells the story of a girl who is attempting to recover from a broken relationship. Like permanent cracks in a mirror, one can never truly heal from a lost relationship.

Charlene’s “Mistake,” on the other hand, is autobiographical in nature and marks Charlene’s first collaboration with Hong Kong record producing group The Island. The single is written by Terry Chui (徐浩) with lyrics by The Island’s C Kwan (C君). “Mistake” is sincere and lightening. Charlene ends the song with a hopeful message – mistakes give experiences, and experience leads to accomplishments.

Gillian’s “Inertia Hibernation”- Audio Only

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Charlene’s “Mistake”- Audio Only

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  1. its sad how they are a big part of HK’s current music industry.

    1. I disagree with you. Compared to the newer singers in HK, Twins are pretty good singers in my opinion. 🙂

      I really like Charlene Choi’s songs!

    2. I know right? hahaha They can’t really sing and yet they are BIG in HK…sigh…OMG…

    3. i agree with you. they are bad at singing, just cute WHEN they were YOUNG. just puppets for making money off of teen fans. Lying to conceal their promiscuity.

      1. poor Gillian – she never did anything other than to be unbelievably duped by Edison, right? I still wonder if that whole thing was photoshopped and a total fake to make HK kids look as bad as more licentious neighbors.

    4. I think they are good. I been listening to them since I was small. I remember singing along to their song.

      1. But compared to last time, two of them really improved a lot. It doesnt matter if they are good in singing a not. Its da matter whether they received a good songs and good lyrics.

  2. why does charlene choi looks like she had her face done?

      1. Sa is 100% natural. If not, why is she in the diving show in Mainland? One of the requirement for all contestant was that they should be 100% natural without plastic surgery because the pressure of hitting the water from the high dive is too much. Twins both signed up but after all the testings, Gil didn’t qualify for the show. Sa had gotten prettier with aging and losing all her baby fat from her face.

      2. Gil didn’t qualify because she had heart problems not due to plastic surgery.

      3. talentless twins.

        i’d like to see tavia and angelababy doing the diving show then 🙂

      4. Not sure if she is 100% natural. Also,is using make up still considered to be 100% natural???

      5. Hmmm, if using make up makes a person unnatural then I guess there isn’t any natural actors/actresses in this world. Twins has never been out of the public eyes for more than a week (except for Gil’s break during the photogate) so where do they ever find the time to get surgeries? Considering their popularity, if they weren’t natural, the HK media would had keep bring up the topic.

  3. They’re not that bad actually. Studio/recording music is still passable for them. As long as they stay away from live singing.

    1. They can do miracles in a studio nowadays. Sing one line at a time, and use a computer to clean up. Anyone can be a decent studio singer nowadays, given enough money.

      1. Thus, that is why I said stay away from live singing.

    2. But sadly you cannot be considered a good singer if you cannot sing well live.

    3. But I dont think people in HK boast about them being good singers? Well I dont live in HK, correct me if I am wrong.

      They remind me of korean idol groups. Majority of the kpop members cant sing with an exception of ONE maybe TWO in big groups who can sing live. Everyone praise them for different things like looks, acting and such instead of singing. Lol.

      1. That’s not what I heard about the Korean idols. I heard that they actually have a lot of talent and are trained a lot before they even enter the field. Therefore, they are generally a lot more talented than any groups from HK or Taiwan.

  4. Even til now I’m thinking how they got so big? Back then, I thought its the layers of packaging to cover up for the singing. Makes me miss good singers like Faye, why isn’t she singing canto now?

  5. They are awful singers but yet they are so successful cause they pretend to be all cute and innocent.

    It’s annoying when they receive an award and they will say “eh…” in every sentence.

    Also, Charlene’s acting is way over exaggerated. Don’t understand why they still so popular.

    1. Same thinking. Joey and charlene says “eh” a lot too. With Joey winning countless awards, does that make her the best that cantopop can offer?

  6. Surgery? I think they both look the same. What many may have forgotten is they both started very young and so what you see now is the face of a mature woman. People do age you know and no one in their late 20s or 30s look like their teenager self. Unless they pray to the devil.

  7. They are big because they grew up with many people. I was their fan when I was 10 to maybe 17. I admit they don’t have the best voices but they have improved. Gillian used to sing better. The scandal has affected Gillian’s stage presence and confidence. All you people saying you don’t know why they got famous. Think about how people grew up with tvb and even though it sucks now, some still try to watch it. We grew up with twins so when we hear their songs, we think back to our childhood.

  8. I agree with you lorena. I am a twins fans too when I was 12. (I think) I always say they are the best like they aren’t know and always, no matter what or where is happen. Twins or gill or charlene as group or solo they are amazing. Support them 4ever.

  9. So until now I am 22 still twins fans. No matter if they are change old or I am 80 I support twins Gillian and charlene always. Thanks

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