Wallace Huo’s Theme Song for “Swordman” Released

Wallace Huo’s (霍建华) highly anticipated drama, Swordman <笑傲江湖>, will be airing on Hunan TV on February 5, 2013.

Swordman is Yu Zheng’s (于正) first foray into the wuxia genre, a departure from his trademark “scheming palace ladies” genre. Yu Zheng maintains that Swordman is the most loyal adaptation of Jing Yong’s wuxia novel to-date, while delving into the romantic details more deeply.

Linghu Chong (Wallace Huo) will be  engaged in amorous relationships with Yue Lingshan (Yang Rong 杨蓉), Ren Yingying (Yuan Shanshan 袁姗姗) and even Dongfang Bubai (Joe Chen 陈乔恩). Expelled from the Mount Ha Sect, Linghu Chong is soon caught in the power struggles between the different sects of wulin. In his journeys, Linghu Chong learns to mend his broken heart and find love once again.

Swordman boasts a mystical setting and special effects galore to create a fantastical wuxia world. Released footage revealed luscious landscapes where the Mount Ha Sect resided, battles in bamboo forests, and digitally enhanced martial arts sequences.

With the broadcast date only one month away, Wallace Huo’s opening theme song for Swordman, “Free and Unfettered” <逍遥> was released online today. Demonstrating his earlier singing background, Wallace’s voice is crisp in delivering the lyrics that were penned by Yu Zheng.

Watch “Swordman” Music Video

[vsw id=”QHx98z8FPK4″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


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  1. Funn,
    I had you in mind when I was I was writing this. While the effects seem over-the-top, Wallace seems to suit the role perfectly. The mystical mountain scenery also looks great.

    I’ll try to catch glimpses of this drama when it airs.

    1. Thanks!! Was looking for the song. Wallace can sing but just say his acting s better than his singing. Anyway I can’t imagine how this can be the most loyal adaptation when I read the character of DFBB is the way it is. And I still don’t like Yuan Shan Shan or any of the actresses in here actually except for a few unmentioned ones.

      1. Just listened to the song. Ok lar… I am sure I will like it after 100th time listening to it.

        Video is official? Like the painting background but like the 1st trailer (god awful one) that was released, way too much effects.

      2. I like the song by Wallace and feel that his singing is good too. However, I agree that his acting is better than his singing but his singing is pretty for an actor.

      3. Yang Lian Ting looking so camp is also wrong. The guy’s supposed to be a manly man.

      4. In addition to YSS, it’s also (of course) a Yu Zheng production so I pity the Wallace Huo fans in advance.

      5. Plus point: he shines because everything else is god awful. Or he succumbs to YZ’s godwfulness disease.

    2. Jayne,
      Many series have over the top effects these days, not just series from China but Hk as well… It is ok to use them as well as they are not overused. Did you ever see HSDS 2003 starring Alec Su and Alyssa Jia?? Boy,the CGI effects in there were soooo bad and sooo overused that it was really ridiculous..

      1. i also dont like over the top effects,it just make them like cartoons like dragonballz.
        i think real kung fu scenes are more difficult to make nowadays, because actors/actress today are not so familiar with real kung fu as used to be. i think the best wuxia’s serie is real kung fu combine with not to much cgi effects

  2. Whoa, didn’t know they were remaking 笑傲江湖. My favorite version was the 1996 Jackie Lui’s version. Curious to see how he will act out Ling Hu Chong.

    1. Same here, Jackie Lui’s version is a classic! Sad that TVB aren’t producing Jin Yong’s wuxia stories anymore. It doesn’t even have to be TVB, but I just really miss watching Cantonese/Hong Kong versions of the wuxia series. Right now, only Mainland China are filming them 🙁

      1. Apparently Jackie Lui’s version is the most faithful one. Jin Yong approved this new adaptation and the way I see it maybe as he gets older he gets a bit muddled up there because this version can’t be any better than the stories TVB modified.

      2. I thought Jackie’s version was pretty good and heard it was the most faithful adaption. Actually, a number of TVBs older adaptions were faithful to an extent depending on which one.But then JY revised his novels for the 3rd time and made some changes so I guess he allows all of these new adaptions so that they can include these new changes.

        I saw the 2001 version with Li Ya Peng and Xu Jing and did not like it at all. However, I don’t have high hopes for this one. What is the deal with Ling Hu Chong being in a relationship with Dong Fang Bu Bai?? They call that being accurate to the novel??? What the heck??

      3. agree,jackie lui’s version is the best adaption.the fight scenes are also decent no over the top cgi in that time.

      4. Yes, it is. I actually read the series, and Jackie Lui’s version mostly retells the story as it is in the novel. It also helps that the casting was top notch – Jackie Lui was perfect for the carefree and loyal Ling Hu Chong, and I also loved Ying Ying’s character there the most out of all the adaptations.

        @HeTieShou – I have the same question as well. I like Wallace Huo in ancient dramas, but I’m a sticker for adaptations being faithful to the original novels and this romance line already makes me go WTF?!?!

      5. Cara, I suppose the best approach to watch this adaptation is to ignore it is an adaptation. Just go with the flow. And even then I am sure we will all go WTF because seriously, adaptation or no adaptation, I am just a bit apprehensive about a young DFBB and Yuan Shan Shan.

      6. @Cara,
        I agree that I like adaptions to be accurate, especially if the original story is good. However, I don’t expect any adaption to be 100% accurate because there are things that are ok when written in text but cannot be transferred to the screen.Therefore, I don’t mind some changes as long as they aren’t ridiculous. In this case, having LHC falling in love with DFBB is way too much and is a ridiculous change… Also, in other adaptions, DFBB was played by a man… I wonder if they would have made that change if DFBB was played by a guy. Oh gosh, if that were the case, people would think that LHC is gay… Oh goodness…

      7. I agree. 1996’s version with Jackie Lui was the most faithful and most entertaining to watch til this day. I didn’t enjoy the 2001 or 1984 so much. Jackie Lui and Fiona Leung were perfect! The 笑傲江湖 song in that version was also the best. DFBB was actually a hideous male that dressed like a lady. I don’t get what’s up with other series casting DFBB as a female, not even Bridgit Lin in the Swordsman 2 could make it better. Btw, TVB stopped producing stuff based on Jin Yong’s novels because he banned them to after they produced HSDS 2000.

    2. Yeah, I heard that JY banned TVB. Wonder if he’ll ever un-ban them?? I want to watch some new JY wuxia series…Cantonese version.

  3. I saw He Mei Tian in the MV. Who is she playing in this version? She was in Jackie Lui’s version as the little nun Yi Lin.

    1. I have no idea who she is and did some checking, I don’t see her name in the cast list.

    2. I know who you’re talking about. I don’t recognize her in the MV though. Maybe just a lookalike?

    3. I thought He Mei Tian has retired… I did not see her. I think that girl may just look like her but isn’t her. She has not acted for many years. Heard that she got injured and stopped acting.

  4. Chen Qiao En is so pretty here, but I still wish Dong Fang Bubai us played by a guy.

    1. But if payed by a guy, can you watch Wallace kissing him? Because there is a kissing scene from the trailer, albeit a peck on the lips or whatever. Yu Zheng is never known as being faithful nor original. I just hope it is at least decent but knowing several of the cast, I am sorry I will probably hate it. However Yuzheng has his fans so many will probably go wow!

  5. White Tofu has such a nice voice.

    If I was gonna watch this, the only reason would be Wallace, Joe Chen and Han Dong, everything else makes it not worthy, especially the director.

    1. You should always watch a series for much more than just the cast. It is so meaningless to watch only for a few cast members or just the cast in general.

  6. Omg! I love this series, cant wait too see wallace huo, been waiting for him to star in more wuxia swords series since Yi Dao, i can’t wait to see what the director has for us again for this famous plot,

    I love Yu Zheng,

  7. LOL…DFBB appears to be the “female” lead. From the BTS pictures, and even in the MV he/she was second to be credited.

    By the way, you guys do know that Joe Chen and Wallace used to date right?

    1. Yes I do know.

      I have a feeling DFBB is used as a promotion, since that character is most interesting in the movie adaptation. My feeling is this series follows the Bridgitte Lin version.

    2. yes, we all know that they used to date… But that was a very long time ago.

      If DFBB is the lead, then this adaption will be pathetic and will not be accurate at all. But here they are saying that it will be… Goodness, how sad…

  8. Most of the complaints I have all of you have already mention, I am probably just going to watch this one for Wallace, Jia Rong anyways.

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