2012 Mr. Asia Holds Mainland China Auditions

The 2012 Mr. Asia competition held its mainland China auditions in Shenzhen on October 9. Eager to find the best qualified men for Mr. Asia, ATV had already held its audition rounds in Hong Kong two weeks ago, which produced a mixed quality of men.

Among the 20 candidates, the most muscular one is 29-year-old model, Lee Si Tung (李思桐), whose physique resembled a bodybuilder. When Lee Si Tung raised his arms to show off his biceps, there was no hair in his underarms.

The majority of the candidates came unprepared when it was time to demonstrate their talents. Applicant #7, 23-year-old Zu Lu Ha (祖魯哈) demonstrated a hip-shaking dance that also jiggled his bottom. Posing with his fingers on his lips, he flirted with the press and exerted a strong “gay” vibe. It was discovered that he posted topless online photos of himself in underwear bottoms, demonstrating a strong sense of self-love.

The oldest candidate, 46-year-old, Chiu Fong Wah (趙芳華), appeared with love handles and demonstrated an awkward dance where he seemed uncertain of his next moves. Chiu is already married and has a 22-year-0ld daughter. Yet, like the diversified candidates, Chiu is not ready to let go of his celebrity dreams.

Sources: On.cc, On.cc, On.cc, ATV.com

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  1. eww the guy in the main photo is so gross! His face is obviously a lighter shade than his fake-tanned body and his head is unproportional to the rest of his body. ICK!

    1. totally agree….looks like steriods took over! Or maybe he actually has some kind of body suit on…the pic is weird….Totally weirdo looking.

      And whats w/that chubby looking guys in the middle in one of the other pics. 🙂

    2. It even looks like someone photoshopped a head on top of another man’s body…

    3. he needs spray tan on his face… or to lay off the foundation.

  2. @Jayne —Mistake: When Lee Si Tung raised her arms —>When Lee Si Tung raised ‘his’ arms

    um, omg! eww with the body builder photos omg eww…too much muscle there man, lose it up a bit

    But, the only photo I like is the first one and then after that it when down hill.

    1st-photo the dark blue is really nice looking, and the foreign guy with light blue is decent =)

    5th photo LMAO, he put his hand on his 😉 and look like he is so modest, that one crack me up ^O^

    1. Erica,
      I made the correction.

      Among this batch, I think I like #3 the most. But even then, he’s not really star quality material. All the guys wear number tags at their waist, so it’s easier to tell who they are.

      The guy wearing the one-shoulder, long-sleeve strap has such an odd get-up. Is this a fashion show or auditions?

      1. Oh, thanks for point the # out. Didn’t even notice the # and it’s funny how my fav # is #3 😉 fate 😉

        Yea, not star quality, and it’s Show audition ^^

  3. Rats…if I was in HK and entered, I think I could have outpointed at least 10 of the 15 contestants in physique and definitely better the 46 year old. I am 57 but still maintain my 6-pack, 8 on a work out day. Definitely, no steroids but a 45-60 min workout every other day to include my cardio. I wonder if TVB would consider giving me an audition…No, I am happy about where I am at in life. Retired from my two occupations and working part-time to keep busy.

    1. Aptos,
      So if we had a Mr. JayneStars contest (choosing the hottest male reader), you would win!

      1. Thank you Jayne for the compliment but some of the bloggers may think I am conceited or have an inferiority complex for putting myself old self on display and be subjected to ridicule as such. I feel content blogging my two cents in every now and then.

  4. I am looking at the photos closely again. What the heck is that guy wearing..the one with the black sleeve and half of a shirt??!

  5. the fourth group picture with the guy in the middle wearing black is the most normal looking. all of these guys are so UGG….omg…some malnutrition, some look like they came out from the village, so look old, some look like a butcher, one looks very feminine, the main guy looks the scariest. body does not match the face. so terrible. they are trying too hard.

    1. well at least in the last picture – there is a plain looking guy with no muscles.

  6. Looking at these pictures make me laugh. [email protected] the last picture where there’s the super buff(and creepy looking) guy in the middle standing beside these two thin guys… one of them had to feel out of place…

  7. LOL the guy in the main photo can not be natural at all, he looks funky! And all the other men looks pretty Humm gay.

  8. Mr. Muscle seems to look like a cardboard cut-out of a muscular male and have your face put through the cut-out just like in the amusement park and take your gag photo. Yes, he is definitely not proportional…too much upper body definition but less defined lower extremity (calves and thighs). Steroids like blogger mentioned…quite possibly for this photo shoot.

  9. The only one who really stood out for me is the Eurasian guy in the baby blue swim trunks.
    Number 15 does look like he may possibly be on riods and not to mention, I’m not really digging that fake tan of his @[email protected]

    I admire their courage for standing up there…

    1. Still here. Everyone is predicting TVB’s demise. No one seems to think ATV will really die first. Atv will reincarnate before TVB will die.

    2. investors keep “saving” the company even though they are millions in debt. when the three new free channels get their licenses next year, i think they will go bust for real. funny how they filed a lawsuit to prevent the channels going on the air, claiming it will affect their viewership, even though they have been getting 0 in ratings often these days anyway.

    3. If they had not, then they should have so audience can be spared of this crap.

    4. It die when ATV announce the death of former Chinese president which was a lied!

  10. Showed these to my wife yesterday. She laughed so hard. Maybe ATV should make it a comedy show this year… much like TVB made Miss HK a reality show.

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