Mr. Asia, Zhu Xiaohui’s Nude Photos and Illegal Status Exposed

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It is clear that the Fat Lady has not sung just yet. After a show that would make Stephen Chow (周星馳) proud, ATV’s Mr. Asia continues to generate even more entertainment afterward due to the scandalous past of winner, Zhu Xiaohui (朱曉輝).

Zhu Xiaohui’s nude photos and illegal immigration status were exposed this week. Rumors that he is Edison Chen’s (陳冠希) father’s gay lover is also gaining traction. Some also question whether Zhu’s beauty was man-made, as he is rumored to have received plastic surgery.

Zhu Xiaohui said he had planned to seek out opportunities in Hong Kong after winning the 2012 Mr. Asia competition. Before Zhu looks forward to any money-making opportunities, he may want to take care of his expired visa first.

Broke Immigration Law

While crossing the border to return to China this week, Zhu was detained by the Immigration Department and cited for illegally overstaying in Hong Kong during the competition.

It turns out Zhu is not the only Mr. Asia contestant that overstayed in Hong Kong. Three other contestants from mainland China, Zhang Chuan Qi (張傳奇), Ivan Bi (畢萬春), and King Zhou (周帥), also have expired visas. The three men have turned themselves in at the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

The agency is now investigating ATV and the four contestants to see if the parties intentionally broke immigration law, or if ATV’s staff planning the Mr. Asia competition was simply incompetent and dropped the ball.

Zhu Xiaohui’s Erotic Photos Surface

While it may be easy for ATV to clean up the mishap in the permits, it will be a lot tougher to deal with the recently surfaced erotic photos of Zhu Xiaohui.

The newly crowned Mr. Asia previously worked as a gym instructor in Beijing, and modeled for the same agency as super model Chiling Lin (林志玲). Last year, he was a participant in mainland dance program, Strictly Come Dancing <舞動奇跡3>. On his Weibo, Zhu had a habit of showing off photos taken with various actresses.

During the question and answer segment of the Mr. Asia contest, Zhu demonstrated the boy-next-door side of him when he spoke about his first and only love. However, a quick Google search reveals that there are more than 4,000 questionable pictures of him on the net.

Some photos reveal Zhu’s sun tanned masculine physique, while many pictures show total nudity and were shared on gay sites. One photo shows him wearing leopard skin briefs spreading in a seductive position, and another shows him cleanly shaven (and no, I don’t mean his face) while covered by a walnut-sized piece of cloth. Some netizens poked fun at Zhu by labeling him as “No big deal”.

Claims Erotic Photos Were “Fitness” Photos

Zhu Xiaohui attempted to justify why he modeled in the erotic photos, “When I was interviewed by the lifestyle magazine then, I didn’t have a manager to warn me. The photo shoot was done in a professional manner. I believe there was no indecency involved at all, and they were intended to show the healthy side of me and the importance of fitness. I am not sure why the unused ones are leaked on the net.”

When asked if his fully nude photos helped in promoting fitness, Zhu dug deeply for an answer, “It’s most likely due to camera angles. I suspect the photographer did it intentionally.”

ATV Makes Amends

ATV is now under fire from the shocking past of Zhu Xiaohui. ATV executive, Yip Ka Po (葉家寶) was asked if the reputation of Mr. Asia is now damaged by the scandal. Yip said that he has not seen any of the pictures, and ATV will need to find out more about the circumstances in which he took the photos. Yip also said it is too early to say whether Zhu will be disqualified from his title, as he did not previously disclose that he had taken erotic photos.

When the reporter tried getting an answer from Zhu’s modeling agency, the spokesperson claimed that Zhu has never taken a photo shoot for gay websites, and asked if the reporters had mistaken Zhu for someone else.

Lovers With Edison Chen’s Father?

It will be a busy week for the 28-year-old Zhu. When not dealing with the Hong Kong Immigration Department, or trying to justify his “fitness” photos, Zhu will have to deal with another scandal that has spread like a wild fire for the past two days.

It was reported a set of photos taken a couple years ago which show Zhu with Chen Zemin (陳澤民), businessman and father of Edison Chen, may indicate that the two are more than friends. Chen Zemin has always been linked to male models and actors, and was rumored to engage in a gay lifestyle for a long time. Now there are photos showing Zhu dining and pouring water for Chen Zemin, who returned the favor by feeding Zhu shrimp chips.

Caught by the reporter, Zhu explained, “Chen Zemin is a friend of the owner of the modeling agency I worked for. I am not sure why he was there that day. I was there for a meeting to discuss some movie related work, and perhaps he was there as the producer. I was simply being polite to him. I have seen him one more time afterwards, but my girlfriend was there too.”

When pressed on whether he knows Chen Zemin has been dating male models, Zhu explained that he did not really care, claiming that his girlfriend and his close friends know the truth.

Plastic Surgery?

It was also rumored that Zhu’s facial features are much more distinct now than several year ago, as his nose and chin look altered. Zhu claimed that he never went through plastic surgery. He said the only thing he did to his face was having his eyebrows trimmed.


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Mr. Asia, Zhu Xiaohui’s Nude Photos and Illegal Status Exposed

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