Poor Quality of Mr. Asia Applicants Ridiculed by Netizens

ATV has held two auditions for its 2012 Mr. Asia competition, eager to search for the hottest Asian male to win the title. Despite meeting with candidates in Hong Kong and mainland China, the quality of the contestants have been disappointing. Netizens criticized that “spare ribs and belly fat” were prevalent, but lacking quality muscle men.

Since there are no maximum age restrictions, the Mr. Asia competition attracted older applicants in their late forties, giving their best attempt to chase fame and celebrity status. Unfortunately, the majority of applicants appeared to be unprepared, both physically and in the talent demonstrations. Shrugging aside their awkward dance acts, several male candidates were obviously out of shape in their swimming briefs, arousing the critical fire of the online community.

Female netizens were especially vocal towards the underwhelming Mr. Asia candidates, complaining there were no impressive men in sight. It was noted that some of the candidates were rough in their speech and had coarse singing skills at the Shenzhen auditions held on October 11.

Following are the critical comments lashing at the poor quality of male applicants in the Mr. Asia contest:

“As a woman, I want to vomit when I saw the candidates. These men are an insult to the male gender. How can they be considered as Mr. Asia?  If a man cannot even attract a woman or gain a good impression,  he is not worthy to be called a man!”

“Blame my own hands for being cheap. I accidentally clicked and came in to see [the photos], making me spit out the meal I just ate.”

“They feel like AV [adult video] male stars! Born in the 70s, seeing these guys, I want to grab a machine gun and chug at them directly!”

“Has the global climate anomalies affected the degradation of the human face? Why is it now such Miss or Mr. Asia contests especially startle people!”

Source: Sina.com

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  1. the comments were so harsh and mean.. it’s disgusting that netizens always post these sick and insulting comments just for the sake of doing so as they never had to take responsibility for what they post on the internet.

  2. The netizens are right even if rather harsh. Even if not harsh sorry to say based on those 3 above, the quality is beyond subpar. But brave of them or desperate of them to enter.

  3. the guy on the right looks decent, the others?… not so much.

  4. What’s up with the outfit on the guy in the right? He look so bad! Actually all of them do!!!

    1. If it’s meant to be a fashion statement, please, someone rip it off him! I suppose it can also work as a cover up of tattoos, scars, etc.

  5. Harsh…

    Judging from the article, there doesn’t seem to be much talent amongst the contestants, but that aside why didn’t ATV just make it a talent contest in the first place? As much as I hate those shows, it would be better than making them flaunt their bodies.

    (Is that guy on the right caught in the wrong decade or something?)

  6. LOL the comments are a bit harsh…I bet the netizen’s are just desperate old women 😛

  7. wow those comments are quite harsh and not very nice. They are for sure not qualify as Mr Asia but those comments is a no no.

  8. Hate the comments. I think Mr. Asia will be more fun to watch because the applicants aren’t perfect.

  9. Their picture really crack me up. Remind me of Full Monty movie. This could be full monty chinese version movie poster. The guy on the left and right look like posing for gay p**n, while the middle ajusshi look plainly awkward covering his …..

  10. Personally, I think those comments made by those women are too harsh. They should know that most of these guys didn’t do any plastic surgery. Unlike Miss Asia which there are many fake things done on their whole faces and bodies. Isn’t that an insult too to the female gender?

  11. If ATV wanted to generate a lot of publicity to get the average HK joe to apply and be selected, they did a good job…however, for the show selecting Mr. HK or Mr. Asia, ratings will be in negative numbers…

  12. the comments are funny but harsh. the contestants aren’t attractive but i wouldn’t call them an insult to men based on their appearances. if atv can’t find enough strong contestants, they should just cancel the show.

  13. Remember that ATV is not in the best financial shape so they are resorting to low cost, inexpensive means to draw in publicity while vying for advertising dollars. Any exposure for ATV and their sponsors means money in their pockets.

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