2013 TVB Anniversary Gala: Kenneth Ma and Kristal Tin Voted as TV King and TV Queen by Colleagues

The 2013 TVB Anniversary Gala concluded with a wave of cheers after Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) were voted as Best Actor and Best Actress by their peers on November 19.

Aside from the dance performances, comedy skits, magic tricks, $10 million HKD in cash and prize drawings, TVB announced last-minute that 400 artists will cast votes to select the winners of the Best Actor, Best Actress, and Most Talented Artist awards. The peer voting was TVB’s attempt to draw excitement and increased viewership for the Gala, as the station suffered a wave of mediocre ratings in recent weeks. The outcome of the Gala votes will not impact the official winners of the TVB Anniversary Awards, which will take place on December 16.

Kristal Tin and Kenneth Ma Shocked by Awards

The finalists for TV Queen were Linda Chung and Kristal Tin. When MC Eric Tsang (曾志偉) announced Linda’s name, Kristal was ready to congratulate Linda for her victory before it was revealed that Kristal had actually won for her performance in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>. Surprised by the results, Kristal immediately burst into tears.

Kenneth Ma and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) were the final contenders for TV King. Kenneth was shocked for several seconds when it was announced that he had beat three-time TV King Wayne in the peer voting. Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) gently nudged Kenneth before he was able to compose himself and thanked the crowd excitedly.

Veteran artist, Helen Law (羅蘭), received the Most Talented Artist award and thanked her colleagues for their support.

Gala Performances

The most entertaining performance was a dance and acrobatic segment featuring Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Raymond Lam (林峯), and Chin Ka Lok (錢嘉樂). Although Raymond entered the hospital for acute appendicitis last week, he still performed at the Gala. Kate was suspended by ropes as she performed splits and turns in mid-air.  Dressed in leather outfits that had a slight BDSM feel, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), Eliza Sam (岑麗香), Carat Cheung (張名雅), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), William Chak (翟威廉), and other artists.

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), and magician Louis Yan (甄澤權) performed in a magic show in which Myolie’s body was cut in half.  Nat Chan (陳百祥) led Koni Lui (呂慧儀), Tracy Ip (葉翠翠), Katy Kung (龔嘉欣), Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒), Lin Xia Wei (林夏薇), and Sammy Sum (沈震軒) performed in a soccer segment.

Alan Tam (譚詠麟) led a group of 30 singers including Kate Tse (謝安琪), G.E.M. (鄧紫棋), Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘), and Mag Lam (林欣彤) in singing Alan’s memorable hits from the 80s and 90s.

Although Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) said earlier that she would be attending the TVB Anniversary Gala, she was unable to make it because she was not feeling well. Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) were also absent because other work commitments.

This year’s TVB Anniversary Gala was held amidst the most negative public backlash in recent years, as Hong Kong residents criticized the declining quality of TVB productions while a promising competitor, HKTV, was rejected of its broadcasting license application by the Hong Kong government. Netizens called viewers to turn off their televisions during the broadcast of the Gala, and some even created online funeral signs to mark “TVB’s death”.  However, TVB managed to put on a festive Anniversary celebration with the attendance of its popular stars to support the event.

2013 TVB Anniversary Gala 3  2013 TVB Anniversary Gala 5  2013 TVB Anniversary Gala 4

Source: On.cc; On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Kenneth wasn’t excitedly thanking the crowd. He was dazed throughout, in complete shock, same as Kristal except Kristal was more emotional. She indeed looked very shocked.

    1. Funn,
      Kenneth Ma is known for his shocked expressions in past awards ceremonies. He must know that among the managed artists, his chances are the highest this year.

      Wonder if TVB will repeat these results at the official Anniversary Awards in December? It’s a bit anti-climatic if the results are the same, which leads to my speculations that Chilam Cheung and Linda Chung may win top honors then.

      1. I don’t think he was pretending. Next to Wayne Lai he must have felt it was a done deal. He did looked genuinely shocked that it was sorta endearing except I feel he shouldn’t win, not next to Wayne. BI don’t think he ever calculated his chances. He seems like the kind who keeps his head down and work and work and seems genuinely shocked at his good fortune. I was hoping it was Wayne and Ruco but I guess Ruco isn’t popular amongst colleagues?

        I think come is it Dec? He may win. Linda may win. Or even Kristal. I feel none of them deserving of TV King and Queen based solely on a single performance.

      2. If Chilam wins, it will be a travesty. I never saw his performance or character as the main one.

      3. By the way Jayne when the names were announced they never said for which series but everyone assumes it was Brother’s Keeper.

      4. Funn,
        I didn’t mean that Kenneth was pretending to act shocked, but I don’t understand why Kenneth doesn’t have greater confidence in himself at these awards that he is well-liked by the audience and given the circumstances this year at TVB, he has the best chances.

      5. Which is why everyone likes him. He is not pretentious and he is endearing. Which is why he deserves this win by his peers, it shows how much he is liked.

      6. Ruco is not popular though. He is just getting recognition NOW, whereas Wayne and MM joined TVB long ago.

      7. funn is totaly right! ma ming fully deserves the tv king award! the colleagues know better!

      8. ma ming so cute innocent with the shocked! he genuinely never thought he’s more liked by colleagues than wayne! great pick by tvb artistes!!

      9. i cant remember in which series Kenneth ma has played this year that deserves more than ruco chan to receive the best actor award.but ok, apparently he has more friends in tvb than ruco chan.

      10. funn is right again. travesty if chilam wins but this is what tvb is going for. chilam doesn’t deserve tv king with that performance, give him favourite role

      11. kolo seems like many malaysian saying ruco will get malaysia tv king instead as consolation. maybe hk too early for him

      12. I loved the comment on Chilam winning being travesty. I personally like the actor but this is definitely not his best performance.

    2. Probably someone spike the drink and make Kenneth look out of place.

      1. Kenneth always like that he ant to act surprised and noticed. And where is Ron Ng????????????????

    3. Jayne where can I watch the 2013 Tvb anniversary gala? And where is Ron Ng in this?

      1. Thank you CLamine and do you know why Ron was not in this event? It didn’t say anything about Ron not wanting go or anything

      2. Idk why it doesn’t work for me maybe cause I live in the usa?

  2. congrats to kenneth & Kristal. Congrats to double K.

    Kristal actually deserves it more than Linda, she definitely outshined her in BK.

    Not even sure why Linda was picked in the first place for her poor performance

    1. Because it is also in part popularity “miss congeniality” award amongst peers and Linda is well liked.

      1. Well I don’t really believe Linda will win TV queen. This is only a hype

      2. if tavia can win last year with a bad performance in silver spoon, so can linda with equally bad performance in brother keeper. feel bad for ruco because linda’s acting and his acting are evidently on different par

      3. Well it seemed like Tavia did not win bcos of her performance in SSSS, but her overall better acting skills in comparison to the rest of tvb’s current fadans, definitely surpasses Linda for sure. Even with her SSSS performance alone, Linda performances strays far behind.

        I hope Krystal can receive BA this year- if Linda wins..LOL, I’d be taking the entire award ceremony as one big joke.

      4. @Clementine

        Can’t agree with you more. You’ve read my mind. Tavia & Kristal both surpass Linda on acting

      5. Yeah, Tavia’s performance in SSSS was good over all, but it was not a breakthrough role for her. Pus On Call 1 was quite popular. So her overall performances were great last year.

        Linda only has 1 drama this year, and her performance is ok, plus she doesn’t hv a lot of scene time which is lost to the second leading actress, Krstal

      6. Linda Chung’s acting didn’t stand out in “Brother’s Keeper”, and she was surely outshone by Kristal Tin. Therefore, Kristal deserved the Best Actress award surely.

    2. agree glad kristal won! linda never deserve to be up there in the first place with her acting.

      1. Well every artist works hard to where they are at, she may not be a favoured candidate to win, but it does not mean she was never deserving to be standing up there imo.

        I’m glad Kristal won 🙂 Her performance in BK was excellent. Hope she gets a chance at the real awards soon.

      2. this is an award for best acting! not who work hard! besides lots of other work hard too so how to justify awarding linda with her bad acting? kristal win fully deserved! the colleague voting really show justice!

      3. Linda Chung’s acting didn’t stand out in “Brother’s Keeper”, and she was surely outshone by Kristal Tin. Therefore, Kristal deserved the Best Actress award surely.

  3. Is the host Grace Chan? Yeah it is. What bad posture. She was an absolute fail.

    1. Although I havent watched the show yet, or seen Grace’s performance, dude-it’s her first time being a host-and being a host isn’t an easy job. You dont just grab a mic, stand there and do say whatever on stage to pass time.

      Failing is not trying- i’m sure even if she did do poorly, as it is her first time, give her a break. She did not fail.

      1. Grace did quite a good job. Quite confident for a first timer..

        I’m glad kenneth and kristal won! So will there be a tv queen and king award at the award show or this is it?

        My favourite acts of the show were the “cousin u are good” cast (esp when cho lam sang) and the louis yeung part!

    2. Grace chan was refreshing to see as a hot and good-looking. She got my attention the most out of all the hosts.

  4. Congrats to Kenneth, Kristal, and the most deserving win of all, Helena Law (Helena’s win is actually the one I’m most ecstatic about)!

    As for the prizes and such…glad to see that TVB is ‘upping the ante’ and giving out so many prizes this year (even if the motivation for doing so is suspect), especially since it gives some of the struggling artists some positive reinforcement. However….the only thing I’m pissed about is Liza Wang once again winning a major prize – honestly, must she win every single year?? It’s not like she needs any of the prize money or prizes – why not give the opportunity to others who may need it more? Argh…until the day I see Liza not win anything at the Anniversary Gala, it’s going to be hard for me to re-establish any respect for that show! To TVB: please STOP ‘rigging’ the anniversary gala so that Liza manages to win something every year! That ‘trick’ is starting to get old!!!

    1. yeh,helena def deserves it,she is an great actress and a lovable personality.

  5. im curious about the ratings,since nat chan said he will kneel to home if the ratings are droped to 2 or 3 points for this show,lol.

    1. I’d love to see that. If I have to name a hk celebrity whom I dislike, he is the one. Can’t stand his ego

  6. Seemed like fun for everybody. Congrads to Kenneth and Kristal, very happy for her especially. Does anyone know where I can watch 2013 TVB Anniversary Gala online? Thanks in advance!:)

  7. Congrats to Kenneth and Kristal! Hope this will give Kristal the much needed buzz to be a true contender for the TV Queen award this year.

    Hope this gets good ratings because the anti-tvb sentiment is getting quite petty and hypocritical.

  8. Kenneth was in shock cos he knows that he doesn’t deserve to win. Do you all really believe that he’s best actor material? Sure he’s a nice guy and all but we should be looking beyond that and give the award to someone who can actually act.

    1. I will say that Linda is not TV queen material. Her performance in Brother’s Keeper is obviously poor. Tavia, Kristal, Kate, Esther and Joey are all better than her. congratulation that Kristal won, that’s what i am talking about who can really act

      1. I agree, kristal’s acting is better than those others you mentioned. She’s a deserving winner.

    2. what’s with your prejudice against ma ming? as funn lim said his expression is because he genuinely never thought he’ll win! especially against wayne the old veteran!

      just accept the result already! it’s voted by the artistes respect their choices! stop being so prejudice just because ma ming win it and not your idol!

      1. you dont disappoint me, i expected you to come at me with guns blazing! MM is not best actor material, his acting is one note and one dimensional. No prejudice, just the truth.

      2. apparently the tvb artistes have spoken tonight and to them ma ming is better than wayne lai. each to their own and your opinion stays with you 😛

      3. @selfiwu, there’s none so blind as those who will not see. And yes, my opinion stays with me 🙂

      4. Add to that MM’s acting especially in THC2 sucks. All he knows how to make is puppy eyes. If he wins BA for that role, it really shows that TVB’s standards have really dropped and the award becomes a joke.

      5. @selfiwu, you seem to be quoting Funn here there and everywhere. Dont you have your own opinion?

    3. @choco-bunny
      LOL !
      I made this comment as well, about his puppy eyes acting and stuff, although he’s not BA material, I still enjoy his series 🙂

      I think this colleagues voting is also a bit biased. No doubts he’s one of the most friendly guys in TVB, so I think lots of his friends/collegues might just vote for him becuase he’s been in this industry for so long..

      please don’t shoot me down if you don’t agree with me it’s just an opinion you know (especially referring to SELFIWU now. HAHA)

      1. haha, high 5! I watch MM’s dramas too but never found him to be a good actor. Return to 3 kingdom was a joke, he was beyond terrible there, always scowling here and there and opening his eyes wide in anger or when he’s disagreeable and then making those puppy eyes at Tavia. Very juvenile level of acting.

      2. In return to the three kingdoms, his character was supposed to be juvenile and like that. And if you don’t like him and his acting then don’t watch it. And selfiwu was using Funn’s quote to indicate that they both share the same opinion. I agree with them too. There’s no need to insult her just because you don’t agree with her.

      3. Totally agree with Natalie.
        Relax… Hopefully next time round the actress / actor you like will win.

      4. @Natalie in case you don’t know the difference, I was talking about the level of acting as juvenile, not that the character was juvenile, there’s a difference, you know?. No need for your advice,I’ve given watching his latest series cos it was so darn boring and his acting was pathetic. Oh haha, I suppose now you’ll tell me that his character is supposed to be pathetic!

      5. @Natalie and selfiwu, btw Funn said she had hoped it was Wayne and Ruco. Haha I have to say I agree with her. Any objection?

    4. Kenneth Ma may be a popular artiste but he ain’t TV King material. What a joke it would be if TVB really awards him with this title next month! His acting is less than desired of a TV King! He’s so stiff and wooden in all of his drama series. Always the same old, same old expression, so far no breakthrough stuffs from him in any of his drama series. Definitely don’t deserve TV King award but Mr Congeniality perhaps.

    5. He was in shock because he doesn’t deserve to win AND because he didn’t know he was that popular with his peers. Though let’s be real here, lot of them were probably pity-voting for him. Who else would they vote for? Wayne who has won thrice? Outsiders like Chilam? Anyway, it just shows that peer voting is just as biased as anything else. If it was truly based on talent, then it should probably be Ruco (unless people dare to vote for outsiders like Francis), but he mustn’t be very popular among his peers.

      1. @advo: I agree with you…and the other thing to keep in mind too is they only had a limited choice, as alot of other artists didn’t show up (they were only allowed to vote for people who attended). I’m sure if the likes of Francis, Chilam, Roger, or even Bobby had attended, the outcome of the voting would have been very different.

        Honestly, the fact that people are putting so much emphasis on this ‘win’ and comparing it to the actual awards is ridiculous. The ‘rules of the game’ are different and the circumstances are different as well.

      2. LOL, I didn’t even know they couldn’t vote for people who didn’t attend. Well, that already says a lot doesn’t it? People like Roger, Bobby, etc, could out-act Kenneth with their eyes closed so Kenneth would have been far unlikely to win if he was competing against them.

      3. @advo: Yup…unfortunately, most people forget that with HK’s award shows (well, the television and radio ones at least), artists who don’t attend usually don’t get considered or awarded – that has been an ‘unwritten’ rule for decades and though some stations have loosened up on this, others haven’t. This is why I feel that trying to justify whether certain recipients ‘fairly’ or ‘deservingly’ received an award or not is sort of a ridiculous argument in the first place because the playing field is not even to begin with – if an artist gets an award, does that prove that they are truly ‘the best’ in the field or just ‘the best’ out of those who bothered to show up to the awards show? Majority of the time, it’s the latter, which is why most of the HK award shows have little credibility in my book.

        Sure, with the anniversary gala, it wasn’t an ‘awards show’ and the results have no bearing on the actual ceremony next month, but still, the same concept applies in terms of understanding ‘the rules of the game’. Congrats to Kenneth and Kristal for ‘winning’, but whether all their colleagues truly felt that they ‘deserved’ it or not is not even worth arguing over in my opinion, since who knows how the voting would have gone if the rules were different? To say that ‘all their colleagues voted for them so that means even their colleagues think they are the best’ is a bit too ignorant in my opinion because the fact of the matter is that many of those colleagues had limited choice – that statement can only apply if ALL artists who had series this year were allowed to be considered and the voting was based on the ENTIRE playing field rather than just artists who showed up.

  9. Hmm. Are those consolation prizes for MM and Kristal? Maybe TVB will repeat them for Astro and then Chilam and Linda for the TVB one. I doubt the upper management would award it to Kristal before Linda or Kate. All politics.

    1. Actually, Chilam will probably win MFMC. TV King is between Wayne and MM bc both are loyal. Remembered how LF lost out last year although he was a hot contender? Yup. Only biological/contracted artists will win.

      1. TVB only wants biological artists to win, not contracted ones or outside ones. If it wasn’t for citizens to vote for TV King/Queen, TVB will just give it to Raymond instead, thank god that did not happened.

      2. chilam doesn’t deserve anything more than favourite role. if tvb is justified enough the ideal result will be ma ming for tv king and chilam for favourite role. kristal for tv queen since esther not nominated and kristal for favourite role too.

        but knowing tvb they will rob ma ming and kristal from their awards and give chilam and linda the tv king and queen 🙁

      3. @selfiwu ,

        please are u telling me chilam’s acting is not better than Kenneth’s?

        I love Kenneth, but you have to be reasonable that Chilam can act better.

        Although, I’m not saying that Chilam must win BA, but if he doesn’t deserve it, then Kenneth neither.

      4. If it wasn’t for citizens to vote for TV King/Queen, TVB will just give it to Raymond instead

        Actually no, because LF only signed 1 year contract with Txb, Txb won’t give it to him in any occasion.

    2. the awards tonight are voted by their peers and has nothing to do with the bias executives! if given to tvb execs they won’t be so kind to give ma ming any consolation.

    3. If so, prepare for a huge backlash when Chilam and Linda win! Either way, this year is going to be controversial.

  10. I’m so happy Kristal received the recognition for her acting. I thought she should’ve won best actress or at least got a nomination for her role in The King Makers last year, but given the politics at TVB it never happened. Better late than never, Congrats to Kristal.

  11. Not sure,
    but I think kenneth is not yet TV King material.. sometimes his acting is still wooden. Especially is those ‘sad/crying’ scenes, he always puts a puppy face look, but i don’t think it’s good enough for those scenes..

    Congrats to Kristal!

    1. I personally think Linda is not even tv queen material, really hope she will not get it. Very poor performance

      1. Agree, while Linda is cute, but i don’t think she’s a great actress.

    1. I daresay that the general consensus among readers on this website (not just referring to this article) is that Ruco’s acting is head and shoulders above Kenneth. He lost out on the popularity factor though. If he had lost to Wayne, it would have been a dignified loss but to lose to Kenneth, that just sucks cos Kenneth’s acting is many notches below him. Ruco’s performance as Sam is certainly much more outstanding than the zombified Yat Kin. Ruco is also more versatile and can kick-ass as a cop as well as act as a professional. Just when will real talent be recognised?

  12. Congrats to Kristal! Even if she does not win the actual awards I’m sure it means a lot to her that people actually notice her performance….it is quite embarrassing for Linda though especially with her recent news abut confidence winning the award.

    As for Kenneth…not so much, he’s a one dimensional actor so far he’s not impressing anyone in THC2, always the same one noted expression in every series he’s in…not BA material.

    1. This is only the Gala, so I dont think it’s embarrassing to Linda. And there is nothing embarrassing with expressing confidence and not receiving an award. I’m sure she’s genuinely happy for Kristal to receive such recognition for her performance in BK,and to also know that she also has the support of her colleagues which is the reason why she was also standing up there.

      So happy for Kristal- even without an award, to hear that she has the votes from so many of her colleagues must be so uplifting. I have confidence she will win BA at the awards!

      1. Most of the colleagues can see and feel that Kristal did a better job than Linda in BK. If their colleagues can see that, audience can see that as well. Kristal still have a chance of winning BA, and I really hope she will.

      2. Agree. If the artistes could see who was the best actress and they know acting more than the audience, why couldn’t audience see it too?

  13. Congratulations, Kristal Tin and Kenneth Ma.

    Kristal Tin definitely deserved it for her good acting in “Brother’s Keeper”, and Kenneth Ma got it partly through his popularity and friendliness among peers. Anyway, his acting is quite good, and he is a hard working actor. It is time for him to get something.

    I don’t think Wayne Lai should get it again no matter how good his acting is. Chances should be given to other actors.

    1. agree,there are other actors who deserves it too,such as chilam,who has many memorable roles in the past but never got the ba award that he deserves

      1. I think Chilam should be voted as favourite male character rather than BA. His character is really likable in TITS2, but I dont see his performance in the series as Best Actor.

        And Wayne Lai- he’s permanently a BA anyway LOL. Though no one would ever cmplain with receiving too many awards, it’d be nice to see other candidates who are also deserving to have a chance to win.

      2. Agree with @Clementine

        Chilam should be voted as fav character, instead of BA.

        And yes, Wayne is a great and talented actor, and I hope he will win more in the future

    2. I’m actually thinking that Wayne having won 3 times should perhaps take this opportunity to show how magnanimous he is and withdraw from the awards competition to give a chance to the juniors, like how Alan Tam did in the past. Otherwise, year in and out, he’ll be the top contender. Kinda takes the fun out of the competition.

  14. kinda surprised that kristin won, however, i do think that her acting is a lot better than linda

    1. Who else? Esther Kwan or Joey Meng? They may not be that popular among TVB artistes. Linda Chung surely does not deserve it in “Brother’s Keeper”.

      1. Probably only artists that were there can win. Esther and Joey weren’t there. I’m glad Kristal got the recognition she deserves, but it’s almost certain she will not repeat her win next month.

      2. Yeah, who are they kidding if they rewarded an artist that was absent on the night being a full house live show. But I truly think Kristal was the most deserving to win.

  15. I always knew that Kristal Tin is a good actress after seeing her in Only You! (:
    As for Kenneth ma, he’s debatable but he hasn’t really left a good lasting impression on me. He always has this similar vibe in his acting. Not much of a surprise.

  16. all linda cares about is winning the award if she loses she will probably cry

    1. Why should Linda Chung cry? Not every good actress can win TV Queen award, and she is not a good one yet in “Brother’s Keeper”.

    2. it does seem quite obvious that she does get emotionally easy, but I dont think she’d necessarily cry because she didnt receive an award that other actresses deserve more. What’s yours will always be yours eventually. It’s just not her time yet.

  17. I just saw this 2 hour special. Linda is dying to get the award. Like dying.

    1. I haven’t seen it yet, but it seems like TVB has been taking her for a ride past years. She was hyped, but ended up with nothing. It does make one desperate.

      1. It is actually the HK media taking Linda for a ride, and yeah, TVB as well. What are the medias thinking, they should choose someone that is more convincing.

      2. linda is overconfident she will get the award despite her bad acting and she’s also riding on the hype that tvb and media giving her. look at the sudden article how her fee increase just because she has hype to win tv queen.

      3. This is exactly what happened to Kate Tsui last year with Highs and Lows. But last year, regardless the award went to the Kate or Tavia, I wouldn’t have much objection. This year is a HOT MESS all around. Lol.

      4. There is basically no hot favs for TV queen this year. All of them are hypes. Joey, Esther or even Kristal now should be the hot favs for TV queen

      5. @sheldon: Perhaps TVB tipped them off to make “noise.”

        @selfiwu: Why shouldn’t she be confident? The viewers know how the votings work. Heck, the artists probably know what’s going on inside. It’s all politics and she does stand a chance.

        @Crystal: Well, Kate was used to pit against Tavia like how Fala was for Myolie’s year. TVB awarded her the consolation prize though, so Kate didn’t leave empty handed. As for Linda, she’s getting a lot of noise, kinda like Raymond Lam last year. Surprisely, LF didn’t win anything, so I’m not so sure about Linda since she has so many years left in her contract. It’s no big deal to TVB because she aint going anywhere.

        Also, it’s a HOT MESS because the chosen one was Fala. She decided not to renew and TVB had to use their backups: Linda and Kate.

      6. @ Hannah

        Haha, I totally agree on it being a hot mess because Fala walked away! I’m actually proud of her, because if she had stayed she would probably have won for TITS2/Will Power and that’s just as bad as Myolie and Tavia’s wins.

      7. To Hannah:

        I think there’s a difference between Fala vs Myolie and Kate vs Tavia.

        Though Myolie won for the wrong role she still did a much better job than Fala in Lives of Omission. While for Kate and Tavia, I think Kate’s role and performance was more interesting than Tavia’s. So I was personally rooting for Kate last year.

  18. I am happy to see these results albeit slightly shocked that Kristal won since I thought that the tvb artistes will go for Linda instead. I’m actually hoping for the same outcome at the anniversary awards. I know that ma ming ‘s acting isn’t BA material yet and not to say, he’s inconsistent. But I felt that he’s really good at yat kin, not sure if that’s because he’s portraying himself but he brought yat kin to life. It’s ma ming’s best chance (actually last year was his best, oh well) to win BA else he probably needs to wait for a few years for another good role. He’s came a long way compared to his S4 peers who were more favoured initially because of their good looks I supposed. As for ruco, I love him too and he’s good. His turn will come pretty soon I dare say so I had rather see MM get it first. Wayne and Moses were good in willpower too but I don’t think Wayne will get a fourth win so soon?? And he didn’t exactly deserve it last year. The confidant didn’t live up to expectations actually.

    1. Well everyone has their own opinions and i respect that.

      I personally think Wayne deserves the 3 times tv king title, his performances are always outstanding. Hope he can get the fourth in the future

    2. I agree with Melted.

      Both Wayne Lai and Moses Chan are good in “Will Power”. Wayne’s 3rd TV King award should be given to him in “Will Power”, and not in “The Confidant”.

      Glad that peers’ TV Queen award was given to Kristal Tin, and not Linda Chung. At least they were good in judging Best Acting.

      1. Thank god, the TV queen was given to Kristal and not Linda.
        I hope this will affect the result for the actual TV queen award, giving to someone who can act, because Kristal’s performance indeed surpasses Linda’s performance in BK

      2. I surely hope so. At least most artistes could see it ………….. what is BEST acting.

      3. Linda has higher chance than Krystal Tin to be TV Queen next month because there will have 50% public vote for Best Actress.

      4. but I still feel Linda will not get TV queen, based on her acting in BK

  19. Strange. Tavia Yeung was absent again at the TVB Anniversary Ceremony. I think she would show up only if she knew she would win. Very smart and practical!

    1. do you know why tavia was absent from the tvb anniversary ceremony? I was hoping that she was there

    2. hope that tavia wasn’t absent because she knew she isn’t popular among her peers and will lose. that will be very unsporting when all other fadans and siu sangs were sporting enough to attend even when they go home empty handed

    3. That’s really dumb. Charmaine said she was attending too but last minute ‘she isn’t feeling well’ What kind of excuse are you going to make up for her now? Lol. I mean really.. one can find it strange for one artist because of some unconventional dislike while blatantly ignoring another also equally as strange gestures because of favoritism. Really? We’re all more mature than that, right?

      1. And no I don’t feel like hearing the “but this Tavia, but that Tavia…” or “but Charmaine that… great… but Charmaine… my idol… but…this”

      2. I feel it’s weird, too. Understanding that Ah Sheh is now only signed with TVBC and she isn’t obliged to go, but she wasn’t there at last minute for a lame excuse like so is just weird. Like LF, he has just had an operation few days before the show and he still went and performed.

      3. Charmaine manager confirmed that she’s absent because of slipped disc and have to undergo physiotherapy. It’s reported in the news last night, not sure why Jayne’s article translate as ‘not feeling well’

      4. Charmaine suffered from a slip disc which is pretty serious and she is now undergoing physiotherapy.

      5. Opps only saw Sehseh’s comment after posting mine when it was refreshed.
        Yeah it’s all over weibo

      6. Oh if it is, she has the very right excuse. Hope she gets well soon.

      7. Oh I’m not aiming anything at Charmaine. I’m just saying that the way some people throw their interpretations so unfairly just by reading on Tavia’s “conflicting work schedules” vs Charmaine’s “not feeling well” Somehow Tavia’s “excuse” of other work obligations makes her a “strange case” and that puts her in the spotlight of “being a horrible person and in fear of realizing her peers actually don’t like her” I mean, I don’t know about anyone else but that really stretches it.

        But anyway, I think both actresses reasoning of not attending is fitting. Work obligations for an actress comes first if TVB nods to Tavia being away for the event, I don’t see why anyone got to be skeptical… cause really if the employer ain’t worried, who really has a fitting right to claim their worth ethic is fishy? Lol. As for Charmaine, I hope she gets well.

      8. Sehseh,
        This article was based on preliminary news that emerged regarding Charmaine’s absence, which was not specific about the reasons other than that she was not feeling well.

      9. I never said that Tavia was a horrible person and she realized that her peers did not like her so she would not win BA award. In fact, she seemed to have many friends in TVB (at least she claimed to have many friends). I just said she is very “smart and practical”. Since she knew she would not win any award, she chose not to attend. She also chose to be absent in 2011 when Myolie Wu won the Best Actress award.

    4. Charmaine Sheh is not a management artiste, she does not have to attend. However, Tavia Yeung has been absent from TVB Anniversary ceremony more than once (could be 2 or 3 times) and she is a management artiste. Charmaine said Nov. 19 is her mother’s birthday, and last year was the only year that she could celebrate it with her mother because she did not feel obligated to attend the ceremony after her management contract.

      1. Thanks for your feedback. Anyway, I think a management artiste is more obligated to attend the ceremony than a per-series artiste. Of course, some artistes are better and more professional than the others.

      2. Relating to your post earlier about how Tavia only shows up if she knew she would win. That doesn’t make sense. You said Tavia already missed the ceremony 2 or 3 times. She’s been a TVB artist for over a decade. You’re telling me that each time she actually went to the ceremony, she thinks she was going to win? That’s laughable.

      3. @Crystal: Back then Gala and award are in same day, so the artists are obliged to go, especially the young/new managed artists. They have to perform in background for stars, too. It’s still happening (such as names like Eliza, Samantha, Koni, etc.)

        After the Gala and award got separated, only artists who obviously win or are told to be on top will go to the award. It’s a rule in HK (not only for Txb): No show no win.

      4. @ fox Tavia didnt come last year and she won BA. I remeber she came in 2010 and 2011 where she dint win anything at the gala or the award ceremony.

      5. Please re-read my post. I’m saying that in any award show, absence means no award.

      6. I think Tavia Yeung was there last year and she won Best Actress Award. She was absent the year before, and Myolie Wu won Best Actress award.

      7. @sandcherry

        No. She did came for 2011 anniversary gala( year that Myolie win BA) and absent last year gala due to leg injury .

      8. It is very true that Tavia Yeung has been with TVB for over 14 years and she has attended many TVB Anniversary ceremonies. However, she was not popular until 2009 (“Beyond the Realm of Conscience”). If she was not popular and wanted to move up, she could not choose not to show up at TVB Anniversary Ceremonies.

      9. As far as I can remember, Tavia Yeung was on holiday with Him Law in Korea in 2011.

      10. Why did Tavia Yeung always choose to take big vacation around TVB Anniversary??

      11. tavia is in vacation now? how unprofessional. so you might be right that she only choose to attend when the event profited her and take vacation when she know she won’t get anything. yes very smart and calculating, i’m impressed.

    5. there r also Bobby , Joey , Ron and Roger absents . Do this mean they only show up if they know they win? Very smart and pratical ? Lame !

      1. Bobby, Roger aren’t Txb’s managed actors. Ron is in oversea. Joey (Meng?) did sign the contract or not? And she has just changed to Txb. I blv their reasons are less random.

      2. Bobby, Joey, and Roger are not management artistes, and they don’t have to attend if they don’t want to. However, TVB management artistes are more or less required to attend unless they are overseas or due to very special reasons.

      3. still does not mean your above comment regarding Tavia was valid. No one know who will win b4 the result release . Then how she knew she would win or not win if she attend.

      4. and I happy Tavia did not attend after looking how TVB treat Moses. Doing monkey show and put in the side edge. (Moses and Tavia still yet to settle contract issue )

      5. I think TVB should get the results before the ceremony. The votes were done in the afternoon. If an artiste wins the BEST awards, he/she will definitely be requested by TVB to attend, maybe for some fake reasons. Benz Hui was asked by TVB last minute to attend last year’s awards ceremony. He was called to attend with some fake reasons.

      6. Then its just person in charge know the results not the artists themselves.

      7. No one know who will win b4 the result release .

        Lolz, don’t tell me that you really believe in Txb’s fairness. Actually they all know before the awards are sent. That’s why there are obvious absences such as Damien, Micheal Miu last year.

      8. Doing monkey show and put in the side edge.

        Huh? Those monkey shows appeared in every single Txb Gala and it doesn’t have Moses alone. The others are treated unfair as well? Put in side edge? Must have 2 Moses because he stood in the middle for the common photoshot.

      9. Watch at the opening the first line artists standing. Those stand on the middle are Linda ,Kate ,Ray and Kevin. Watever tat not longer important.

      10. So when the TVB Sale presentation is aired, I’ll claim of how bad Txb treat people standing far from the center. Please, even with last year you guys still think TY (and now Moses) is treated unfair by Txb? Ridiculous.

      11. Lolz, don’t tell me that you really believe in Txb’s fairness. Actually they all know before the awards are sent. That’s why there are obvious absences such as Damien, Micheal Miu last year.
        Absolutely agree. I heard that if Charmaine Sheh would attend the Awards Ceremony last year, she might get the Best Actress award in “When Heaven Burns”. Unfortunately Charmaine decided not to attend. As a result, she did not get the Best Actress award.

    6. Jayne, the preliminary news abt Charmaine absence is from on.cc (which you quote as the source for this article), and they clearly reported it is slipped disc.

    7. Please don’t say that about Tavia. I believe she was absent because she’s preparing for Meini Cheung’s wedding and has a paid event in Vietnam soon.

      There is also this theory from our group of friends that TVB purposely ask Tavia to not attend so that the artistes can’t vote for her because TVB wants Linda’s name to go up. I don’t think something like this is impossible. TVB has the list of names to promote this year and Tavia isn’t in it. It’s all TVB’s game.

      We don’t even know how the nomination list for the artiste voting look like.

      1. wow tavia fan now saying tvb rigged the award because tavia lose and purposely making tavia lose? get out of your dream. respect the voting results and choice of the artistes please!

  20. Kenneth isn’t that bad he wasn’t too bad in Triumph, but obviously Wayne is in a diff league, the overall show was ok but very cheesy as usual, Raymond was naff and Alan Tam was nothing special. Really looking forward to the awards though.

  21. I like this year show, alot of no-well know artist in front plan.

  22. Chi lam is beyond tvb BA material give him any role he can act it out and convincing which is what a good actor should be able to do

    1. don’t really agree with that. I know Chilam is a good actor, but not BA material yet, Francis was much better in TITS2. Chilam in The Rippling Blossom wasn’t that great.

    2. what on earth are you saying. chilam is adorable but nowhere near best actor material. captain cool was nothing. ma ming trampled all over him with his acting in on call 2. the colleagues votes showed the truth.

      1. Selfwu did ma Ming beat chi lam play boy vs play boy and pilot vs pilot the answer is no selfwu HaHa

      2. And selfiwu what u read online u talk why to serious look at my name learn how to take a joke

      3. Lolz, how can Chilam be voted when he was absent, think with your brain.

      4. It’s just voting u get votied if people like u so use ur brain

      5. And fox u can’t take jokes as well use ur brain look at my name I’m called jokes

      6. I didn’t tell you to think with brain, jokes, I told selfiwu. But look like you need to think with brain, too.

      7. Do we really need to use our brains when we read and comment on the internet I don’t its a joke and plus its easy to have misunderstandings

      8. I never use my brain when I’m on these websites lets all chill out

      9. Sorry. I found a lot of valuable information on Google, news, medical and legal information. It all depends on which website you are on.

      10. Kinda confused. There are 2 jokes, 1 selfiwu or there is only 1 person with different usernames?

    1. Helena Law is a great veteran actress. I really love her in the horror films, especially the Troublesome Night collection and her hosting of the creepy show 异灵灵异

  23. I’m these 2 actors won. They do deserve the awards and it goes to show how populare they are among their fellow workers and also being competent in their acting. I do believe their surprised looks are sincere and also endearing to those watching their expressions. My heartiest congratulations to Kristal and Kenneth!

  24. I’m really happy for Krystal Tin – I actually teared up when they announced her name. Kenneth Ma did not have many memorable performances this year – TITS 2 secondary character and HP2 is not even half aired. Wayne Lai needs at least 2 more “good” series to rinse out Detective Columbo for me.

    I actually thought Roger Kwok had at least 2 good roles this year. And best male lead in drama was Ruco Chan – I found BK a chore to watch but Ruco carried his part well.

  25. Why can’t u guys just say nice things instead of trashing people all the time? Just say you’re happy for kristal and Kenneth won and keep it that way. Always have to add rude comments about other artists. Yes some artist may not be your favorite or act to your standards but do they really deserve to be criticized like that? They’re just human. No one is perfect.

    1. Yeah, I’m with you…..If you can’t say something good, then say nothing at all.

    2. @Nicholas: can you just grow up for once? (come to think about it, i must be kidding myself telling Linda’s fan to grow up lol)people were just saying they like Kristal’s acting more and that she deserved the award more than Linda, and some even state their own opinion as they think linda’s acting isn’t the best, that is called bashing? so we can’t even comment or have our own opinion on linda’s acting? so only linda’s hardcore fans are allowed to criticize other artists?
      this is the real world, actors should be able to stand all the criticism, it entertainment after all, they should be able to accept all the criticism like it or not.
      alright if it ease your mind, i will say this “though linda didn’t win the award, she totally deserved the miss congeniality award for being such a good sweet innocent girl and we shouldn’t criticize linda’s acting to avoid her crying like a river and breaking her fans heart seeing her like that”…. satisfy now? sheezh

      1. Your comment just shows you’re such a jerk. U can just direct your comment to me only and no need to pull other Linda fans or all Linda fans are immature. If u just think I’m childish then just blame me

      2. agree with Nicholas: kk if you have nothing to say then say nothing at all.

    3. Honestly I agree with Nicholas. I read comments from everyone and it’s okay to leave opinions but not to the extend of bashing or cursing them such as “wtf, suck, etc.” That is to show you have NO class at all! I’m not Linda’s but I won’t leave comment just to bash her. Artists do have feelings too. They may act well in certain roles and may not in other roles. Everyone has flaws….so the only thing they can do is continue to practice and improve themselves. Audiences shouldn’t be bashful at everything little things they do!

      1. Thanks. Another reasonable person in here. I’m used to it by now. They always call me immature and need to grow up just because I support Linda lol. They just love to use rude comments on artist they don’t like. Thanks anyways.

      2. @tn123: though i understand what you’re saying, but don’t be fool by what nicholas said above. kate, tavia, and fala all had their fair share of people bashing at them (people were even alot worse to these fadans, this so called “bashing” toward linda is nothing) but not once nicholas jump in and said something like above. when he said “other artists” what he really mean was “linda chung”, so if he wants to defend linda why not just say her name straight out, instead of disguised it under the general term “artists”.
        @nicholas: people called you immature and need to grow up not just cuz you support linda, that would be very stupid. the reason was more from the way you defend her, but not that you would understand what i mean anyway since we always on diff page. that it kid, consider this is my last time reply back to you.

      3. oh btw, when i said “linda’s fans” i mean some of the immature linda’s fans from jaynestars and else where that i’ve encounter before, NOT all linda’s fan, my apology cuz i’m sure there many decent mature linda’s fans out there. peace.

      4. KK, I don’t read any other topic in this website except the ones with Linda only. So I don’t know Tavia, Fala or Myolie get bash as badly because I don’t click on their topic. I do mean “other artist” because in this topic people are not just trashing Linda but also Kenneth. Why would I be afraid to put Linda’s name down if I want to defend her. I already been defending Linda in here for a month. I put “other artist” because I also I don’t it think it was nice the way they say stuff about Kenneth. Anyways, peace. Fine with me.

  26. Txb is testing water with that Gala.

    Ma Ming says he doesn’t know how to do “social” and he is more than that. Lolz. Txb desperately wants to give him regardless his acting or his low rated series. He is the best example to prove that only long management contract of at least 5 years can exchange tat Best actor award. Ma Ming with his new 5 year contract exchanged one. Congrats to him through he should know that his acting is inconsistent and under standard.

    Kristal, on the other hand, is the example of audience’s hype. She will end up with only one award, and likely Best supporting like Michael Tse with Laughing Gor. It isn’t a surprise when ppl genuinely happy for her.

    Btw, it’s worth to say that this year’s Gala is one of the most boring one. I guess rating can’t surpass 26.

    1. the best part was the award ceremony. i’m sure ratings will be highest when ma ming, kristal and helena received their awards!

    2. The gala averaged at 29 and peak at 31.5. The performances were all so boring, the worst is the football. It only got hyped during the artistes’ favourite actor and actress.

  27. I would like to see the results repeated at the actual awards. Artist voting is the way to go. Scoop always does an unofficial poll of TVB artists for who they support and every year the results looked quite fair. Of course that’s only my subjective view but it’s much better than executives choosing.

  28. Congrats to Kristal and Kenneth.I think that kristal or Tavia or Joey or Esther all deserves the best actress award more than Linda.Glad that Kristal won the best actress award last night voted by her colleagues.

  29. What kind of nonsense is this? If Kenneth ma type of wooden acting can win BA, the BA will be an even bigger mockery than it already is. KM a best actor? Disgrace of the century! I’d rather see Wayne or Moses take home the award again if TVB doesn’t know how to recognise and reward a new deserving talent. Heck, i don’t even mind if Chilam wins though his captain Cool isn’t exactly BA standard either. Anybody but woody Kenneth.

    1. It’s an award voted by his colleagues, everyone knows Kenneth is well loved by TVB artistes due to his down to earth personality, plus his acting isn’t even that bad, among the siu sang, he’s versatile. Kristal, Wayne, Kevin, Koo Ming Wah, Elena Kong etc all voted for Kenneth, if these people think Kenneth is well-deserving, so be it, I don’t get the point of pulling Kenneth down, saying he’s a disgrace of the century is so rude. And don’t take this award so seriously, it’s just a pre-race for the TV King battle.

    2. hello RW, you’ve misunderstood what i wrote. i’m not saying Kenneth is disgrace of the century, rather I’m saying that if he wins the actual BA, it’ll be the disgrace of the century cos his acting ability really falls short of TV king standard. I agree with the people here who think that last night’s award shouldn’t be called BA as voted by colleagues. It shld be called My Fave Actor/ Actress award as voted by colleagues cos i think Kenneth being well liked by his colleagues as a person helped him to score points more than his acting ability. If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll know that I’m not the only one who feels that Kenneth’s acting is inconsistent and not up to mark for BA. He should improve on his acting before he picks up that BA eventually; he still has lots of room for improvement.

    3. agree…anyone but woody Kenneth…his acting really not up to it…

  30. Side note – great to see Fred Cheng performing for first time in his 11-year career w TVB, and leading the opening! What a year it has been for him. Can’t wait for his debut album next summer 🙂

  31. I think there’s been a terrible mistake.The Mickey Mouse award should have been given to Mickey Mouse (MM) and not Ma Ming (MM).

  32. I like it when all the artists stood up and clapped when Helena and Kenneth received their award.

    1. Impossible, 2 non-biologicals? (I support Kristal and Ruco though.)

      1. Ruco Chan is a TVB’s management artiste now, therefore he is a biological son of TVB.

      2. I think drey was just being scarcastic since Primrose said Rucco and Kristin, not Ruco and Kristal.

      3. Sorry. My spelling errors in a moment of excitement. I think Drey meant both Ruco and Kristal are ex-ATV artists hence non biological. But once again let me proclaim:- My vote goes to Ruco and Kristal for TV King and Queen!!!! And make that Elena Kong (another ex ATV) for Best Supporting Actress.

      4. Wow, 3 ex-ATV artistes get the BEST awards ……….. ATV overrules TVB! He he ….

  33. The most deserving winner is Helen Law for the Most Talented Artist. The award to MM should be Mr. Congeniality instead.

  34. Wow! double K’s won hopefully Kristal will remind the same results for the actual BA awards in Dec. The above pic of Kristal looks radiant and sparkling with her baby skin texture.no wonder she won last nite..outshines wow..congrats to both double Kk….Kenneth and Kristal.

    1. Both Kenneth and Kristal wore similar design and colour soooo matching no wonder they won. ..

  35. No offense.
    But I find that Sisley Choi is not pretty at all to be a second runner up in MHK.Just curious how she got it…

    1. Agree, based on her look last night. She is not pretty at all.

  36. finally, i’m happy for Kristal, she totally deserved it, there is justice in this world after all lol. her acting is definitely better than linda and other current fadans. though this isn’t exactly an “official” award, but i think it’s much better than the “real” award since it was voted by Kristal’s colleagues and more important it wasn’t rigged.
    as for Ruco, his acting is better than Ma Ming IMO. so it ok babe, you already a best actor in our heart lol.
    and Helen Law totally deserved the Most Talented Artist award, very very well deserved.

  37. Congrats to Kristal n Kenneth n Helen. However not forgetting both alinda n awayne as they both are popular and best favoured by their peers too. And of course all the lucky boys n girls that went home with great great prizes!!!!

    1. This is the nicest comment in here. Now if the world have more people like u it is will so peaceful lol. Of course I’m just dreaming. Now u guys can come bash me for being immature again :p

    2. Probably you are really immature. Life is not always perfect. Probably you are too young to realize it yet.

  38. do want kristal to win BA award but still looking forward to kate’s drama. somehow finds kate is better than linda in terms of acting. linda she is not up to getting the award yet so i guess not this year. but she has been in tvb for a long time so maybe tvb decides to give it to her? well, kenneth acting is not as good as moses and wayne but wayne has won 3 times so idk. still think moses or wayne deserves it more…

    1. I don’t think Wayne Lai will win BA again this year.

      Moses Chan did very well in “Will Power”, but I think TVB will only give it to him if he signs another management contract.

      Otherwise, BA will likely go to Kenneth Ma.

      Ruco Chan did well in “Brother’s Keeper”, but I don’t think TVB will give him “Best Actor” award as his very FIRST award in TVB.

      1. Kenneth Ma won the following TVB awards:

        1) 2006 – the “Most Improved Male Artiste award in “The Herbalist’s Manual”, “La Femme Desperado”, “Love Guaranteed”, and “To Grow with Love”

        2) 2012 – “My Favourite Male Character” award in “The Hippocratic Crush”

      2. thx.
        Any idea about Bosco? I’m surprised there’s no mention of him either.

      3. Bosco Wong only won TVB’s “Most Improved Male Actor” award in “Wars of In-Laws” in 2005.

      4. I think Bosco Wong is not highly promoted by TVB right now after his breakup with TV Queen, Myolie Wu. He seemed to have some rumours with some Mainland Chinese actresses, which had affected his good image. Moreover, Bosco Wong may not want to renew his management contract with TVB when it expires.

        Besides Raymond Lam, who is leaving (or may have left) TVB, Kenneth Ma seems to be the most loyal and one of the most popular siu sangs now. I think TVB want to promote him to be TV King either this year or next, just like the way they promoted Myolie Wu and Tavia Yeung in the last two years. The artistes did not have to be the best ones in acting as long as they were loyal and popular, had decent acting, and were of value to TVB.

        It will be a surprise if Ruco Chan gets TV King award this year no matter how well he acted in “Brother’s Keeper”. TVB has certain policies in awarding their TV King or TV Queen awards. This also applies to Kristal Tin in the forthcoming awards ceremony.

      5. ma ming is so underpromoted by tvb! glad that on call 2 and this artistes voting showed how popular ma ming is and how much everyone love him! tvb should give more value to ma ming! everyone in my family including the elders love him!

        good. glad that tvb has stopped promoting bosco since the breakup! it shows that myolie is the good side and bosco is the bad side in the relationship since myolie is still the #1 fadan in tvb and bosco has no award achievement! the singapore one with fake tavia doesn’t count! bosco the bad boy should just get out of tvb since his wild reputation isn’t a good example for the audience! get lost! he and kate tsui are artistes with bad and wild images.

        mandy is so underrated and underpromoted!

      6. hope ma ming can still win at the real award! this should be his year. next year tvb is giving it raymond since he’s in the grand production the apostle with an andy lau infernal affair role. evidently tvb giving him that role to make him the tv king next year and without tony leung obviously tvb will make sure raymond get the limelight of the series that was supposed to go to tony! while ma ming sadly has no grand production! ma ming does great in on call 2 and should be awarded!

      7. wow, selfiwu, did i just give you the wild card to rant about Bosco? ma ming under promoted? you gotta be kidding! he’s 620’s pet. And er, i wouldn’t say that On Call 2 is Ma Ming’s representative work, not by a very long shot. If he won BA for this, like i said before, it’ll make a mockery of the BA (not that it already isn’t). A Best Actor of Ma Ming’s standard, wow, future acts would find it so hard to follow (and I’m being sarcastic, in case you don’t get it).

      8. he’s 620′s pet.

        No, obvious not. He is Catherine Tsang’s, not 620’s.

      9. yes, he is, she praised him to the skies in Vancouver, ignoring the feelings of the other 3 artistes who were there with him.

      10. He is still under Catherine Tsang’s side, not 620’s. 620 may treat him well as to comfort Catherine Tsang.

        However it isn’t matter. He is still one of the most beloved biological son of Txb and no doubt that Txb is overpromoting him. It won’t be a surprise if they love him enough to give him an award regardless his acting.

        I just feel it’s funny when he says he doesn’t know how to do “social works”.

      11. ma ming work hard from the bottom and not any exec’s pet. virginia #1 pet is raymond lam, charmaine and linda chung. follow by kevin and bosco but kevin is ok because he’s an awesome guy. love that charmaine got rejected by the successful kevin now when she’s craving to come back to him after leaving him while he was struggling because she made more. tavia is catherine tsang’s pet and so is wayne, moses.

        those like kenneth and myolie are the type that work hard from bottom and don’t need any exec favour to go to top.

      12. @kit kat

        do you see any backlash news about ma ming win at the gala? no right? you can see everyone happy for him and no complains heard. fair enough.

      13. selfiwu, i’ve seen all kinds of fanatics but none like you who lives with her head up in the clouds and who is oblivious to the obvious. KM’s acting is not up to standard, you’re just too blind to see. And I’m not alone in saying that KM does not deserve BA this year. On Call2 is doing poor and his performance is poor, no justification to give it to him other than in exchange for renewal of contract and to reward him for being Mr Popular, never mind that he can’t act except make puppy eyes.

      14. Name me a siu sang didn’t go from the bottom? Whoever didn’t have any kelefe/supporting before getting leading role?

        Ma Ming is certainly a pet of Catherine Tsang. She pushed him to be lead in series of her side. If it wasn’t Catherine Tsang, can Ma Ming have any leading role? Can he get to center rapidly? Absolutely nonsense to think that he didn’t comfort Catherine Tsang to climb up.

        Work hard? LMAO~, does he work harder than anyone else among his colleagues? Have he ever had a news to say that he worked for 3-4 days without sleeping/resting? Have he ever filmed more than one series at once?

        Find stronger points to protect your god Ma Ming. Please keep in mind that he is also human, he has to do “social works” to climb up and work harder. He should improve his acting, too. His puppy eyes and pouting style are getting annoying. His eyes aren’t beautiful to start with.

      15. If Ma Ming didn’t sign 5 year contract in the beginning of the year, would have him won that so-called Gala award? I doubt, lolz.

      16. No matter Kenneth Ma is the best actor or not, I like him because he is willing to act any types of roles, good and villainous, lead or supporting or even guest to enrich his experience. Based on my observations in the last few years, Kenneth Ma’s acting has improved a lot. He was speaking with lazy intonations, like having a marble in his mouth, in all his characters. However, he was able to get rid of this flaw in “Survivor’s Law II” acting as a down-to-earth lawyer. He improved his acting quite a bit over the years by acting different types of roles. Not every siu sang is willing to act supporting or even guest roles.

        Of course, he still has a lot of room for improvement.

      17. If everyone works hard from the bottom, then that also applies to Kenneth no? It’s not like Kenneth was heavily promoted from day one, he worked from small insignificant roles all the way upto where he is now. Also every single Sui Sang/Fa Dan has some sort of support from the higher management, Kenneth Ma is no different from the likes of Kevin, Raymond, Tavia or Myolie. Calling an artist a ‘pet’ just because they have support from upper management is just insulting.

      18. sandcherry is right, ma ming is the most versatile and humble siu sang that tvb has. he’s willing to act in stupid roles, bad series, serious roles, comedy roles, supporting roles and guest roles and not just picking main lead roles. no other siu sang willing to be like ma ming. that makes ma ming the most versatile tvn actor now. that’s why he’s loved by all his colleagues. he’s also a seun poon who is admired by all men and women. agree with sandcherry, other siu sangs will be picky about their roles. don’t blame others when you’re not loved by colleagues because you’re picky and not versatile.

      19. @wildberries

        raymond and linda are those who start with big roles right away and got lots of promotion by tvb to be an idol. that’s why they are are more like pets. ma ming start off with kelefe roles and supporting roles and rise hie way slowly and only got the promotion after he breakthrough in on call 2. that takes a long time. he deserves the tv king this year. with the grand production apostle next year, it’s evident that next year tvb is reserving the slot to raymond, so this is ma ming’s only chance.

      20. Also every single Sui Sang/Fa Dan has some sort of support from the higher management, Kenneth Ma is no different from the likes of Kevin, Raymond, Tavia or Myolie. Calling an artist a ‘pet’ just because they have support from upper management is just insulting.
        Agree with the above, especially if an artiste is young, handsome, pretty, popular, promising, and loyal, TVB Management usually will do something though some can get more than the others.

      21. the gala award are voted by tvb colleagues fox, nothing to do with contract. you should respect their choices. even wayne, kevin, kristal all said they vote for ma ming.

      22. @Wildberries: It means that Ma Ming is nothing different or better than Txb, nor he climbed up by pure talent (not social). Indeed he has the push of Catherine Tsang. Hence, there is nothing special about his case to say he is underpromoted. Pet is wat selfiwu loved to refer and ppl like to use it to mock her for praising Ma Ming like god.

        @Sandcherry: Uhm, I think Ma Ming isn’t the only one who is willing to act any types of roles from small to big. I blv most of the siu sangs are willing to do so. Can you give me an example of someone who isn’t willing to do so because I can’t think of one.

        For acting, I think he gets stagnant in the two recent years to do similar roles. His expressions are limited now, too. I used to think of him as an ok actor until I watch SSSS. Meh, he did worse in SSSS than 3 Kingdom. In TITS2 he is stiff, too. It’s like he only pouts and pouts after showing puppy eyes in every single scenes.

      23. raymond and linda are those who start with big roles right away and got lots of promotion by tvb to be an idol.

        Linda will be put out of the scenario because she was MCI. Let’s talk about LF. He did 15 cameo roles without any speech, did host to Indonesia for TVB8 in half of a year, did 4 supporting roles before having the first leading role. In his very first role (a guard in Therehold of an era), he had praises. In his first big role (A step into the past) his acting was highly praised. His two first lead series got very high ratings (one was high enough to make a sequel – Survivor Law). If Ma Ming can do the same, he is deserved to be promoted like LF. However he is only liked in recent years, so his promotions only comes in recent years is reasonable.

        Idol, LMAO~, look at who is more like an idol now. No love life, only act good guy.

        This year is Ma Ming’s only chance then everyone must agree with his victory? What kind of logic is it? Lolz, if he is good enough, he can shine any year. Are you saying that Ma Ming only can shine once (last year with On Call).

      24. selfiwu, Raymond started as an extra as well, but he rose to stardom faster than Kenneth. Linda didn’t start with heavy roles either, but she was promoted quickly.

        Again, I find it insulting to call any artist a pet. Just because Raymond and Linda got promoted faster than Kenneth doesn’t mean they are pets, it just means that the upper management sees marketing value in them. That also applies to Kenneth, he has marketing value so TVB will promote him.

        I don’t know what you and Fox have against each other but its truly disturbing to see you two going back and forth insulting Raymond and Kenneth. But I happen to like both of them for different reasons so it would be great if you two can keep the criticism clean and stop the name calling the two dudes.

      25. @Wildberries: Overact. Why don’t drag kit-kat in since s/he the starter of “pet” convo? Insulting? Other than the “pet” mock to Selfiwu, anything else is insulting in mine?

      26. Fox, I’m going to assume you wanted to say overreact? I’m not overreacting when majority of the time I see a Raymond/Kenneth article I can be sure as hell see you and selfiwu arguing. The funny thing is, its pretty much the same thing each time. You mocking directly or indirectly Kenneth for being fake or whatnot, selfiwu describing Raymond as some type of garbage or being over promoted.

        Anyways, like I said, I find it insulting for anyone to call an artist a pet. Just because I didn’t say anything about Kit-kat’s remark doesn’t mean I agreed with the comment, I find it just as insulting. Also, even though Kit-kat started the name calling does not mean you and selfiwu should follow that direction. It’s pretty much just an excuse for you two to argue about Kenneth or Raymond. Haven’t you two said everything about them already? Is there really a need to rehash similar points over and over again?

      27. Wow, so much action while i was away. Wildberries, i don’t know why you’re so vehemently agst the word “pet”; like it or not, it is a fact of life that people do play favorites, even at home, parents have their fave child. Just becos you dont like that term doesnt mean that others cant use it. I agree with Fox about KM’s acting and the other stuff.

      28. Wildberries, mocking selfiwu is one of my habits, do you find it’s a problem?

        As for pet, lolz, in a Western house woman is No.1, pet is No.2 and man is No.3, do you find it’s insulting? You are overreacted in that meaning (yes, I had a typo).

        Btw, I agree with you that shouldn’t call artists pet so I won’t call them such way in the future. But I still like to mock Selfiwu so sorry to you, I won’t stop doing so.

      29. Kit Kat, perhaps you don’t understand the meaning of insulting? Judging an artist’s acting ability is fine, calling them a ‘pet’ because they are being promoted isn’t. There’s a difference between the two and if you can’t differentiate it then we have a serious communication problem.

        I don’t mind others saying Kenneth Ma’s acting crap, suck or just horrible, it doesn’t bother me. But insulting an artist is a big no no for me. I have principles and I will not have it. But hey, if you aren’t ashamed of your actions and think its alright to insult someone behind your computer screen because you can’t possibly find a better way to get your point across, I won’t lose sleep over it.

        Fox, I don’t mind you mocking selfiwu.

      30. it was kit kat who started the rude thing of calling ma ming a pet.

      31. Wildberries, i seriously think that you’re making a mountain out of a molehill about the word “pet”. Rest assured that i don’t mean that KM is a “dog-kept-on-a-leash” kind of pet; i meant that he’s the favorite of someone. Pls google the meaning of the word before you come here raising a flap, adopting the moral high ground and giving me a lecture about principles and what not. I’ll help you for a start:
        Pet definition: (used in the context of my post)
        1.Merriam-webster :a person who is treated with unusual kindness or consideration : darling
        2.Dictionary.com – a person who is especially cherished or indulged
        3.oxford dictionaries – a person treated with special favour or affection; for example :
        she is the pet of the family

        I could go on but i suggest you look it up yourself. For your information, the example given above is lifted from the oxford dictionaries. Is it derogatory or insulting? Let me tell you that as the youngest child in the family, i was often referred to as my parents’ pet as in i was their favorite child, much to the jealousy of my siblings. So stop kicking up a big fuss over nothing, it’s you who have a problem with your narrow mind.

        As for selfiwu, you’re certainly not practising what you’re preaching. So selfiwu, you can bash Tavia and others that you don’t like but you don’t allow others to bash your idol? As a recent example, look up that article on the fees commanded by the various artistes and you can see selfiwu having a field day bashing Tavia mercilessly and calling her cheap just becos she was getting lower fees than most. Selfiwu, before you throw stones at others, make sure you’ve not sinned first. Don’t you start acting all prim and proper and wear a halo over your head, those who hang around here long enough know of your infamous track record. As Fox pointed out, do you see anyone saying that Kristal doesn’t deserve to win? So i would say that yes, there’s a backlash from your idol winning that night cos there’re so many comments about how bad his acting is and they’re not just from me.

      32. woo hoo, i see that selfiwu is in her element and having a field day doing what she does best over at the article “2013 TVB Anniversary Gala. Bringing Sexy back”. Good job selfiwu, all your comments were downright rude and scathing to those you dislike, while you continue to glorify your god and goddess……….oh er i could have sworn it was you who proclaimed that people shouldn’t bash those they don’t like. Or is that person posting those nasty remarks impersonating you?

      33. Kit Kat, good for you, you know how to use a dictionary. Perhaps you should start using the thesaurus and use less insulting terms to get your point across, it’s not that difficult. On the other hand, not everyone has the ability to debate without throwing insults.

      34. yaba yaba yaba, Wildberries, i see you’re still at it like a broken recorder. You still haven’t got over your molehill of a mountain, have you? Why would i use a thesaurus when this word suits me just fine? That darn word that you have such a hang-up with is not insulting to me as i’ve explained in my earlier post. Let me tell you that in this real world and not the la la land that you live in, many people secretly wish that they’re the pet of someone important and no, i reiterate that i’m not referring to the cute furry animal type. Just becos you have a problem with the word “pet” doesn’t mean that i’ve got to have a problem with it cos frankly i don’t have a problem with that problem which happens to be your big problem. So do you have a problem with it?

      35. To think about it, is the way of calling “puppy eyes” is insulting? You know, puppy is cute, furry, 4 legs…

      36. Fox, a dictionary would help. Puppy eyes does not mean that you’re a puppy.

      37. Just wanna know if anyone think it’s insulting :P.

        Of course I know puppy eyes doesn’t mean puppy, but who knows if someone think it’s insulting. Yah know, puppy has 4 legs and anything 4 legs plus furry might be considered as insulting.

  39. don’t want KM to win…he does not act great! But it seems no other choice….all other great actors are not non-biologicals!!! TVB only give award to whom they want to promote next year!

  40. Kenneth’s speech was horrible. Hello say something. I don’t want him to win this year. It should be someone else. Maybe ppl in TITS2 or Ruco.

    TVB should give all the prizes to their employees and not to the public. There’s 15 ppl out of 400 employees who won something. So not cool. Those 3 housewife does not deserve that expensive prizes.

    1. TVB wants to get high viewership ratings on their Anniversary ceremony. One of the incentives for people to watch it is for TVB to give out grand prizes to audience.

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