2016 TVB Anniversary Awards Crowns Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu as TV King and Queen

Hong Kong’s 2016 television season has come to an end with the TVB Anniversary Awards, which were held on Sunday, December 18. This year, regular MC Carol “DoDo” Cheng (鄭裕玲) co-hosted the show with Sammy Leung (森美) and the duo FAMA (農夫), bringing new faces to the industry’s most prestigious ceremony.

A total of 17 awards were handed out on Sunday night, including the professionally-judged TVB Lifetime Achievement Award and the Professional Actors Award. Winners were determined by both popular vote and a professional judging panel, with some awards determined by votes submitted by TVB’s own artiste department.

2016-tvb-anniversary-awards-ruco-chan-nancy-wuMartial arts drama A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> was the night’s biggest winner, taking home six awards including Best Drama. The drama gave 39-year-old Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) his first TV King win in Hong Kong. 35-year-old Nancy Wu (胡定性) won Best Actress for a second time, becoming the second actress after Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) to win TV Queen two years in a row.

“After so many years in the industry, I thought about giving up,” said the new TV King during his acceptance speech. “But I was fortunate enough to have so many people around me to give me opportunities to continue trying. This is my 21st year in the industry. There are so many people I want to thank! I will never forget you guys!” Ruco especially thanked his mother, who was in attendance, for her unwavering support since he first decided to become an actor in 1994.

Nancy Wu, now a two-time TV Queen, said, “A year has gone by so fast. When they called my name last year, I was in shock. I felt like I was dreaming. I didn’t expect that I’d be able to step into this stage again this year.”

2016-tvb-anniversary-awardsA Fist Within Four Walls’ Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Grace Wong (王君馨) respectively won Most Popular Male Character and Female Character, giving them their first major acting award in Hong Kong. With their wins, A Fist Within Four Walls has become the first drama since 2008’s Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓> to win all four major acting categories.

Benjamin thanked his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢), for her support in the last three years. “For years, I didn’t do anything else but work. I’ve neglected so many people. This award is for you too! Thank you, Jennifer!” Benjamin then thanked his parents, with tears in his eyes.

Grace was in shock when her name was announced for Most Popular Female Character. The 30-year-old actress, who is recently engaged, thanked her friends and the crew of A Fist Within Four Walls for bringing her character into life.

2016-tvb-anniversary-awards-raymond-cho-katy-kungFormer TV King and Queen Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Sheren Tang presented the Best Drama Award. Annie Liu (劉心悠) and Candy Lo (羅霖) presented Best Actor, while Frankie Lam (林文龍) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) presented Best Actress. Virtues of Harmony <皆大歡喜> stars Nancy Sit (薛家燕), Joyce Chen (陳彥行), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), and Johnny Tang (鄧兆尊) presented Most Popular On-Screen Partnership. The main cast of Come Home Love <愛·回家> presented the variety awards.

Check out the full list of winners below, including the top nominations:

Best Drama
“A Fist Within Four Walls”

Best Actor
Ruco Chan, “A Fist Within Four Walls” — WINNER
Roger Kwok, “Dead Wrong”
Benjamin Yuen, “A Fist Within Four Walls”
Bosco Wong, “Two Steps from Heaven”
Vincent Wong, “Over Run Over”

Best Actress
Nancy Wu, “A Fist Within Four Walls” — WINNER
Kristal Tin, “Brother’s Keeper II”
Tracy Chu, “Over Run Over”
Maggie Shiu, “The Executioner”
Priscilla Wong, “Two Steps from Heaven”

Most Popular Male Character
Benjamin Yuen as Duen Ying-fung, “A Fist Within Four Walls” — WINNER
Ruco Chan as Chor Au-kuen, “A Fist Within Four Walls”
Vincent Wong as Kwan Ding-ming, “Over Run Over”
Bobby Au-yeung as Po Foon, “House of Spirits”
Louis Cheung as Tim Yau, “Two Steps from Heaven”

Most Popular Female Character
Grace Wong as Fa Man, “A Fist Within Four Walls” — WINNER
Joyce Tang as Po Yan, “House of Spirits”
Nancy Wu as Tiu Lan, “A Fist Within Four Walls”
Natalie Tong as Yiu Yiu, “Speed of Life”
Tracy Chu as Ling Sun-fung, “Over Run Over”

Best Supporting Actor
Raymond Cho, “Short End of the Stick” — WINNER
Hugo Ng, “Brother’s Keeper II”
6-Wing, “Two Steps from Heaven”

Best Supporting Actress
Katy Kung, “Two Steps from Heaven” — WINNER
Joyce Tang, “House of Spirits”
Grace Wong, “A Fist Within Four Walls”

Most Improved Male Artiste
Jonathan Cheung — WINNER
James Ng
Matthew Ho
Hubert Wu
Mark Ma
Bob Cheung

Most Improved Female Artiste
Ali Lee — WINNER
Tracy Chu
Stephanie Ho
Mayanne Mak
Moon Lau
Katy Kung

Most Popular Drama Theme Song
“Never Know You Are the Best” (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) by Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu — WINNER
“Remember to Forget Me” (“Wu Xin: The Monster Killer”) by Alfred Hui
“Love Takes Courage” (“Dead Wrong”) by Stephanie Ho

Most Popular On-Screen Partnership
Vincent Wong and Tracy Chu, “Over Run Over”

Best Host
Carol Cheng and FAMA, “Do Did Eat” — WINNER
Eric Tsang and artistes, “I Heart HK”
Sammy Leung and Sharon Chan, “Sunday Stage Fight”

Best Variety Show
“I Heart HK” — WINNER
“Do Did Eat”
“Spirits on Vacation”

Best Informative Program
“Sidewalk Scientist” — WINNER
“Not Far but Away: Cuba”
“Sermon by Ben Sir”

Best Special Program
“Peak to Pit” — WINNER
“Hong Kong Heroes”
“A Time of Love II”

Professional Actors Award
Jerry Ku
Carlo Ng
Chun Wong

TVB Lifetime Achievement Award
Chow Chung

Judging criteria:

TVB profesional panel (100%)
TVB Lifetime Achievement Award, Professional Actors Award

Public vote (50%) + TVB professional panel (50%)
Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Drama, Most Popular Male Character, Most Popular Female Character, Most Popular Original Drama Song, Most Popular On-Screen Partnership

TVB professional panel (50%) + TVB artistes (50%)
Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Most Improved Male Artist, Most Improved Female Artist, Best Host, Best Variety Show, Best Informative Program, Best Special Program

Source: IHKTV, Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. nancy won not cause of her great acting, it’s cause her contenders are jus all so weak. jus imagine the contenders were sheren tang, charmaine sheh etc. i don even think she has a chance to get it. as for ruco? i will still prefer roger winning. nothing great about ruco in the series. but at least ruco winning is definitely better than benjamin winning the award. wat is so nice about benjamin’s character? i would think bobby winning that award will more suitable. jus my 2 cents.

    1. @c3stlavi3 I AGREE COMPLETELY! there were no contenders for tv queen. but Grace wong actually is more impressive than nancy.

      thank goodness the tv king award didn’t go to wayne lai. benjamin’s character is SOOOOOO boring. thought Bosco would win tv king award but since he is leaving tvb, he won’t have the chance to get it.

      1. @janet72 tvb is stupid hell, 2012, raymond got robbed from wayne, and 2014 raymond got robbed from roger, and 2014 roger got robbed by ruco. Tvb will never end its rigging culture !

      2. @lam86 thank goodness Ruco finally received the best actor award…I can see he was so happy and touched when his name was announced. He truly deserves the award.
        Last year, Anthony wong robbed Ruco of the award.

      3. @janet72 Ruco’s acting not even on the league of Anthony. Dont make joke. This year the most top notch acting in all the dramas are roger and uncle liu kai chi and alex fong. Ruco standard not even on their league.

        In fact, bosco and vincent character are better than ruco in fist.

    2. @c3stlavi3 yup, nancy standard is just like chairmane standard 10 years ago, nothing exceptional. But the fact best actress should judge entirely on acting skill. maggie shiu is definitely better acting than the rest and should have crowned best actress. But of course this is a rigged show, you dont expect tvb to give that award to maggie which is not popular at all. At least dayo wong and anthony are very popular in hong kong so they not dare rigged in their games! Benjamin to win is an insult to that awards. He is just a keh leh feh for me but nominated as best actor and my favourite? What a joke of the year! Even bosco, uncle liu and alex fong was abandoned!

      1. @lam86 I can’t believe Uncle Lou and Alex Dong were not even nominated! What an insult!
        Maggie totally was the better actress. Too bad it’s all a popularity vote and tvb favouritism

      2. @bubbles23 yea, this was the most worst and rigged show in the history. The nomination was ridiculous. Uncle liu and alex fong definitely better acting and should be nominated but they just abandoned them.

      3. @lam86 bosco deserved the award more than Benjamin. Like I mentioned earlier, Benjamin’s role is really boring and not outstanding. At least give to Philip Ng….who gave viewers a feel of romance at the end.

    3. @c3stlavi3 Same here. I don’t know what type of award show I just watched last night. Some wins are really baffled… No way Ruco’s acting is better than Roger’s or Uncle liu. Nancy got her second BA because of totally weak competition. In fact I dont think she should even have won last year. I though Maggie is exceptional in the Executioner, Joey is not bad in Dead Wrong too.

      1. @arc78

        The Executioner is probably the most underrated show of these past few years. Maggie was the rightful winner for BA. before Dead Wrong aired I totally thought that could trump Nancy for BA since the script was good…

  2. Yay!! Ruco you finally did it congrats. I’m not surprised about Nancy though it should be Maggie instead and for Benjamin I prefer Bobby instead or even Hugo. I also prefer Joyce then Katy must be some mistakes or something really Katy? The rest are ok results. I’m glad there’s no Grace or Sisley name on the list. I thought I had a feeling that Hugo will be the best actor since they gave the best actor to Anthony Wong last year just for one series. Too bad Bobby can’t win the best actor hopefully he’ll be next for next year and Maggie too. I have to admit Hugo is a good actor too he’s really good in brothers keeper 2.

    1. @cutie777 the best part is NOT having chatterbox grace chan as host…what a relief! hugo is better than anthony wong. how in the world did katy kung cry so easily? it is like turning on the tap.

      1. @janet72 omg I was so scared Grace Chan was going to be a mc. I thought she was because of her matching coloured dress with Do Do.

  3. Congrats, Ruco. You truly deserve this elusive award which should have been yours a few years back. Can’t help but noticed Kenneth Ma. His body lang n facial expression seem to indicate his unhappiness. Hope i have read him wrongly.

    1. @loveruco

      Yes…i noticed Kenneth Ma’s reaction too. I guess he must be jealous because not only does he never win the Best Actor award, but his old flame; Nancy Wu is rumoured with Ruco too. Double unhappiness…LOL

  4. Congratz to all Winners!

    Roger should have won best actor (he did AMAZING in Dead Wrong as Vincent) . I know Ruco is overdue for best actor award that is why TVB given it to him plus he has big fans base. His performance was good but not at Roger’s level.

    1. @hannah YES exactly rite? it’s like cause no choice need to give to Ruco the overdue award. ruco is good but NOT GREAT comparing with roger? how in the world dead wrong didn’t get any award?

      1. @hannah I believe jazz boon’s ‘a fist within 4 walls’ is the best drama for 2016, not only because of Ruco, but also Carlo, Philip, moon, and the bad guys.

      2. @janet72
        It was probably the best series of the year and it shows how bad TVB series have been this year. It started really well but then so many flaws appeared.

    2. @hannah no such thing as overdue, every actors should be judged by that particular year only. Its so obvious this is the most rigged award show by tvb thus far! If everything judge by overdue, then jackie chan and jet li should have won best actor since long time ago!

  5. Have not been writing for quite sometimes !! Wow,Ruco ,u deserve it after so many years of hard work. Though I agreed with bros n sis here that ur role in Afwfw is a simple character with no outstanding performance (coz that was the role), but
    still u will be able to capture so many audiences heart. One word “amazing”. But I like his guest appearance in BK 2 whereby his character as Sam is cool . this is the type of character that I have long desired him to play as , unfortunately it only last 5 episodes . Bt no worries, with such value he has brought to TVB, it is only a matter of time that he will only get to shine even further.

  6. never liked roger…in fact, i prefer wayne lai over roger. Ruco’s character in ‘4 walls’ is a little weird because he had to act as a young man…but he truly deserves the best actor award more than nancy wu.

  7. I’m generally okay with the results. Nancy and Ali wouldn’t be my first picks, but I’m fine with Ali’s win and indifferent about Nancy’s. The only one I’m angry(?) about is My Favorite Male Character. I was hoping Vincent would get it! I really think he acted at a TV King level this year, but understand that there are many more experienced people in that category. But Kui Tau was extremely likeable and his acting was really good… I can’t believe he lost to Nga Lo/Benjamin Yuen. His acting was mediocre and Nga Lo was not very likeable at all… Actually, of all the 5 finalists in that category, Nga Lo was the LEAST likeable one. I would have been ok with a Tim Siu/Louis Cheung or Bo Foon/Bobby Au Yeung win too! I am so, so disappointed.

    1. @melia880 Its already an insult la. Tv King final nomination should be “Roger, Ruco, Uncle Liu, Alex Fong and (vincent/bosco)..ruco’s acting not even on par with roger,alex and uncle liu!
      And benjamin to be nominated for my favourite and best actor is an insult to both awards! He is the most under best supporting category and his acting is so woody ntg excellent at all. Bobby,vincent and louis anytime better than this wood guy la wtf! Stupid rigged show!

    2. @melia880 Vincent is much more deserving for the awards rather than Benjamin. How can some one so wood get awards? He is damn lucky the series received much hype. But he really can’t act. How I wish his role and Ruco’s was exchanged.

  8. What in the world? lol

    Dead Wrong airing late was a disadvantage. Ruco deserves it, but for the wrong performance.

    Nancy is no way on Sheren’s level. It’s really a pity that there’s a lack of talents for actresses.

    Katy for BSA was an insult. Joyce was robbed!

    Raymond Cho deserves BSA!

    Benjamin Yuen won MFMC? Rigged! If only Bobby attended…

    Grace actually deserves MFFC. Her reaction was very real!

    Johnathan for MI was a given. Ali over Moon was a surprise, but it’s obvious Ali is more favored.

    Fist did not deserve to dominate the awards. Oh, TVB…

    1. @tiffany Katy for BSA was an insult. Joyce was robbed!- VERY TRUE. i don even mind if tat award went to grace. BUT KATY? wth? how possible? she’s jus a tap crying. wat so special about her crying skills? the all weakling who jus cries herself all the way.

      1. @c3stlavi3 Joyce was absolutely robbed! Katy’s portrayal of Carmen was either boring or crying. I didn’t feel there was much depth in that character.

        Joyce’s character had more than 2 emotions and was brought more to life than Carmen was.

    2. @tiffany Only moonlight resonance and heart of greed dominate the awards show in the past. But moonlight and heart are in exceptional quality with top acting skill drama..Fist is not even on par or near the standard of moon and heart! The whole FK’ing rigged show. Totally abandoned Liu Kai chi and alex fong their acting was exceptional in law disorder. putting benjamin to race for tv king is an insult to the awards as well as the my favourite!

  9. Was anyone else bothered by the hosting arrangement of this show? I hated flipping the screens from stage to room. It seems cheap and unnecessary. I skipped all the MCs scenes this time.

    Is that drama really that great that it kept winning everything including song? I wanted Stephanie to win for song. I can’t imagine what the singers were thinking “The actors won for favorite song”.

    I absolutely adored Grace’s speech and Katy. I really wanted Roger to win. I think dead Wrong was at a disadvantage compared to the other dramas since it ended yesterday. It premiered too late to be nominated for the Star Hub and Astro awards so it didn’t even go into the TVB award with much hype.

    1. @02xxmlt the mc arrangement was ridiculous. At one point they announced the winners and instead of airing them going up to the stage they went to the lounge where Fama and Dodo were engaged in their own little conversation about themselves… quite unnecessary and I thought lowered the professionalism of the awards.

      The time it was used well was when they did casual mini interviews with nominees

      1. @kuks that 2 idiot fama really useless. That dodo totally no respect them. No choice they need to survive in tvb and cannot make dodo angry but really a stupid! Many words from dodo yesterday night was really so insulting. No wonder even his ex bf lui fong also cannot stand her and broke up! stupid btcvh

    2. @02xxmlt does it even matter whether it ended the night before the ceremony? because the show was rigged and the worst rigging in the history. Even law dis-order got premiered earlier but uncle liu and alex fong with epic acting not even got nominated for top 5 is an insult and they got abandoned the whole ceremony except their photos being shown on the screen. lol…what a joke wtf!

  10. I am somehow very impressed with TVB this year for taking more care into the ceremony and not conforming to the other award ceremonies to be grandeur and prestigious, but more home-feel. The choice for guest speakers were surprising. Results wise again were also surprising as well.

    Poor Edwin Siu who was teased throughout the ceremony about either Priscilla Wong or not getting many awards from TVB in the past, at all.

    Overall, a few odd camera shots, some touching moments and a lot of funny banter. The best parts were definitely Virtues of Harmony and the trio hosts times when they spoke about not getting nominated and what to do if win/lose respectively.

    Anyway here’s my thoughts on the results and awards ceremony overall:

  11. obvious winner when there’s lack of competitor… Joyce & Bobby should have deserve at least the most loved character. Anyway typical TVB awards which doesn’t have much meaning anymore.

  12. Ruco deserves BA but not for Afwfw. His BA should have come in 2013 for brother’s keeper.
    Nancy didn’t deserve BA a second time. The first time was already a stretch. Maggie Shiu was really good in both the executioner and Between Love and Desire. In my opinion this year’s best drama was The Executioner. I can’t believe Moon lau didn’t win most improved though I am an Ali Fan.
    Can’t believe Katy won over Grace for BSA. These awards are getting so rigged

  13. Vincent was definitely robbed of MFMC . There’s hardly any hype for Ben as Ngah Lo . Riggedddd.tvb just gives it to whoever they want.

  14. Yo,
    Side issue, Can anyone advise me how to delete our own comments once it was posted .lol. Couldn’t find any delete button .haha. Thanks in advance

  15. Well the awards winners were a dissapointment …
    (Especially best actor , best male character , best supporting actress , theme song award and best drama )

    For best actor , ruco shouldn’t have won and roger should have won instead . Roger was superb in dead wrong and he lost 30 pounds for the role ! Ruco should have won best male character instead . His acting in afwfw was nothing special and he acted like just any other actor would do …
    Joyce was robbed from best supporting ! I know tvb wants to promote Katy since she is younger and more loyal but Joyce definitely deserves the award.
    The theme song award was also bullshit . How in the world two non singers can win best theme song ? Stephanie ho should have won as both her songs in dead wrong and eu was nice .
    As for best drama, How can a drama that have a lousy and lazily written ending win best drama ? Just because it’s the highest rating drama of the year does not mean it’s the best drama ) imo , EU and house of spirits were more deserving …
    anyway , it’s all my opinion

  16. Congrats to these two Ruco & Nancy perfect match one is.40 & the other female is 36 double happiness for both they should get married and get preg fast Nancy is not any younger she had robbed two Best Actress in.2 years, is time for her to leave tvb and give the younger generations a chance.

  17. Congrats to Ruco. He is an exceptional actor but his character in AFWFW did not have as much depth as Roger or Bobby. He just played a rash, young guy. Nancy won because like how everyone pointed out, there wasn’t real competition except for Maggie. But The Executioner came out a lot earlier in the year so I guess it didn’t stick in people’s minds and this seems more of a popularity thing anyway :/ They also probably want to see Ruco and Nancy up there together. For most popular male character, I would’ve been happy with either Bobby, Vincent or Louis. Benjamin’s character was so flat and one-dimensional. Loved Grace’s character though. Joyce totally got robbed of the award. In the end, at least Roger’s hard work for Dead Wrong didn’t go unnoticed. He is a phenomenal actor and even lost 30 pounds for the role. The drama was already at a disadvantage for airing so late. *sigh*

  18. Congrats to Raymond Cho, Chow Chung, Chun Wong, Carol Cheng and FAMA.
    Felt Roger, Bobby, Joyce and Maggie were so much more deserving. Trying to come into terms with some of the winners, probably due to the greater popularity in HK or simply strong fans’ base.
    However, Benjamin’s role character winning Most Popular Male Character was unbelievable, The Most Popular Drama Song was another but the biggest joke was Bejamin in the top 5 final contenders for Best Actor. I don’t dislike him but his acting is wooden at best.
    It definitely brings back memories when Sheren Tang lost Best Actress for her role in War and Beauty. It is an insult to the other contenders as well as us, viewers.

  19. I really missed all the old timers… Maggie Siu, Shereen Tang etc… those days TVB dramas are talk of the town. Now they are always repeating the same group of actors/actress which act very similar characters though different setting and different storyline. Although I enjoy some of the dramas this year, none had leave a great impression on me so far.

    Yesterday award ceremony is just so-so. I laughed at their lame jokes but not particularly impress with the awards results.

  20. Definitely a rigged awards show and an insult to many senior or veteran artists. A Fist although is a good drama…but it also did not deserve to dominate the awards. Totally a popularity-based awards than true talent or skill-based awards.

    Best Drama: A Fist – Acceptable. But very unfair for House of Spirits that won nothing and Dead Wrong too. Especially for Dead Wrong that has already missed the Singapore and M’sia awards…and not even been given a single award in Hong Kong.

    Ruco’s Win – Fine. After all, he’s long overdue. But Roger definitely did better. Anyway Roger, you are the TV King in many audiences’ heart this year.

    Nancy’s Win – I just hope she won’t be proud after this thinking that herself is really as good as Sheren Tang…because i could see how confident (in fact a little arrogant) she was after being crowned the TV Queen again. Poor Maggie…no need to film for TVB anymore.

    Benjamin’s Win – Totally undeserving. Perhaps his win is just so that A Fist clinched all the major awards and be on par with Moonlight Resonance or Heart of Greed…when in fact it’s not. Bobby or Vincent’s character is far more likeable than wooden Nga Lo.

    Grace Wong’s Win – Acceptable…although i would prefer senior actress like Joyce Tang to win over her. Pity Joyce who was also robbed by Katy for the Best Supporting Actress.

    In fact…so much more to comment…but it’s pointless anymore.

    1. @diana80 Thought I was the only who felt that Nancy was a little arrogant! In fact, felt that way during her win in Malaysia this year but was thinking that I could be wrong.

    2. @diana80 its already an insult to all the veteran actors especially Uncle lie as Kc lau, Alex Fong as cheung keung and bobby and Roger..They won nothing despite their exceptional acting. As i said earlier no such thing as overdue because getting award is not an accumulated things. Its just a stupid excuse. You only can say accumulate enough experience to perform greatly but ruco is not even exceptional in FIST compare with bobby,roger,uncle liu and alex fong! But award is judge based on that year performance only. Just like Hong Kong Film Award. If judge by overdue/deserving then Jackie Chan and jet Li already gotten their best actor award but never! Because its judge yearly and too bad every year gt someone better acting then them. No such thing as overdue!

      katy to win best supporting just because of that drama crying like mama was indeed speechless wtf. Joyce acted far well than her in house of spirit! Benjamin woody guy to win my favourite even shocking! Anyway its already pointless to say anything as it has ended and nonetheles the most rigged award show in the history of hong kong!!!

    3. @diana80 I feel the same too after watching her last night! It has all gone to her head! She is good but definitely and nowhere the standard as Sheren, Charmaine.. In fact there are other much more better actresses like Ada, Jessica, Flora or Tavia who deserve to win Best Actress twice over Nancy.

    4. @diana80 I love grace wong more than Nancy…nancy’s acting is really no big deal. Priscilla/Edwin cannot win anything. I miss bosco. He is good.

  21. Gotta give it to Ruco, otherwise it would’ve been such an upset, well from the media’s point of view. Gotta keep milking the Ruco/Nancy pair as well. TVB needs to make sure these artists are renewing their contracts 😛

  22. Most Popular Male Character should have given to Vincent (Over Run Over)

    Benjamin’s win is unbelieveable

  23. I still can’t believe Benjamin won… just unbelievable.. he was like wooden stick in the drama…

  24. With clearly a popularity-based award show nowadays…plus if Ruco & Nancy could maintain their popularity & status as golden couple of TVB, the TVB Anniversary Award 2017 results will be as follows:

    Best Drama: The Unholy Alliance
    TV King: Ruco Chan
    TV Queen: Nancy Wu

    Wakakaka…no need to watch also know…LOL

    Ruco & Nancy better be a real couple. Otherwise, if their rumour is over after the award show, it clearly shows that the rumour is just their publicity stunt…similar like some who claimed that Roger used cheap publicity (losing weight) to gain sympathy & popularity to win TV King.

    1. @diana80 Stop joking my dear, next year so much tip top actors in various drama! Got bobby, gallen, moses chan all top dramas. Ruco acting no way can surpass all of them unless those veteran retired from the acting scenes! Ruco popularity is a fake phenomenon created by TVB. You can see so many bashing the result about ruco and benjamin in FB tvb .
      You will never see that happen on Dayo, anthony, kevin, when they won the award because their acting are excellent!
      For female, no need bash la as totally no competition at all!

      1. @lam86 Yes, but it’s really up to TVB. Dead Wrong was at a disadvantage for the late airing. Let’s say those dramas with the veterans also have bad time slots. Even Roger and Dead Wrong came home empty handed.

        Fist won the major awards. It wouldn’t surprise me if TVB pulled that next year.

      2. @tiffany house of spirit wont be forgotten easily and yet joyce and bobby won nothing. this was the worst rigged show in the history. Slot time was not the issue. If they really based on the citizen voting and judge by the professional without tvb management interference, the results would be totally different from this rigged one! Benjamin to be nominated in top 5 for best actor and my favourite? ptui!

  25. Benjamin needs to be axed from the list. Katy needs to be axed. Ruco deserves an award…but not for this role.

    Vincent deserves more awards than just one.

    Other than those complaints, the rest of the list is acceptable.

  26. Ruco deserve the award, not for this role but as 11th prince last year.No doubt Nancy have the most impressive performance this year as tiu lan, plus there is lack of competition which contribute to the award. Really shock that Benjamin won most favourite award, he dont even deserve to be nominated in both best actor category.Grace won is acceptable compare to Benjamin.Overall, Roger should have won best actor for dead wrong. His performance is truly outstanding! Ruco is good, but not on par or near with Roger yet. My own winner list is below:

    Best Actor: Roger Kwok
    Best actress: Nancy/Maggie Shiu
    Favourite Male: Ruco
    Favourite Female: Kristal Tin/Joey Meng
    Supporting actress: Joyce Tang
    Supporting actor: Hugo/Liu Kai Chi

    1. @kuanzie Agreed with you. Ruco deserved to win his awards in PREVIOUS years. In “A Fist Within Four Walls”, his performance was fairly ordinary. Nothing spectacular.

      TVB should judge actors in their CURRENT year. In this case, Roger Kwok should have won the Best Actor in 2016, not Ruco.

      Check out all the hard work that Roger put in for Dead Wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSjz2N-Vw6w

  27. Here’s my opinion:

    Best Actor – I agree of the majority of people here that Ruco won the award for the wrong role. It’s just like when Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar this year. I mean, I love both actors but felt like the award was given to the lesser performance. But I guess TVB is afraid of the fans’ backlash if Ruco doesn’t win. He has such a strong fanbase.

    Best Actress – Nancy is a good actress and I’ve always liked her, but her role as Tiu Lan was really boring in my opinion. There was not much for her to showcase her acting. Maggie Shiu in the Executioner was phenomenal. She is the best actress this year in my heart.

    Most Popular Male Character – RIGGED!! Ugh… Nga Lou was okay but Vincent’s character in Over Run Over or Ruco as Kuen Lou is definitely more popular than Ben’s. He still has a long way to go and really need to work on his expressions.

    Most Popular Female Character – I would be okay with Grace Wong or Joyce or Tracy, but since 4 Walls were so popular and I guess it’s not that strange that Grace got it. She’s improved so much this year and I see so much potential in her. It was great seeing how surprised she was to win this award.

    Best Supporting Actor – Raymond really didn’t have a rival for this ward. The other two were so-so. Not surprised here.

    Best Supporting Actress – Although I agree with the popular opinion that Joyce’s acting was definitely better than the other two, I really did enjoy Katy Kung’s performance in Two Steps from Heaven. Her crying scenes were heartbreaking. But it would have been better if Katy won the Most Improved Female Artiste instead.

    Most Improved Male Artiste – Jonathan Cheung definitely deserves this award. He went from a block of wood to having more emotions in House of Spirits. Definitely an improvement. The other nominees were quite weak.

    Most Improved Female Artiste – I really prefer Tracy or Katy Kung to win this award. Even Moon Lau showed tremendous improvement. Ali is a good actress but she’s not that different from her previous series.

    I also really enjoy the Professional Actors Award and Lifetime Achievement Award. It’s great to see the senior actors being appreciated 🙂

    1. @george probably tvb dont want to let him have the proud by getting 4th time. Might reserve for gallen and wayne lai. but the show was rigged anyhow. Next year got linewalker
      moses+jessica hsuan. Jessica always gave luck to all the best actors. 1998-2005,all the tv king had her as main actress..so amazing. Next year moses very high chance to get tv king if his performance and the storyline is good but of course if they dont rigged like 2013..

  28. TVB couldn’t give the BA to Ruco last year ‘coz there’re 2 main reasons first of all Captain Destiny the leading Actor is “Cheong Poh Chai” not 11th Prince and Roger’s performance was excellent so no way Ruco will gets awarded for his BA last year and this year Tvb had no excuses to put him down with his popularity votes.

  29. Steven Ma Award winner Safe Guards
    Moses Chan Award winner Heart of Greed
    Raymond Lam Award winner Moonlight Resonance
    Wayne Lai Award winner Rosy Business
    Raymond Lam Award winner The Mysteries of Love
    Kevin Cheng Award winner Ghetto Justice
    Kenneth Ma Award winner The Hippocratic Crush
    Julian Cheung Award winner Triumph in the Skies II
    Hui Shiu-hung Award winner Line Walker
    Ruco Chan Award winner Captain of Destiny
    Benjamin YuenA Fist Within Four Walls

  30. Steven Ma Award winner Safe Guards
    Moses Chan Award winner Heart of Greed
    Raymond Lam Award winner Moonlight Resonance
    Wayne Lai Award winner Rosy Business
    Raymond Lam Award winner The Mysteries of Love
    Kevin Cheng Award winner Ghetto Justice
    Kenneth Ma Award winner The Hippocratic Crush
    Julian Cheung Award winner Triumph in the Skies II
    Hui Shiu-hung Award winner Line Walker
    Ruco Chan AwardCaptain of Destiny
    Benjamin Yuen A Fist Within Four Walls

  31. Steven Ma-Safe Guards
    Moses Chan-Heart of Greed
    Raymond Lam-Moonlight Resonance
    Wayne Lai-Rosy Business
    Raymond Lam-The Mysteries of Love
    Kevin Cheng-Ghetto Justice
    Kenneth Ma-The Hippocratic Crush
    Julian Cheung-Triumph in the Skies II
    Hui Shiu-hung-Line Walker
    Ruco Chan Award-Captain of Destiny
    the previous winners from 2006 to 2015

    Benjamin Yuen-A Fist Within Four Walls: do u think he is up to the previous actors standards? i don even think his acting is all that great in nga lo. and for the character? i would think roger or bobby’s character was way better than his. where is the justice? TVB should wake up else their awards are jus plain BullSH*t

  32. and what is worst…
    Liza Wang
    Sheren Tang
    Charmaine Sheh
    Nancy Wu
    All the 4 of them has 2 wins…do u think nancy is up to the standard of liza wang and sheren tang? enlighten me please.

  33. Nancy got awarded this year for BA simply bcoz is Nancy Vs Nancy. By putting Maggie into the top 5 is just a show by Tvb. They’ve no intention to award Maggie….poor Maggie I really hope that Maggie don’t ever return to Tvb for another unfavorable drama for them.

  34. Among the Best Actor i think it should go to Vincent(ORO) or Roger(DW), not that Ruco no good, but the role is more on action and being reckless.
    As for Actress , Nancy got no strong contenders in the list,
    Why is benjamin in the list for BA ?

    1. @queentvb1 its an insult to uncle liu and alex fong for not into top 5 as their acting superb acting top notch ever as a lawyer! But putting benjamin into the best actor race was indeed an insult to the award! Until now i still have forgotten that KC lau evil lawyer face and attitude le!!!

      1. @lam86

        Hugo Ng is in the same bracket as Anthony Wong.
        Liu Kai chi and Alex fong is in the same bracket between the above and Wayne Lai. Ruco is my favourite TVB actors and was superb in ‘the other truth’ and ‘brothers keeper’, ‘every move you make’ and ‘No good either way’. I still don’t think he deserved to win best actor based on his role in 2016 though!

      2. @jimmyszeto But his character is so bad raping his own daughter and citizen just wont like it. So its logic that he wont be appreciated. But anthony wong still considered a good guy in Lord of Shanghai and he is so wellknown in HK and very popular and an acting trainer.

        Like i said before, BA is judge based on every year performance. No such thing as accumulated or overdue or carry forward. This year uncle liu, alex fong, roger kwok acting are top notch and the winner should be one of them! Just look at Hong Kong Film Award a very good example how they do it! This is the most rigged award show by TVB so far in the history.

  35. Lots of negative comments on Benjamin Yuen winning the Most Popular Male Character. But I think the people making such comments are confused.

    I would join in the protests if Benjamin had won Best Actor for the reason many of you pointed out – his acting is so wooden with a monotonous voice. But what he won has nothing to do with his acting. It was based on a character that the producers/directors deliberately created to be very likable. Nga Lo was a righteous man, loyal to his disciples and friends, willing to confront the truth and faced up to it, a dependable guy who can get the Wall’s residents out of trouble as he thinks before he acts unlike the rash Ruco’s character. You can’t not like the guy. So is it a surprise Benjamin won for that character?

    In fact, I would object to Raymond Cho winning Best Supporting Actor. It is not difficult playing an effeminate character. You only need to imitate girlish mannerism and that’s it. We didn’t see Raymond having to act out any memorable scenes with some solid acting. Hugo Ng would have been more deserving.

    1. @creditor

      The character and the acting of actor/actress who play the character is somehow related. A well-created character if acted poorly will definitely affect the likeability of that character, and vice versa. Although Nga Lo was a righteous man with all the good characteristic, but it didn’t drive me to like the character very much throughout the series because of Benjamin’s wooden acting.

      Anyway, i agree that Hugo Ng would have been more deserving for the Best Supporting Actor. His acting as a villain was very convincing and i enjoyed watching his scenes in the drama. So u can see…although Hugo’s character was a villain in Brother’s Keeper, but it still attracted many people to watch his character because of his solid acting. Too bad TVB did not appreciate his efforts.

    2. @creditor if he is so likeable then it wont be so many bashing in tvb fb and here and many other forum. Go check it out dude. Dont living in denial…Its only a fake phenomenon created by TVB that benjamin is so likeable. majority of the hk citizen is more liking bobby, louis ,vincent and bosco more than this wood guy!

    3. @creditor Personally, I didn’t find Nga Lo particularly likable. Being righteous doesn’t make a character likable (actually, it often makes a character less likable because they’re often stubborn and unrealistic), not to mention the fact that Nga Lo got super weird and irrational towards the end of the drama.

      Even if he’s decently likable, it is still a surprise that he won for sure. He needs to be the MOST likable, and I highly doubt he was more likable than Bobby or Louis or Vincent this year. I haven’t seen anyone (except for his diehard fans) say that Nga Lo is more likable than Tim Siu, Kui Tau or Bo Foon. So is Nga Lo really the Most Popular Male Character, or TVB’s favourite male character?

      Also agree that Hugo was more deserving! Unfortunate, but also not surprised since it’s TVB, that Hugo got snubbed for BSA.

      1. @melia880 I take your point and those of @diana80 too. But before my post, the people here were all focused on Benjamin’s acting and not about the character he played. Not a mention was made about the character of Nga Lo which played a big part in helping him win that award.

        Also, we have to consider that Nga Lo’s character was one of calm disposition,one of internalizing his feelings rather than expressing it outwardly and cool rationalization. If that is so, Benjamin’s wooden acting style fits in perfectly with the character he played.

  36. Even though the Best Actor award has given to Ruco. Is pointless and no value to the public coz it was not judging through his performance it was awarded to him based on his popularity votes from his fans in other words “like asking your closest friends to vote for you.” Do you think his BA award is valuable? ” Same.goes to Nancy.

    1. @lucida for fool like @isay its very excited. If my idol won it in such a way, i wont even brag anything and just keep quite because i knew it was not deserve at all. Every award should only be judged on that year performance and no such thing as overdue and no carry forward. If can carry forward, then jet li and jackie chan should have receive Best Actor award in the Hong Kong Film Awards based on their epic successful movie career but that is not the case. It is being judge yearly!
      And it is damn insult to the veteran actors like Alex Fong, Uncle Liu kai chi and Bobby au who had great acting in 2016 drama but wins nothing and not even nominated in top 5 best actor…What a bullsht..

      1. @lam86 hey backpeddling snake, you come here now to spew your drivel and dare to @me? You still haven’t googled meaning of FACT? Whatever is written in this forum is just the OPINION of a few same people over and over again. Especially you, i would appreciate if you added “In my (worthless) OPINION” before every post you make. Have you forgotten your golden words to every person you disagreed with in this forum or have you become stupid? I am fine with your OPINION becos it is just your OPINION. Don’t state it as FACT when you can’t prove it except with angry words. The FACT is that Ruco won. Whether he deserved it or not is just your OPINION. You understand the difference betw the 2 words now donkey? And please next time don’t state things like “Ruco surely won’t win cos the HK awards is voted by professional judges” and”the award is very valuable cos it is made of gold, it is not Mickey mouse award like Starhub or Astro” cos you will have to eat your words again and you look very very foolish not to mention sneaky. Shooting yourself in the foot or mouth is detrimental to your health. Finally, this is just an award, no need to burst a blood vessel to keep spamming here and slamming the results. If my fave didn’t win, at most I’ll leave a couple of posts to express my dissatisfaction and move on. Life is more precious and time is more valuable than to spend so much time spamming here and there especially if your OPINION is worthless. Geddit donkey?

      2. @isay lol mr donkey dun drag irrelevant point into this tvb awards. Dun mention mickey mouse award of astro and starhub here dam F. Its already a proven fact that this year tvb award was the most rigged one in the history. Or else how on earth benjamin could be nominated in best actor award and abandone uncle liu and alex fong.

        By the way are you donkey arguing ruco’s acting this year is better than all those veteran? Can you donkey answer me? Pls donkeykey… :p

      3. @lucida yup, it has no meaning if you not won it deserve way by beating all the opponent far and square. Ruco’s performance this year was just totally not on the league of roger,alex and uncle liu. If Uncle liu or alex or roger won totally wont even have anyone bash in any forum or tvb fb or here. And that @isay still behaving like a donkey so exciting about ruco getting the rigged award…

      4. @lam86 you are seriously the funniest stupidest donkey if you still can’t see what ive been explaining to you since many posts ago. You donkey are confusing FACT with OPiNION. With that being said why are you still stubbornly refusing to admit that your OPINION is yours solely and in no way becomes FACT. I get it that you suffered a major loss of face when you had to eat your words. It’s ok. No one knows what you look like so no big deal. Just get over the FACT Ruco won. Build a bridge and get over it ok donkey.

      5. @lam86 hahaha, are you too…. too miserable and depressed out there? Just because your idol was not awarded….. Roger the ‘Village Bumpkin’ look that upset you thus condemning others with no respect and regards to others

  37. @lam86, u really super cute . I can’t help when read what you have written since last year till now. You still couldn’t get over since last year( you should know you have cross sword with many bros/sis in this forum) that Ruco is getting hotter an hotter each year.On the other hand ,if your idol( from the way you have written , more or less, I can guess who ur idol is) is getting award each year, I would not “pour cold water” so let be gracious and wrote something constructive and not destructive .

  38. Ruco is definitely one ascending star! His acting really grows on me. I am very happy that he won the TVB Best Actor Award cos’ he really pulled his role exceedingly well! But it’s really unfair that we should compare him to those who had gone ahead of him in the best actor category. Ruco and Nancy are not in the previous generation but the present one so do both of them justice by judging them according to the present time that they are in.

    1. @blest62

      “Ruco and Nancy are not in the previous generation but the present one so do both of them justice by judging them according to the present time that they are in.”

      I disagree. To compare them to today’s std which is potentially mediocre people means saying one deserves to get A today when today’s A is yesterday’s D. How is that an improvement? Moreover, compare themselves to the materials given and has against their ownselves. It is as if saying they’re lucky to be in today’s crowd. As if Nancy won’t get her award if she had been in the pool of 20 years ago. That’s not fair to them either.

  39. ‘A Fist Within the 4 Walls’ has dusting of history in it. When I saw the first few episodes, I can’t help but felt that it is gonna be a winning drama for 2016. The Walled City did exist until it was demolished to make way for developments. Like what was portrayed in the drama series, it was a crime-infested place. The director has not compromised on what he needs to let the audience watching it know about the history of the Walled City. The Academy Award usually rewards those movies that have woven some histories in its plots. We must see beyond the surface indeed before we start spewing not-so-pleasant comments here.

    1. @blest62 I wouldn’t use TVB as the standard for real history or anywhere near it. Even if they show alcatraz I am sure it will be rosy happy place. The director compromised standard and a good story. I really don’t know much about the walled city and after watching that series I still don’t. what is the surface here? Ok let’s see beyond the surface and I find Fist Within Four Walls empty. It has no message. It is not even an entertainment.

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