3 Reasons Why Crystal Fung is Frozen

Above: Both Miss Hong Kong winners, Crystal has lost favor to Sabina.

Winner of Miss Hong Kong 2016, 27-year-old Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) had been heavily promoted by TVB after signing on, and received much limelight along with numerous opportunities given to her across dramas, variety shows and  large-scale events.

The newbie actress even clinched Most Improved Actress in the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards, for her first onscreen role in Apple Colada <果欄中的江湖大嫂>. She appeared well poised for a smooth-sailing career until recently, when talk arose that Crystal has allegedly been frozen by management for committing “three offenses.” This explains why she has not been seen onscreen recently, as she is likely axed from the upcoming sequel of Sinister Beings <逆天奇案>.

#1. Romance Over Career  

Alleged to be dating host Leonard Cheng (鄭衍峰) in 2020, Crystal was eager to go public with her underground romance but faced strong opposition from TVB. This has caused tension between both parties.

#2. Jumping On the Crypto Bandwagon
Starting her foray into the NFT market, Crystal recently released her own line of exclusively designed crystal brackets and traded her items using Ethereum. Given that virtual currencies and related commercial activities are illegal and prohibited in China while the Chinese market is a key focus for TVB, Crystal is thus playing with fire.

#3. Stubbornly Defiant
Crystal has always hired a personal assistant to manage various tasks, but this assistant has been rumored to be behaving inappropriately during events on top of showing greed for small gains. TVB has strongly advised Crystal to dismiss this assistant multiple times to prevent her own reputation from being tarnished, but this advice has fallen on deaf ears.

Rising Threat

At the same time, TVB management was also keen to promote Miss Hong Kong 2021 winner Sabina Mendes Sung (宋宛穎), as they surmised that Sabina is comparable to Crystal on all fronts, and could potentially replace the latter. All the above factors led to Crystal being frozen by the station with her workload drastically reduced.


Source: HK01

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  1. Let’s not forget that when an artist acts like a diva, when she is only still trying to climb the ladder up……….You are only going to shoot yourself in the foot……….And the fact that she really has no on-screen charisma or talent doesn’t help much either. She use to, and still looks like nothing more than a KTV bar hostess-girl, so really doubt she has any potential to excel any further in the entertainment industry.

  2. Some harsh words these comments have for FYY. I don’t like nor dislike her. I do find her pretty and photogenic, entertaining and refreshing, and she does do well with certain roles. Her role in Sinister Beings is not likable but her acting was okay. This falls on the writing; any actress would have been annoying if they played the part of Ana. Al Cappuccino did not allow her to shine and out of all females she had the least screen time. FYY is a go getter and I respect the fact that she wants to improve herself, but I don’t think she will act forever or only act. FYY did come from an upper middle class upbringing; she has options. She is diversifying her portfolio with investments, MC, modeling (her fall fashion is so put together), NFTs, and has openly admitted she likes and wants to date. FYY definitely did pour her heart into Dub of War and although she didn’t win, it shows her commitment. Sabrina (not Sabina) Mendes made it clear she wants to win Miss HK and rise in the entertainment industry. She was also raised by a single mother, so I guess she cannot afford to lose as much or she doesn’t have as many options? Sabrina is taller and has a dance background, but perhaps, for me, FYY is prettier. I see FYY as an entertainer while I see Sabrina as a performer. Not many Miss HK can be dubbed as actresses from the get go.

    1. I would also agree although I dont know anything about whether she is a diva or not, she showed how she was not just a talentless pretty face on dub of war so maybe people should stop diminishing her achievements.

  3. NFT…I have come across this word more and more often… some says it is imaginary money transaction. Trading in cryptocurrency…. what are the benefits?

  4. Her acting is not good but I would rather she focus on acting than hosting. She get excited easily keeps yelling at times and I find hosts really need to be charming yet calm to control the atmosphere of live shows. I feel that maybe she has too much to do and not much time to concentrate on improving. A break will be good for her. I would like to see her in another season of that dubbing show though.

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