3rd Baby on the Way: Ada Choi Announces Pregnancy

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3rd Baby on the Way: Ada Choi Announces Pregnancy

Married for 11 years, Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and Max Jin (張晉) are proud parents to two daughters. Although Ada once said she won’t be giving birth to more children, the 45-year-old actress announced she is currently pregnant.

Parody Video

Choosing to announce the news on their social media page, the couple posted a parody of the viral Thai man causing a scene in a Hong Kong bus.

In the video, Max walked up to Ada and asked, “What is your problem,” a quote taken directly from the viral video. Throughout the parody, the couple bantered about a “problem”, before Max got straight to the point, “One person. You. Me. 10 Months.” Ada kept a serious face and replied harshly, “It needs a long time. It’s nature and it’s for safety!”

Finally, Max asked, “There is a person in your womb?” When Ada confirmed, Max further asked, “Mine?” With a reassuring second confirmation from Ada, the couple turned to the camera and asked, “Do you have a problem?”

When the fans saw the video, many sent their blessings and were amused by the couple’s creative method of delivering the news.

Pregnancy Wasn’t Planned

Responding to questions about the pregnancy, Max shared, “Whether it is a boy or a girl, we can’t choose. It is what it is. We will know later. Regardless, we are happy. Thank you everyone. Actually it wasn’t planned; it was an accident. God gave this to us so we are happy and will accept this. Thank you everyone.”

Ada’s Humorous Pregnancy Announcement 

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      Wow at age 45 and starting over again way to go Ada. Hopefully it’s a boy this time so good luck!!

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      quite a feat to accomplish at 45. good that they are happy about the pregnancy, congrats!

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      Congrats !!!!!!

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