A Family Portrait Every Year is Enough to Make Raymond Wong Happy

The following article contains spoilers for the TVB drama Forensic Heroes IV.

The last day of work is drawing closer and closer for the cast of Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV>, who recently wrapped up the ending scene for the show.

The crime series is the fourth installment of the Forensic Heroes franchise, which began in 2006 and starred Bobby Au-yeung (歐陽震華) and Frankie Lam (林文龍). In 2011, the show was revamped to feature new stars led by Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Maggie Cheung (張可頤).

Forensic Heroes IV lead, Raymond Wong (黃浩然), greeted the press after shooting a wedding scene for the show. He spoiled that the ending would be a happy one, saying, “All of us, including Jacqueline Wong (黃信銀), Alice Chan (陳煒), Selena Lee (李施嬅), Shaun Tam (譚俊彥), Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘), and Gabriel Harrison (海俊傑) all get good endings, whether it’s in our personal lives or our careers. We’ve been filming this show for half a year, and I’m already missing everyone. I hope the show will make it to broadcast within the year.”

Married to Kaka Mok (莫家嘉) since 2005, the couple have two sons. Donning the wedding tuxedo again, Raymond said wearing the outfit triggered memories of Raymond’s own wedding day. “It’s a good feeling. When you wear outfits like these, it’s usually for a happy scene.”

Many married couples like to retake their wedding photos after 10+ years, but for Raymond, taking a family portrait every single year would be enough to make him the happiest man on earth. “We liked to take casual photos of the family, and we’ll hang them around the house. When my son was still in kindergarten, we would make an effort to take a family portrait every single year. We really cherish family time.”

Raymond shared that both his wife and his eldest son had their birthdays last week, but he was in Taiwan to shoot Forensic Heroes IV. His wife flew their two sons over to Taiwan to celebrate.

“It’s not easy to fly back and forth like that, but to be able to spend time with my family is the happiest thing.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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