Aaron Kwok Doesn’t Deny Wife’s Pregnancy

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Aaron Kwok Doesn’t Deny Wife’s Pregnancy

On April 18, 51-year-old Aaron Kwok (郭富城) finally settled down and tied the knot with his girlfriend of two years, 29-year-old Moka Fang (方媛). Aaron has always remained tight-lipped about his personal life, but was prepared to face the press and accept congratulations after his wedding. “Thank you for everyone’s concern and for everyone who has sent me well wishes. I’m very happy.”

Aaron disclosed that the couple was engaged around Christmas 2016. Due to their busy work schedules, the wedding preparations were left in the hands of family members and a wedding planning team. He added, “I think it’s very normal. It’s not a secret. We approached this matter naturally. My wish, as well as my family’s wish, is to keep things low profile. So for my big day, I wanted to maintain my low-profile manner. Thank you everyone for your blessings and understanding.”

With Aaron speaking so candidly about his love life, reporters took the opportunity to probe about whether Moka is expecting. Aaron responded, “I’ll work hard. In short, I’ll share with everyone if there is good news.”

Perhaps Moka is not yet past her first trimester and, as a result of the Chinese superstition, Aaron remained silent about the matter. He instead replied, “Give me some time. When the time is right, I’ll share with everyone. In short, I’ve always said this: I got married because my mother wishes to see me settle down. I feel that during the entire wedding banquet, my mom was very happy and touched. I think I’m even more touched than she was. As for my plan for the next phase in life, and with everyone and God’s blessings, hopefully my mom will be able to have a grandchild. As a son, I have always hoped to do the right thing at the right time. Right now, I have settled down. The next step would be to start a family.”

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    If he wants to have a kid he better hurry since he’s now 50’s.

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