Ada Choi Admits to Being a Hong Kong Chick

Ada Choi Siu Fun, Moses Chan Ho, Raymond Cho Wing Lim, Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Queenie Chu Wai Man, etc. attended a promotional event for TVB series, Fly With Me , <飛女正傳>.

While jumping onto a canvas cloth during a game segment with Raymond, Ada bumped her nose and her eyes swelled with tears of pain. Reporters teased Ada that she should have her nose “fixed” [repair it with plastic surgery].  Ada joked, “Fortunately, I am a natural beauty. This proves that I did not get a chin and nose job before!”

Netizens commented on Ada’s exaggerated acting in Fly With Me. Ada explained,  “Many people said that I was able to portray the bad habits of Hong Kong Chicks! Many people will not admit to being a Hong Kong Chick nowadays, but they know in their hearts whether they are one or not.  I hope the audience will watch Fly With Me with an open mind.”

Was Ada a Hong Kong Chick? “Of course! I was a former Miss Hong Kong. I am always confident and feel that I’m very hot!”

As to criticism that Fly With Me borrowed heavily from overseas productions, Ada responded, “The theme revolves around super heroes; you either have Superman or Superwoman saving the world. But in Fly With Me, I use my super powers to oppress Hong Kong men. I will consider the comments to be publicity for the series!  When you have people talking about the series, then more people will watch it! ”

Moses Chan once again reiterated that his white-hair style and character design was a coincidence and did not plagiarize Japanese anime, Black Jack.

The cast members of Fly With Me also celebrated Kenny Wong’s birthday at the event. Ada gave Kenny a birthday kiss.

In addition, Queenie Chu’s right eye was sore and inflamed from a cyst growing inside her eye. Queenie joked that she led a hard life, as she got sick even while resting.

Source: the Sun

Jayne: The original Chinese article used the term “港女” which can be translated as “Hong Kong Gal,” but I chose to translate it as “Hong Kong Chick,” which has more of a negative connotation. I’m guessing it refers to the growing trend of materialistic Hong Kong women who have sour attitudes and bad-mouth others.

Earlier, Ada was rumored to be pregnant and scheduled to give birth in October. At a press conference earlier, she denied she was currently pregnant but admitted to preparing to get pregnant though. With the jumping antics at the Fly With Me promotional event, it’s pretty obvious Ada is not yet pregnant. Otherwise, she would likely not have participated in such jolting movements.

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