Ada Choi and Max Zhang Renew Wedding Vows

Married for 11 years, Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and Max Zhang (張晉) continue to maintain a sweet, loving, and supportive relationship. Ada often gushes about her husband and does not shy away from openly praising him. Participating in the Mainland Chinese reality television show, My Dearest Ladies <我最愛的女人們>, Ada thanked Max for being understanding and accepting of her difficult past.

The television show aired its final episode recently. Intending on ending the show on a sweet note, the producers organized for Ada and Max to renew their wedding vows. This event came at the perfect moment, as Ada and Max are currently preparing to welcome their third child. During filming of the episode, Ada was already three months pregnant. Although, at 45 years old, Ada is considered to be having a high risk pregnancy, she effortlessly donned a tight-waist wedding dress and jumped into Max’s arms freely. Having always possessed a naturally slim and lean figure, Ada did not appear to have any pregnancy bloating. Max also looked handsome in a white tuxedo.

Max shared on camera, “The feeling is like experiencing our wedding day again. The most important thing is that the two of us walk our journey together hand-in-hand. From the day I got married, she has always been the one to support and encourage me to become a better man. Even if the road ahead is rough, what’s important is that we walk it together through wind and rain. This is our happiness.”


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  1. I used to like ada a lot in her younger days. I dont know why recently she seems to be rubbing me off in the wrong way. Perhaps, recently she seemed to overpowering in interviews?

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