Ada Choi Gave Birth to Baby Daughter

Ada Choi (蔡少芬)gave birth to 9 lb 4 oz baby daughter on May 11th.  Ada’s husband, Max Zhang (張晉)named their daughter Chor Yee (楚兒)and the English name was Zoe.Due to Zoe’s large size, thedoctor  recommended a Caesarean section. Both mother and daughter were fine. Witnessing the birth of their daughter, Max’s eyes welled with tears. When Ada held her daughter for the first time, she shouted, “Amazing!” and shed tears of joy.

The original due date for the baby was on May 17th, however, Ada experienced contractions the night before and entered Canossa Hospital. Although Ada wished to experience natural birth, the doctor advised a Caesarean section. Baby Zoe was born at 5:11 PM. Ada announced the birth of her daughter and posted a family photo on her blog.

Ada and Max were both overjoyed by the birth of their daughter. Max could not stop smiling at Zoe and described her as a strong girl, since she did not cry constantly and possessed thick arms and legs. The hospital that Ada chose for the baby’s delivery, Canossa Hospital, was considered a highly-rated maternity hospital. Chingmy Yau (邱淑貞)and Kelly Chen (陳慧琳)also delivered their babies there. The minimum hospital fee started at $10,000 (HKD).

Accompanied by a female friend, Max chatted with reporters in front of Canossa Hospital yesterday. As a first-time father, Max thanked everyone for their concern. Excited, Max gave a thumbs up and bowed before the reporters, “Mother and daughter are safe. Our baby daughter has been born! Ada entered the hospital last night. Her original delivery date was May 17th ; the information that the tabloids published earlier was all wrong. Since Ada’s belly was so large, we visited the hospital and coincidentally, the baby arrived. Our baby was born on May 11th at 5:11 PM and weighed 9 lbs 4 oz. I believe that our daughter was the heaviest baby in the hospital!”

Witnessing the birth process, Max realized it was not easy being a mother. He vowed to treat his wife better. When the nurse brought the baby into Max’s arms for the first time, his eyes welled with tears. Ada was also crying at the time. Asked who the baby resembled, Max said, “Her mouth looks like Daddy and hair looks like Mommy. Here comes another beauty!” (Did you decide on a name yet?) “Ada wanted to have a single Chinese character for the name. I liked the Chor (楚) character because I want her to understand the truth of God. Finally, we named her Chor Yee and her English name is Zoe, which means the meaning of life.”

Taking Time Off to Spend with Ada

Ada’s mother had already visited the baby at the hospital. Did both Ada and Max’s parents visit the hospital yet? Max said, “All the people that should come have already visited.” (When are you going home?) “Not so soon. I’m not going back to work yet. I will spend some time with my wife first.” (Will Ada become a full-time housewife?) “She cannot settle down…. After resting more, she will likely act again.”

Nick Cheung (張家輝) visited Ada at thehospital. Nick and Ada became good friends after filmingSecret of the Heart <天地豪情>. Nick said, “I just saw Ada and the baby. Maybe the baby was just born, but she looks like a carbon copy of Ada!” (Will you share childcare tips with Ada?) “We discussed that earlier.” (What did you give as a gift?) “Let’s wait a little bit, after she goes home. We have known each other since Secret of the Heart. Now we each have our own daughters!”

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: Congratulations to Ada! Her daughter is huge, but Ada didn’t seem to gain much weight herself during the pregnancy. Can’t wait to see more pictures of the baby when she is awake!

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  1. congrats to Ada and Max… the baby is huge. Are they planning to get another one?

    1. I think they will… I wonder if they are traditional or not? If so, they would definately want to try again so that they can get a boy…

  2. Hey therer daughter has tthe same birthday as my cousin…and she’s cute. Hey she’s not that huge, a “regular” size baby is about one or two pounds larger. That’s what makes them Cute!

    1. did you mean one or two pounds lighter vs larger? Usually asian babies are around 7.5 lbs, this comes from my mom who has 5 kids, and my cousin who’s a nurse in a maternity ward.

      It doesn’t matter how big she is, just that she’s nice and healthy 🙂

  3. congrats to ada and max, i hope both of you become good parents for little baby, the baby look healthy and chubby, see like the doll.

  4. Congrats to Ada and Max! Jayne’s right, the baby is huge. Happy to see all the TVB actors/actresses I grew up with settle down and have their own families.

  5. I heard about this on other sites already and am really happy for Ada and Max. Congrats to them both! WOW, their daughter is really big…I am glad to see Max so happy since he rarely smiles. It is nice to see him smile.

    I wonder who will watch their baby when she starts to work again? Glad to know that Ada will act again since I miss seeing her and Max on screen…

  6. Congrats to Ada! Her daughter is really big for an Asian baby. I gave birth to almost a 9 lbs baby girl and all the Nurses in the US were screaming because I am Asian and tiny. But had big baby. Normally average between 7lbs to 8lbs for American.

    It’s good that the doctor decided for Ada to have a C-section otherwise it is very hard to give birth naturally with the baby that size.

    Is that the picture of Nick Cheung? OMG his face is deformed. Too much botox and it won’t do any good anymore?

    1. Of course you would not know Max since he only acts for CHina productions. He and Ada met in Shui Yue Dong Tian. They were not paired up but they were both really cute in there…

    2. Not sure that it is botox that has caused Nick’s face to be that way. Nick has a bony structured face naturally…

  7. WoW a 9lb baby! In fact, that’s quite large but not alarmingly so haha. I was barely 6lbs myself :T I’ve never seen Max’s picture before, but he’s handsome. They’re a good looking couple so I think they should have more babies…well at least that’s what my mother always said 🙂

  8. congrats ada and max! That’s a big baby… it’s surprising that the baby is so big but Ada is still so slim xD

  9. lol… the way Max tucked his shirt in that photo reminds me of the students in Yes Sir Sorry Sir, half tucked in pants, half not.

  10. Congrats to Ada. The baby was really big for a newborn.

  11. Such a cute picture. Ada and her hubby look so happy with the birth. I really like the name they chose too.

    Now I know why Ada looked so big, because her baby is not an average size.

    Too bad she didn’t get her wish of having a natural birth.

    I hope they will try for a boy next 😀

  12. What a hefty bouncer! Big babies are easier to look after. Had a 9 pounder myself though I am a small person. When my baby was born my late husband announced to his friends that we had a ‘great Dane’. my heartiest congratlations to the new parents, Ada and Max!

  13. Wow. It’s such a surprise that she has been carrying such a huge baby considering she’s such a skinny one.

    1. I am also shocked that she can give birth to such a big baby…

  14. Ada should be really glad she gave birth sooner rather than later…can’t imagine how much bigger the baby would have grown!

    Her daughter’s very cute. Hope Ada rests well!

  15. Wow, she’s a big baby! Congrats ada 🙂

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