Heavily Pregnant Ada Choi Wears 5 Inch Heels

Heavily pregnant Ada Choi Siu Fun wore five inch high heels at a promotional event in Macau yesterday. Ada  persisted on refusing to disclose the sex of the baby and her due date. She noted that she will try to give birth naturally.

Ada admitted that she was suffering from ankylosis spondylitis, a chronic, inflammatory arthritis which affects joints mainly in the spine. However, Ada felt that herpregnancy loosened her joints, thus she did not feel as much discomfort as most women did during pregnancy. Tabloids claimed that Ada had insomnia and extreme mood swings while pregnant. Ada said that she was affected by increased hormone levels, but noted that tabloids may have exaggerated her temperament. She has not suffered insomnia yet and slept frequently instead.

Aside from wearing high heels, Ada ’s dress revealed her sexy back. Ada laughed, “The most important thing is to look good. At least my figure is not lost yet!”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Ada looks extremely beautiful; she’s glowing and aside from her growing belly, the rest of her did not gain much weight. Judging from her size, it looks like it will only be another 2 to 3 months before giving birth?

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  1. WOW! She looks so pretty preggers…and I agree with you, Jayne. She does not seem to have gained too much weight at all! Must be good genes…haha.

    1. so glad she is not doing superhero stuff and get on with carrying her child, lol
      the homo business is funny series is a lousy sript in my opinion.

  2. She looks great and looks like one of those types that will regain her original figure very quickly, like Kelly Chen and Cecilia Cheung. But again, she needs to stop wearing those 5 inch heels. Aiya! As if she’s not tall enough and preggo enough already!

  3. She’s very thin prior to pregnancy. Now that her pregnancy put a little more meat and fat in her, she looks more beautiful.

  4. Where the hell is common sense in this celebrities? 5 inch hills when so pregnant??

    Anyway Ada has always been pretty but she has always been too thin to the point anorexic. Pregnancy is good for her since she put on some weight and even then she is still too skinny.

    1. Agree with ya with the heels!!! why put ur pregnancy at risk??

      and yes she was always thin and pregnancy will definately help put some meat on her!

    2. Totally agree! Why do people still wear heels when they are pregnant?? I don’t even like to wear heels on a special occasion since it hurts my feet. I wonder how these celebs do it? They are running the risks of hurting themselves and the baby inside them.

      I never thought that Ada was that pretty and was way too skinny. Maybe she will gain more weight after the pregnancy. We will find out sooner or later what the sex of the baby is and when it will be due. I am glad that she is going to try to give birth naturally rather than through C-section.

      1. She gave a very funny interview about wanting to name her child 2 syllable name for want of better word. She thought Lai Ming sounded cool. 2 words name. I thought she looked very happy and really in awe of her rather masculine husband.

  5. I agree that she looks great while pregnant, however, I hope the she is one of those lucky one that only baby weight is she gaining and remain skinny elsewhere. The last thing I want to hear is those pregnant woman who still watch their diet while pregnant because once pregnant, it’s not about you but getting all the proper nutritious to your growing fetus.

  6. I hope she was just wearing the heels for the event. Hopefully, she changed again in the dressing room/car.

  7. I am so guessing Ada’s bub is going to be a boy…. anyways >> omg@the heels gargh what are chicks like this thinking?! miss her seeing her in series..

    1. Too bad I don’t know her personally or else I would do my ring trick on her to see what the sex of her baby is.

  8. She’s beautiful! She look fabulous and sexy at the same time. I think she should just wear some cute flats. Heels are too dangerous during pregnancy.

  9. people do dumb stuff. They usually see the benefit right in front of their eyes that they fail or neglect to see the consequences of such action in the future. In this case, Ada wants to be beautiful wearing that heels or whatever her actual thought is, i’m sure it has to do something with glamor. Her action may bring a tragic result such as miscarriage or premature birth if she was to fall or slip due to that spiked heels she has on! I’m just ranting…

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