Pregnant Ada Choi Will Stop Working

Appearing in a tight black dress and three inch high heels, pregnant Ada Choi Siu Fun appeared at a promotional event with husband, Max Zhang Jin. Ada admitted that her appetite had changed after becoming pregnant, “The smell of hot pot and fried foods make me want to vomit. I like to eat curry and sometimes, I even want to eat it in the middle of the night!”

Max cried after learning that Ada was pregnant. “Max knew of the pregnancy results first.  He considered fooling me that the results were negative.”  Ada did not want to reveal the number of months in which she has been pregnant, as she did not want to discuss the details. Allegedly, Ada had to endure pain throughout her pregnancy. Tabloids claimed that Ada was manic depressive since becoming pregnant. Pointing out that the tabloid’s referenced photos in the articles were from last year, Ada admitted that she had previously taken spinal pain suppressants, which has been discontinued for one year.

Wrapping up her mainland filming next month, Ada will stop working for the remainder of her pregnancy. Since Ada and Max own homes in Hong Kong, Beijing and Chongqing, they will live at the various properties after the baby is born.

Excerpt from the Sun

Jayne: Congratulations to Ada and Max! Several months ago, there were rumors that Ada had secured advanced reservations at a hospital to deliver her baby. She was probably checking out hospitals for her future pregnancy at the time. Ada will be a beautiful pregnant mommy!

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  1. Hopefully she gains some weight. But congrats nonetheless.

  2. Congrats to Ada and Max and I am glad that she shared such great news with everyone! Best wishes to the both of them and their new baby to be. I wonder if it will be a boy or girl??

    I still remember seeing them together in Shui Yue Dong Tian and they were both so cute even though they did not pair up. I think that was the series that they met in, therefore, it makes that series more special to them…

  3. congrat to Ada! OMG! what is her husband wearing? i thought he was her sister or friend since he looks like a woman instead of a man.

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