Heavily Pregnant Ada Choi Accompanies Husband for Tattoo

Expecting to deliver her baby daughter shortly, Ada Choi Siu Fun sported a new short haircut. Despite her heavily pregnant state, Ada was still very active and was often spotted going out with her husband, Max Zhang Jin, on movie dates and dining out.

Yesterday, Ada was spotted traveling from her temporary Yuen Long home to Tsim Sha Tsui to accompany Max to obtain a tattoo. Ada even walked up four flights of stairs with Max to reach the tattoo parlor and attentively made sure Max had enough to eat. Ada was certainly a loving pregnant wife!

Thirty-eight-year-old Ada Choi and mainland action choreographer, Max Zhang, got married in 2008. Since their marriage, the couple have been attempting to have a child. Finally, Ada was successful in conceiving a baby girl last year. The birth of the baby was due this week.  Since Ada wanted to experience natural birth, she did not want to have a Caesarian section. Several months earlier, Ada had stopped working due to her pregnant state. Recently, Max also stopped working to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

Yesterday at 2 PM, Ada and Max were spotted in Tsim Sha Tsui. The pair walked up four flights of stairs to seek out famed tattoo artist, Gabe, who had given soccer star, David Beckham, a tatoo on his torso. Max laid on the bed while Gabe tattooed his right leg. Standing beside him, Ada fed Max and waited patiently for the tattoo to be completed. The couple entered the parlor at 3 PM and the tattoo was not completed until 6:45 PM. Ada and Max met with some friends to watch a movie and did not return home until 11 PM. Despite being heavily pregnant, Ada was very active!

Excerpt from Appledaily

Jayne: Ada looks huge! It will be a matter of days before Ada’s little girl will be born!

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  1. Good for her! Nice to see how she has kind of shed away her “ugly” past of being playthings to rich tycoons and actually moved on with life with a family and now kids….Don’t know why, but somehow I feel she deserves it whereas other similar female so called “entertainers” such as Michelle Reis is still considered to be in the “used meat” category……Difference in opinion I guess.

    1. I think that is Kidd is right that many may not look down on her as much since she just married another actor instead of someone rich like Michele Reis did.

  2. “Don’t know why, but somehow I feel she deserves it whereas other similar female so called “entertainers” such as Michelle Reis is still considered to be in the “used meat” category”

    The reason is simple. Ada did not marry a rich guy.

    You people always look down on women who married rich.

      1. Most of the female celebs fall unto 2 categories, one if marrying someone rich and the other is another person from the circle which is another actor, singer, director,etc… Ada married another actor. I remember them in Shui Yue Dong Tian. They were not paired up and there was even a scene where he tried to kill her… I never thought that they would end up together in real life…

        It is so sweet of Ada to take care of Max even when she is that heavily pregnant. Many other women would expect to be pampered. Congrats to them and hopefully we will see pictures of their new baby.

      2. She is obviously very in love and very in awe of her husband. I have a feeling she really admires him, the way she looks at him. And most definitely she lets him have the say because I see her being rather submissive as a wife, and not in a bad way actually. I meant that in a good way. He is like the serious manly husband, she the happy perky wife.

      3. Maybe Ada loves Max more than he loves her?? One always loves love the other one a little more(sometimes a lot more) in a marriage/relationship. I find it hard to have such a loving wife these days. They are a sweet couple and best wishes to them.

        In Shui Yue Dong Tian, he played a really funny and childish character which I think is really different from him real life. Ada played a fun loving and perky character that is probably somewhat similar to her character in real life. She was paired up with Yu Bo in there and they were cute… However, they both are from different religions and are religious so I didn’t think that they could be together in real life. Max and her are both Christian so it worked out..

    1. Maybe some thinks Michelle married for money and Ada married for love. Not that we look down on women who married rich, that would be too general. It is specifically certain women, certain men.

      Ada had a chequered past too, the difference between her and Michelle is she owned up to that and admitted her past and moved on unlike some others who pretend all the way. I can understand the sentiments. Which is why I like Anita Yuen’s honesty as well. At least she doesn’t try to act high class. She is who she is.

      1. Very well said. Couldn’t have worded it any better. Bravo!

      2. Well given the fact what Michelle Reis does is an open secret I guess there’s really not much to own up to. Besides, I think she quite enjoys living off the rich lol so she doesn’t think its an issue. Just the media and everyone less fortunate than her want to put her down – so she thinks.

  3. Can’t believe Ada is so active. Normally doctors recommend bed rest a few weeks before due date. She looks like she’s going to pop any second 😀

    I don’t understand why she had to “feed” him considering he was having his leg done not his arm…

    1. I think she is just being a loving wife and I admire that since I honestly don’t see that a lot these days. Many wives take advantage of their husbands and make the husband take care of them, especially when they are that pregnant…

    2. @Cinsin, it’s actually quite painful to get a tattoo. Maybe he wants to be the next Angelina Jolie–tattoo’ing the birthplace of his newborn–that’s why Ada is feeding him as a reward…. just my speculations.

      1. I wonder what is so great about tattoos?? It hurts to get them and costs money. Isn’t your bare skin better looking??

      2. Sometimes a tattoo is symbolic of something/someone near and dear to the heart. My friend has a tattoo of her brother’s initials who died.

      3. But pain is dependent on one’s pain threshold. I can understand if she was just giving him water to drink but feeding him seems ridiculous.

      4. @Cinsin,
        I don’t see what is wrong with Ada feeding Max. I think that is really sweet and is rare these days to see such a loving wife that is willing do that. These days many wives seem to have “Gong Zhu Bing” and expect their husbands to serve them.

      5. @Judy,
        I guess I can understand, but when you get too many and get ones that just don’t mean much, I then I wonder what is the purpose of that?? I guess each person is different…

  4. amazing how she can still goto the movies. i heard its hard for pregnant women to be going to the theaters cause of the loud movie speakers, the baby sometimes kick really heavily. Think her baby is pretty good!

  5. the first image at the top looks like some one recognised her haha!

    1. I thought that too. But would people really just randomly tap her on the shoulder and hope to stop and chat?

      They look quite unfazed by it though 😀

  6. I also want to add that I am glad that Ada is going to birth naturally rather than through C-section like many others have. I still wonder why many pick C-section. I know that some want to try to pick out the time of birth for their children, but I sort of think that is strange… I believe that if you are born naturally at a certain time then that is what will count. However, if you purposely try to choose the time of birth, I wonder if it is still valid or not??

    1. Choosing the birth time of the baby maybe one reason but other reasons for a c-section could be: medical, emergency, or selfishness. Medical, because their doctor would not recommend a natural birth due to their medical condition. Emergency could be that during natural birth, the baby’s heart rate might be impacting on the push, which is what happened to my friend and an emergency c will be performed. As for the last reason, for beauty reason, which I heard that scheduled c are usually two weeks before actual due date and by scheduling it, it prevents the baby from growing too fast in tummy, stretching the mother’s belly wider. Hope that makes sense, that is why I said for selfish reason.

      1. Oh yea, I forgot about all of the other factors so thanks for reminding me Jayzemine! My sister in law had to get an emergency once since my nephew was breathing really slowly.

      2. There are some more reasons for a c-section. Feng shui, hope and the body of the mother. Some can’t give birth naturally. One more reason they dun wanna get hurt during giving birth period (but they dunno that if they do c-section, after that it’ll be more hurt).

    2. She may want to have a natural birth but sometimes it may not work out that way. Still good to hear though that she wants to try unlike others out there who seem to really “promote” the fact that they give birth via c-section.

      I’ve heard stories that some mums decided to have a “mummy tuck” whilst they have the C-Section. Hence most of them seem to bounce back to their original weight within two months.

      Also once you have a C-section you can never give natural birth again. Not worth it unless it is an absolute emergency putting your child in danger.

      1. Totally agree that at least she is trying while some others like Cecilia who want to have C-section just to try to determine the time of birth for her son. I don’t think it is valid anymore since she purposely tried to pick it.

        My mom had a C-section for my little brother but it was only because she had no choice. After that, she claimed that he was the last one since C-sections leave a scar and the pain afterwards is pretty bad…

  7. walk up 4 flights of stairs. and this is supposed to be news

    1. No different to reports of Kelly Chen or Posh Beckham wearing 6-inch heels?

      People will read it and judge. It’s what we do.

  8. Not sure if it’s because I don’t see people who are 9 months pregnant around too much, but Ada’s stomach looks huge! It’s especially big in the pic where she’s feeding her husband. I thought she could wear something more loose-fitting to minimize the obvious size of her stomach. I’m so surprised that she can still be so active and doing so many things.

    1. Maybe she looks bigger than the typical person because she is usually very thin, so it would show more on her rather than others who are more meaty. I am so shocked that she seems so active even though she is 9 months pregnant.

  9. wonder when will the baby be born, maybe May 19 like Max? =P can’t wait to hear the good news

  10. I just heard that Ada has already given birth to her baby girl yesterday. SHe had to have a C-section and couldn’t give birth naturally. Congrats to her and Max!

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