New Mother Ada Choi Possessed Dirty Hair and E-Cup Chest

Since giving birth to daughter, Zoe Zhang (張楚兒), on May 11th, Ada Choi (蔡少芬)often remained home to rest. Yesterday, Ada went outside with Zoe, who will be 1-month-old on Saturday. Following traditional Chinese post-partum care, Ada did not wash her hair since giving birth and wore a black cap outside. Due to motherhood, Ada’s figure appeared voluptuous and her chest size ballooned to an E-Cup. Zoe’s limbs were thick and resembled a fuzzy squash. She possessed a large head, round neck, double chin, thick hair, sharp nose and small mouth, resembling her mother closely!

Following Chinese tradition after giving birth, Ada remained home and did not wash her hair for the month. Since yesterday was the Dragon Boat Festival, Ada stepped outside. After seeing her husband, Max Zhang (张晋), depart overseas for work, Ada went shopping with Zoe and her nanny at 2 PM. The trio left their apartment in Yuen Long and drove straight to the supermarket. After parking, Ada went shopping by herself while the nanny stayed with Zoe inside the car.

Ada wore a gray dress which revealed her slim figure since giving birth. Since her breasts were heavy with milk, her chest tripled in size to an E-cup. Ada quickly entered the supermarket and carefully selected oranges, apples, bread, vegetables and other nutritious food. Despite attracting the gaze of many customers, Ada did not care and picked up two boxes of milk and eggs before paying for the purchase.

Pushing the shopping cart back to her car, Ada was surprised to see the reporter. She smiled and greeted the reporter friendly. Why did Ada not bring Zoe into the supermarket? “Since the weather is so hot, it is better for her to rest in the car.” Asked how she will celebrate the full moon festival and Zoe’s 1-month-milestone, Ada smiled but did not respond. When asked about her husband, Max Zhang, Ada smiled happily. “He had to go to work in China.” (When will you move into your new house?) “It is still being renovated and will not be ready in a long time!”

The press contacted Ada’s manager regarding baby banquet celebration plans. “Ada will not hold a celebration for Zoe’s 1-month milestone. They have not decided whether to hold a 100-day banquet or not. Ada is enjoying the time caring for her daughter.”

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  1. That’s not Ada’s apartment right? Because it looks too beat down to be a celebs home.

    1. “It is still being renovated and will not be ready in a long time!”

    2. FanWen,
      Many celebrities chose to live in a luxury apartment because of security and more amentities such as swimming pool, fitness center and other amenities. I am somewhat surprised by Ada’s choice; a house is a lot of maintenance.

      From the phot above, it appears that Ada may even have the house custom built from the grounds up, since it looks in new condition and the windows are to be added. Not sure the location of her new home.

  2. Ada has not washed her hair for a month?! Wouldn’t she lose hair cuz the oil blocks the follicles?

    1. I’m not surprised. not washing hair is actually part of traditional chinese culture after giving birth for the first month. She slimmed down quite fast!

      1. Agreed, she really did slimmed down fast!! for a new mommy.

        I guess because she’s a celebrity, there are a Not to Eat list she must obey inorder to gain back her figure.

      2. My mom believes in that as well… She said that you should not wash your hair for around a month after giving birth. I don’t think you lose your hair, but your hair just gets dirty… Some people get dry hair while some get really oily hair depending on the person.

    2. Not washing hair for a week after birth to avoid getting sick is a myth, because back in the days in the villages, homes are not insulated with no heat and poorly built windows, that’s why folks are always afraid of catching colds or “Chung fung”. If you notice most mother in-laws will also insists you bundle up the child as well, but they have to realize we live in north America where homes are insulated with heat, there’s no need to put on three layers sox, hat on the poor baby. As for the hair loss it’s not due to washing hair, it’s because your hormones are out of wack, and the baby is sucking you dry, all your nutrients goes to the baby. Therefore hair you will experience hair thinning for the first year when your done with breast feeding…hair will grow back.

      1. Better to believe than to disbelieve. Which is why Asians are amongst the longest living people. There is a reason. People, just 1 month of no hair washing, compared to that thing you just squeezed out, that’a a lifetime of worry and expenses. if you’re willing to put up with that, what is just 1 month of no hair washing. Wear nice hat everyday.

  3. for someone that just gave birth, her body is better than a lot of girls that had never given birth before! her arms are quite lean and thin. her big breasts look fine since she has a long body

    1. Was the news exaggerating or were the photos inaccurate? I personally think she looks fine in this weight.

  4. Woah! I’d say her figure has never looked better! You go hot mama!

  5. w/ someone just gave birth the body look very nice. *envy* *envy*. w/o make up and casual wear she still look pretty.

  6. Ada doesn’t seem to have an E-cup to me. Agree that she has slimmed down pretty quick.

    Even though it’s a traditional post-partum care, I can’t imagine not washing my hair for a month. I could barely go without washing for two days, and I would probably do it more often if the routine wasn’t so boring, especially the blowdrying of long hair.

    Doesn’t her hair itches too?

  7. After a month you can wash your hair, wonder why she doesn’t. She looks great for someone who just gave birth. Are they cup size in Asia different from the US? I admit that her size are quite big but not sure if that is an E:)

  8. I wouldn’t be able to leave my hair dirty for more than 3 days, let alone a whole month. I can’t say that I am in favour of some of these Chinese traditions. If it was me, I would have washed my hair no matter what, for hygiene reasons if nothing else.

    I can’t see the difference in her figure really but no matter what, I still think she looks good.

  9. Her body is fuller. And the breasts are huge, for her standard. Not sure if E though. How huge is E? My mind is still on DD, DDD, DDDD, DDDDD sort of alphabets. Dare I say compare to Mavis? Because I can only do visual comparison.

    Chinese don’t believe in washing hair for some time after birth, for health reasons and for good reasons too. You wanna be healthy in future? Do as your mother tells you.

    1. It’s normal to a mother to have bigger breasts.

      Yes, in 1 week after birth, shouldn’t take bath and wash hair (can clean yourself by soft shower and warm water but do it fast). If not, when you are old, your health will be very bad.

      1. Of course, all the milk, etc. The simple process of evolution, etc. But she has always been too skinny so a bit more flesh is good for her.

    2. Funn and Fox,
      Is it just a Cantonese tradition for new mothers to not wash their hair or women in Northern China observe it too?

      Personally I feel this tradition may have applied in the days without blowdryer, but if you wash hair and blow dry real quick, wouldn’t it be okay?

      1. Jayne, I really don’t know come to think of it but generally for Asians, Chinese especially, during the 1 month confinement period, bathing or in this case washing hair is a no-no because of how to say.. fear or arthritis when old? Or is it rheumatism? Something like that. But nowadays not many would observe eating ginger pork legs, etc so I think it is a matter if your mother is insistent enough.

      2. I only know that ppl now dun take bath and wash hair on the first week after birth. Max is 2 week for the surgery case. All for health, not sure it’s tradition or not. I heard that even if the hair is blew quick, it still leaves effect to the health if wash hair too soon after birth.

      3. My friend dun follow this and now she says she feels regret. She often has headache.

      4. The no bathing, no washing hair rule is so that wind won’t get into the body of the mom. It will cause long lasting health problem.

        The pork and ginger soup is to keep her body warm.

      5. The pork will also help the mother to have more milk.

      6. Kidd,
        So traditonal Chinese post-partum care is based on principles of Chinese herbal medicine? Or more old wives’ tale? I am a bit surprised to see how widely practiced it is today among Chinese women. In USA, new mothers half practice it or modify some habits for convenience sake.

        I was watching a Korean series and Korean new mothers apparently have habit of drinking kelp soup, which has many nutrients, but would have been big no-no for Chinese women. Kelp is regarded as very “leung.”

        My friend who is Thai Chinese (grandma from Chiu Chau) makes an herbal mixture and steams herself down there after giving birth.

      7. @ Jayne

        I’m not sure. But, ginger tea has the ability to drive away wind (去風).

      8. Apparently very few knows how to do “jor yuet” (confinement ladies) these days! Big business it seems!

    3. I dont think she has E cup. HK newspaper always go OTT in their reporting

  10. She slimmed down really fast but I doubt that’s a E cup, at least not by international standards.

    1. Only for HK standard maybe? HK news always say someone has D cup E cup F cup but I don’t see theirs that big

  11. It must be the Asian E cup which is more like a DD in the West? Sizes are different. It also depends on her band size ie the 32 DD is VERY different and much smaller than the 34 DD [projection].

  12. Ada looks fantastic for someone who just gave birth a month or so ago. I have 2 children, and I must admit, I couldn’t follow the not washing hair tradition, especially after 8+ hours of labor for each. YEKKK…

    I do not think Ada’s breast are E cup. What is up with HK media and breast anyway? They always focus on a woman’s breast. It is natural for a new mother, especially if breast feeding, to have larger breast. It’s nature…

    1. Agreed Ada has always been one of TVB’s most attractive actress but I never imagined she’ll look this great after giving birth

  13. Does HK have a different breast cup size than in North America, as ever time I hear about these news about someone’s cup sizes, it’s totally over-busted, by like to sizes. No way can Ada be an E. Maybe a C the most. If I was to show a non Asian/Canadian person in Canada, they would probably laugh that Ada is an E. She does like good, and have breasts now since she was pretty flat-chested before.

    1. I always think she has a nice chest before…not too big or small, just right.

  14. The first thing I do after delivery is to take a nice warm bubble bath and wash my stinky hair. I don’t believe in the traditional way…am still very healthy now a days even after two kids! You’ll lose weight really fast if you breast feed full time! Ada looks great!

    1. o forgot to point out that I like the fact that Ada didn’t marry to some weathly man whose 15-20 years older then her. It proves you that she’s real not a gold digger like manys Azn celebs. I love her!

      1. Liz, I think her husband is a little bit younger than Ada but I am not sure by how much.

      2. Her husband Max Zhang is younger than her by only one year. They met while filming Shui Yue Dong Tian in 2003.

      3. There are 2 categories that actresses usually marry from one is someone rich and 2 is someone else from the circle(another actor, director,singer,etc..).

  15. Wow, that’s gross. Not washing your hair for a month?!?!?!?

  16. Crocs? Grosser than not washing hair for a month…

  17. E cup? Did the reporter asks what cups she is wearing. Geez, this kind of journalism is awful, can’t they have a better headline than this??? (I admit she looks good, E cup she certainly is not from the picture)

    1. Ekinfan,
      You exemplify the type of man who is constantly thinking of sex every minute.

      1. Jayne, in Ekinfan’s defence, he may just be really thirsty.

    2. There are better ways of communicating that message.

      Adults are not the only users of the world wide web. As responsible adults, we should refrain from speaking such a way.

      Just a friendly suggestion, EkinFan.

    3. EkinFan might just be joking, but it might not be suitable for non-adults..haha.

    4. UNBELIVEABLE!!! I am speechless for a change for what I just read.

      1. I don’t think he is into breastmilk but something else…

      2. Plain and simple. His comments have already said enough about what kind of a person he is.

  18. i hope her husband enjoy those babies before it goes back down to a speed bump.

  19. It’s refreshing to see a celeb looking like a real mom, in crocs and all. I remember when my son was born all I can think of was how to care for my new born and will I get at least three hours of sleep at tonight lol. never have the time to get all doll-up.

  20. is E cup in asia same as in the west? As far as i know E cup bra in here are huge. Sometimes when i watch taiwan variety show when they mention E cup it looks more like C cup in Western size.Just wonder.

  21. Ada looks gorgeous! I think her figure looks a lot nicer even though she probably still hasn’t lost all the post baby weight. She looks healthier in my eyes.

    How do the reporters know Ada has dirty hair? Did they sniff it? lol Or do they just assume she is quite traditional and would follow all the traditions of post-partum care?

    I also have to mention her baby is adorable in that one pic. Full of baby fat haha

  22. no wonder Ada said she has ‘mother hand’ on weibo, by the looks of her carrying Zoe it doesn’t seem that correct

    I am not a parent but my mother got it by carrying my younger brother and it doesn’t go away… so she better be careful and maybe take some lessons since Zoe seems like a heavy kid

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