Ada Choi Happy for Nicky Wu’s New Marriage; Kathy Chow Won’t Sacrifice for Love

Ada Choi Kathy Chow Monica ChanGrand production series, 《八阵图》will be airing in Southern China on December 18th. Cast members Kathy Chow Hoi Mei, Ada Choi Siu Fun, Monica Chan Fat Yung etc. appeared at a press conference the day before.

The series centers around the martial arts world fighting over an invaluable book 《八阵图》. In the series, Ada and Kathy play sisters who fight over the same man, acted by Yu Bo.

The sisters’ relationship turn sour afterwards and Ada indicated that most of her fighting combat sequences are with Kathy, so it is easy to imagine how fiercely they fight over Yu Bo!

Despite the onscreen conflicts, Ada, Kathy, and Monica are extremely good friends behind the scenes. They often exchange beauty, shopping and dating stories with each other.

Ada’s ex-boyfriend, Nicky Wu recently got married. Did Ada send her congratulations to the newly-wed Nicky?

Ada said that she wishes each newly wed couple joy and happiness. But as long as that happiness is heartfelt, then that is enough.

Ada said that she is a traditional person and hopes to find the right man to marry and have children one day. She is willing to sacrifice for love. However due to the hectic life and filming schedule of an artist, it is difficult to start [and maintain] a relationship, as it requires mutual sacrifices.

Ada does not mind whether her significant other is in the entertainment industry or not. Many artists have recently gotten married, stirring Ada’s compulsion as well. Ada joked that she is waiting for someone to propose to her.

Shuffling filming projects between Hong Kong and China, Ada has been very busy lately. Ada confirms that her relationship with TVB is good and she is happy working for them. However she likes to continue to seek breakthroughs in China and have the chance to collaborate with different artists. In the future, Ada will continue to split her time between China and Hong Kong.

In TVB’s 2007 sales presentation, Ada’s role as Wang Hsifeng in “Exquisite Beauty” is drawing great public interest. Ada indicated that she was only picked to film the sales presentation. It is still unconfirmed as to whether the series will be actually filmed or whether she will be cast in the series or not. Although Ada only filmed several scenes for “Exquisite Beauty,” her interest is piqued by the challenging role.

Is Ada interested in filming the mainland version of “Dream of the Red Chamber?” She said it will be dependent upon the script and collaborating artists.

Kathy Chow Admits to Having Boyfriend; Will Not Give Up Career for Love

In 《八阵图》, Kathy’s role starts off as quite innocent, but due to various plot twists, she will be on a revenge-seeking path.

Kathy has signed with a media company in Beijing recently. Aside from the company’s requirements, she also has a certain standard before accepting various actingroles. It will be dependent on the series’ script quality.

Kathy admitted that she is currently dating and the relationship is stable. Kathy joked with reporters that they don’t need to worry about her ending up as an old maid!

Does that mean Kathy will retire from the industry once she gets married? Kathy indicated that she can not see herself as a housewife doing chores all day. Kathy hopes to have her own career and even if one day she decides to retire from the industry, it may not be due to love/ marriage.

Kathy recently appeared on two shows, 《舞林大会》(aka Dancing with the Stars) and 《名声大震》. Although her dancing segment was short, but the final results were very good.


Jayne: Kathy should be the oldest actress in the series, around 39-40? She still looks amazingly young, even younger than Ada in the pics above. I think it’s because of her great skin, it looks very fresh and well-hydrated.

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