Aimee Chan Becomes Pregnant After Rape in “The Last Steep Ascent”

Adapted from one of China’s most moving real-life love stories in recent years, The Last Steep Ascent <天梯> started airing in Hong Kong on Monday, September 17. In TVB’s version, a family inheritance battle, marital infidelity, and even a rape scene have been added to suit the local audience’s taste for dramatic plots.

Producer Lee Tim Shing’s (李添勝) The Last Steep Ascent has all the right ingredients to become a blockbuster drama. Revolving around the story of Lau Kok Gong, who hand-carved 6,000 steps in the mountains for his beloved wife over the course of fifty years, the first episode of the drama has already succeeded in making the audience burst into tears.

In the premiere episode, Maggie Cheung’s (張可頤) character is seen in her old age, lingering on the “steps of love” that her deceased husband, Moses Chan (陳豪) left behind. The lines, “If you truly care for someone, you are able to accomplish anything,” and “Each time, you clasp my hand when we are walking; this time I have to go alone,” moved the audience, hooking them to watch ensuing episodes.

The Last Steep Ascent may be a bitter ride in the midsection before turning sweet.  Both female leads, Maggie Cheung and Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) characters suffer tragic experiences, making their face awash with tears until they fortunately find blissful love the second time around.

In San Francisco, Aimee Chan’s character falls in love with Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強). It was not until returning to China that Aimee realized that he was already married to Maggie Cheung. Upset with her husband’s infidelity, Maggie brought her mother-in-law (Helen Law 羅蘭) to scold Aimee for being stealing her husband. Maggie angrily slapped Aimee’s face.

Turning her sorrows to wine, Aimee was raped by a rogue, which caused her to become pregnant. Crying bitterly, Aimee attempted to drown herself. Although Aimee was saved by Kenny Wong (黃德斌), the suicide attempt caused her to suffer from a miscarriage.

“I was not embarrassed during the filming of the rape scene. My character is very tragic. Many unfortunate incidents happened to her. Fortunately, she met a man (Kenny Wong) that she can rely on later in life,” Aimee revealed.

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  1. “A rape scene has been added to the local audience’s taste”

    Huh? Are they suggesting HK’ers are a pretty sick brood?

    1. They mean that the rape scene was done tastefully so that it wouldn’t offend the audience’s sensibilities.

      1. If that were the case, they could’ve left it out but instead the scene was added as though local taste demanded it.

      2. Terminator,
        The local audience’s taste is for dramatic plots. The rape plot leads to the suicide attempt and miscarriage, which adds to Aimee’s tragic character, perhaps earning more points with viewers and jerking their tears.

      3. I hope your right Jayne…about the scene helping the audience possibly like her more. I’m just afraid it might just make me hate her acting even more. I couldn’t stand her little acting sobbing scene in the Other Truth….where she clamed to be rapped!

  2. Hopefully the rape scene is nothing like the one in that other series.. Forgot the name..

  3. I hope her acting did improved. But I still dont think her cantonese accent suit this drama. She should stick to modern days drama. When she was being interviewed about her character in this show, she wasnt really able to explained it that well.

    1. Yeah, I was shocked for a couple of seconds when I read the first six words.

      1. I assume all articles are translated word for word. HK media do use the dramatic headlines all the time to catch attention. I have seen quite a few misleading and shocked headlines for articles!!

  4. Aimee’s look isn’t appropriate for pre-modern or ancient series. She only fits modern series.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she grabbed Best Supporting this year.

    1. Yes, definitely a mis-cast.I agreed she will probably win an award and be nominated for a few more. LOL. TVB wants to keep their favorites happy even though the acting is mediocre.

    2. What best supporting??? That’s a total insult to the acting industry!

    3. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she grabbed Best Supporting this year.”

      I’m starting to think so too after reading this story description. Rape storylines are like awards bait.

    4. You guys are probably right….as much as I hate to say it, unfortunately, Aimee is pretty much guaranteed to get at least one nomination at this year’s awards (though my guess is that she will probably get several nods in various categories –I’m sure TVB will figure out a way to do it). As for whether she will win or not, it depends…if audiences react strong enough in opposition to it, there might still be a chance that she won’t win….but then again, it also depends on who else ends up getting nominated in the same category…
      Looks like I’m most likely going to skip this series….cuz watching the previews (which contained a few of Aimee’s ‘crying’ scenes in there) already gave me a headache…seeing that Aimee will have a significant role in the series, I don’t want to waste my time having to forward through all her scenes….

      1. To increase Aimee’s chances of winning, TVB will 1. make her character stands out in the top 5 list. So, TVB will probably nominate other actresses in roles that are not so-hot. 2. the top 5 list will comprise of actresses that are not-so-deserving-of-the-spot (Christine Kuo for GJ2, Eliza for DID, etc.)

      2. She will win the supporting actress TVB award this year. Then next year, the best leading actress award.
        Who knows, the Oscar next if she plays her cards right.

    5. Actually, this reminds me a bit of Fala Chen’s role in No Regrets, in which her character had a scene where she takes off her clothes and offers herself to the Japanese general. Fala then went on to win Best Supporting, even though the character of Lau Ching was easily the most boring part of the series.

  5. Hmmm….maybe it’s just me, but I actually didn’t find the first episode that ’emotional’….when I first read the original story about Lau Kwok Kong and his wife and the building of the ‘love ladder’, I was so moved that I cried. I felt absolutely nothing during the first 10 minutes of the series when Moses dies and Maggie starts running down those steps….

    I actually don’t like how they added the whole family inheritance and love triangle thing to the story…I mean, I definitely understand WHY they did it, but I just feel that it takes away from the original story. If they were going to add all that stuff to it and make that be the focus of the series rather than the original story part, I would much rather they just make an entirely different series and not call it “based on a real life story”….cuz in reality, only about 10% of it is based on real life…the rest of it is completely made up…

    1. lol. You mean reading the story is better and moving to tears than watching the series.

      1. Yup…that’s exactly what I mean. In fact, for those who intend to actually watch this series, I suggest NOT reading the original story until you’re done watching the entire series — because it will most likely affect how you feel about the series…

    2. I love the true story and almost teared up reading, but I can’t get myself to watch the series or be interested.

    3. So Episode 1 starts in present day and then they flashback to the beginning of the story? (I have yet to watch this series.)

      Yeah, I think this narrative device doesn’t always work well.

  6. Episodes 1-3 kinda boring, over-acting in some parts from those country bumpkins. LawLan and Maggie’s scenes an A+!

  7. i downloaded 4 eps but still haven’t got a chance to watch it yet.

  8. Aimee get raped. Kate Tsui injects drug and sell drugs. TVB sure know how to get attention for their intended award finalists.

    1. Just finished watched the 4 episode, yep, I needed to read the subtitles when Aimee talk, sorry, definitely a mis-cast..

  9. Aimee’s face definitely does not suit this era. Should have found someone else to portray her character.

    1. Agreed totally! I watched the 4th episode yesterday nite. I wasnt able to get into her character especially her accent. It was not believable to me. Her acting still needs lots of improvement. She should not have been casted in this role especiallly since it is one of the main characters!

  10. Just wondering, why do so many people not like Aimee Chan? There are many other actors and actresses with accents….Doesn’t Kennth Ma have a very heavy accent and his acting looks stiff and not natural and people seem to like him…

    1. Since when Kennath Ma has an accent? His cantonese or mandarin? What kind of accent? I thought his mother tongue is cantonese? Can you give me more details about it? Thank you.

  11. Kate Tsui will also be gang raped and pregnant in HAL so not only Aimee can get the raped limelight. Kate’s character is more tragic than Aimee. Gang raped, takes drug until have seizures, and later forced to be drug dealer. I sense an award for Kate!

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