Airport Security Happily Searches Louis Koo

Although Louis Koo (古天樂) is already 50, his charisma and handsome looks continue to move crowds every time he steps out in public.

Louis was recently filming his new movie The White Storm 3 <掃毒3> in Yunnan with Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and Sean Lau (劉青雲). Fans surrounded the streets just to get a closer look at the three actors when they filmed a car chase scene, which was found to be highly realistic.

In another instance, Louis was recently sighted at an airport in China, where fans immediately started filming him on their cell phones once they realized they came face-to-face with the actor. It was evident that many bystanders were staring while waiting to enter the airport.

Louis’ charm was contagious even to the airport staff who stared at him with big smiles. One female security staff eagerly searched his body, and could not hold back her excitement.

Many fans approached Louis for photos when he was cleared by security, but he was immediately escorted away by staff members. Given that he had just completed filming, he had an expressionless face and did not stop to take photos with his fans. 

With the airport encounter circulating on social media, many netizens were jealous of the female staff who got to search Louis. Some even squealed, “This opportunity did not belong to me!”


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  1. So adorable… He is a very charming man. He can manage the public very well.

  2. Met him once on the street in hk. He was super nice and friendly. Agreedto take a picture with me too llol

  3. Hilarious, mainlander airport lady rubbing herself all over Louis sheesh. No class whatsoever not surprised by that.

    1. No class for doing her job? Not sure how much exposure you have to air travel, but security frisking is pretty common, no?

  4. Louis is already 50 yrs old… charming, I’m sure, but he’s no longer the heart-throb he once was. Don’t think most women will throw themselves at him in their 20s these days.

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