Akina Hong Returns to Hong Kong To Care for Parents

One of TVB’s most prolific supporting actresses, Akina Hong (康華), ended her 14-year relationship with the station in 2007 to focus her television career in Mainland China. Despite finding success in China, Akina returned to Hong Kong to take care of her ailing parents.

Earning critical success in Mainland for her villainous roles, Akina went from small supporting roles to lead roles in a span of only two years. She has closely worked with numerous big stars in big-budgeted mainland dramas, such as the award-winning Wang Xueqi (王學圻) in Wo Lao Ye 1945 <我姥爺1945> and South Korean singerKangta (安七炫) in Di Jin <帝錦>. Akina was reportedly paid ten times more in China than when she was in TVB.

Akina intended to leave her career in Hong Kong behind to focus in China entirely, but she suddenly returned to TVB in 2012. Her comeback project with the station was Friendly Fire <法網狙擊>, a legal drama starring Michael Tse (謝天華) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡). Since 2012, Akina has filmed over 10 television dramas.

Recently, it was discovered that Akina’s reasons for returning to Hong Kong was for her ailing parents. The 43-year-old was recently spotted at a private hospital in Kowloon City to pay for her parents’ hospital fees. Though Akina is still occasionally filming in China, her return to TVB cost her to lose millions of dollars in filming fees and other lucrative appearances.

Source: East Week

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She is another underrated actress. Always take on the supporting roles. She looks great for her age and she’s pleasant to look at. Hope to see more of her.

  2. Akina is a very good actress. Played all her roles convincingly. Hope she will continue to do well in TVB and more roles be given to her.

  3. she wasn’t much of a looker in her 20s but she looks great now. it’s nice to see her back, although i wish it was for different reasons.

    1. Actually, I think she has always looked beautiful. She ages much much better than Maggie Siu and the other one that I don’t remember her name at the moment. The one who stars w/Wayne Lai?

      1. louisa so? like with akina, i never found louisa attractive in her youth but she looks better with age. akina was fairly pretty in her youth but nothing made her stand out. maggie was gorgeous in her early works but does look quite haggard now. my hubby insists she looks better in real life though (he saw her filming about two years ago and says her skin was very smooth).

      2. anoninhk,
        Yes, Maggie Siu and most ppl blame the haggard after they have children but she does not have children. She was resting at home or something while dating that EKIN and after getting dumped, got back to TVB but boy does she age fast. Sheren Tang too, gosh… She also does not have kids so you cant blame it on having kids haha..so this AKINA is still looking good I think. Louisa So, yes..She looks so “SEE LAI” in her very early days I vaguely remember but now she gets much better w/age.

  4. She will definitely do well, her acting surpasses TVB fadans (Linda, kate etc..). Hope to see her in more TVB dramas & in mainland ones as well

    1. Agreed! I love seeing her on screen. I really hope those underrated actors/actresses will be given a chance to shine. Those who are unable to perform, pls … TVB, help us by reducing their screen time.

  5. Akina along with Alice and Jade are underrated actresses. Wish TVB would give them heavier supporting roles since leading is not even in consideration.

  6. She looks so pretty in ancient costume too! Yes I hope to see more of her~~

  7. Something doesn’t add up though. Since she’s making so much more, why don’t she move her parents to China to live with her? Isn’t that a better long term plan than staying somewhere making minimum pay?

    1. Maybe her parent are too old and sick to move to china. There’s also the possibility that the healthcare in hong kong is better than china.

    2. Maybe it’s hard to move the sick and elderly to a new place where they cannot communicate well and have no friends or relatives…

  8. A great actress that is greatly misused by tvb. Can play both villain and good character roles equally well. Hope she can be more prominent.

    As to why she came back, maybe her parents don’t like it in the mainland. Who knows, but its personal family business. What it does suggest is that she is a good daughter

  9. without doubt one of the most versatile and under-rated actress.
    TVB need to keep such quality actress!

  10. Suprised to see her comeback with such good “womanly” looking and such beautiful body!!!!

  11. TVB should give bigger roles to her than promoting those Miss HKs.

  12. Always liked Akina was wondering why dhe was missing and then came back.

    Hope TVB gives her some meatier roles as she is a very good actress and looks stunning ft or h r r age

  13. She’s a good actress. Very convincing in whatever role given her

  14. Tvb really needs to value REALLY TALENTED people like this one. I loved her as the leader of gangs. She is awesome

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