Ali Lee Considers Herself as One of the Top Three Contenders for Best Actress

Having joined TVB six years ago, 36-year-old Ali Lee (李佳芯) started off playing minor roles, even mistresses, before becoming the lead. Her acting was recognized when she won the Best Actress award in Singapore last year. And now, Ali’s portrayal of a struggling new mother in TVB drama Who Wants a Baby <BB來了granted her a nomination for Best Actress and Most Popular TV Character in the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards.

In response to her nomination, she believes she has a one-third chance of winning. “Because they say there are three hot contendersAlice Chan (陳煒), me, and Mandy Wong (黃智雯),” she explained.

The actress expressed she really admires Mandy, whom she met on the set of a drama. She really likes Mandy and often asks her for advice. “I think we are very similar in that we’re very real – we would do our best in playing the character and be our best, we don’t create drama or gossip.”

On the other hand, Ali shares the same manager with Alice, whom she’s never collaborated with. “I saw her a few times personally,” Ali shared. “She’s very nice as a senior, and a good one, she’s not selfish.”

In addition, Ali really likes how Alice portrayed a villain in Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2深宮計>. She said, “Some people are afraid of getting yelled at by viewers and would purposely try to turn the villain into a good person, but Alice played a villain straight up, so she’s a good actress because a good actress will respect the role given to them and play it well.”

Ali added, “So whenever people ask me if I have confidence in winning, I’m very torn, but I can only say even if I don’t have enough confidence, the people around me give me half the confidence I have.”

Ali Never Thought About Awards

She admitted she’s never been ambitious when it comes to awards. It was her Best Actress win at Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards last year that gave her assurance the audience really liked her character. A lot of her coworkers also expressed confidence in her, which, according to Ali, is amazing to get their approval.

Indeed, her colleagues are not only supportive but also accommodating. When filming began for Who Wants a Baby, Ali had just completed a major operation a month prior, so her body was not fully recovered. She was unable to film the scenes in which she had to argue with Angelina Lo (盧宛茵), who played Ali’s mother in law.

“We mainly filmed easy scenes during the first month because my physical state was really bad,” Ali shared. “I had to go ballistic in almost every episode, and I really did not have the confidence in doing it well. Fortunately, the crew was very accommodating and my partner, Lai Lok Yi (黎诺懿), has a really high EQ.”

Ali managed to handle the emotional rollercoasters of her character very well. It is apparent she has the qualifications to compete for the Best Actress award. However, her acting was not this impactful at the beginning of her acting career. In the past, she scored a lot of mistress roles, which contrasted with her quiet personality in real life, but she would not reject the opportunities. Later, she discovered she could communicate with the audience through the role, and she switched to another method to interpret it.

Her Body’s Alarm Went Off

Her steady rise as an actress allowed her to film six dramas in the past two years. Although she achieved fame and fortune, she dedicated 98% of her life to work, neglecting family and friends. “In the past, I would push myself to the extreme,” Ali said. “I forced myself to cry, but when my body got worse, I learned another way to treat myself. The results would not be good if my emotions were not dealt with correctly, so now I would use a comfortable method to treat myself.”

Although she acknowledges having neglected her personal life, she does not believe she will get married if she wins an award. “The two things don’t have to correlate, everyone’s working hard in their careers,” she said. “If we’re compatible, it will happen naturally, and I’m not in a rush to have a baby.”

On the possibility of winning an award despite the other actress’ performances, the Best Actress nominee said, “I have to give myself some credit too.”

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