Ali Lee Sets Sights On Investing

Taking a break from acting, actress Ali Lee (李佳芯) showed up at a real estate publicity event on October 22, where she was gifted a downpayment of HKD$200K by Baker Real Estate Incorporated.

Sets Sights On Property Investing Outside of HK
The 39-year-old happily shared about her plans to invest in property, and said “It’s something I’ve always thought about, Hong Kong was my top choice, as my home and family are all (here). In the recent two years I considered investing overseas, I feel that there’s no conflict, as long as I can afford it, I’ll use it for investing and when there are returns, I’ll be able to spread out the investments across different areas,”

Turning down the host who called her “entertainment’s little rich lady”, Ali humbly replied, “I’ve always been financially prudent…in the past I’d save a lot…but now with inflation, I realized that investing is a must; I’d use a conservative approach that yields steady returns, so property investment was always my top choice,” While she does not have real estate assets on hand at the moment, the actress felt that time is ripe for her to start her personal investing plans!

Might Film New Drama in January

Receiving good response for her self-directed short Dementia <伴>, Ali shared that making the film was a meaningful endeavor from which she learnt a lot. “I hadn’t thought of taking charge of so many aspects but everything feel into place…it took an entire year from concept to launch, it was not commercial so I took my time, coincidentally September was also World Alzheimer’s Month so we took the chance to launch it,” she said.

Fans waiting to see Ali onscreen again will not be disappointed as the TVB Best Actress Winner shared that she might take on filming for a new drama come January, but details have not been firmed up at the moment. Asked if she yearned for new challenges, like veteran artiste Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲), who recently announced her departure from TVB after decades and plans to start afresh, Ali replied, “Every artiste hopes to be able to attempt something new to refresh (themselves), I think this is something everyone has on their to-do list,” For Ali, she has been curious about exploring and finding her footing in theatre and films, and believes these will be very new territories for her.

Watch Ali’s Self-Directed Micro-film “Dementia”
Source: HK01

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