Alvin Chau’s Sister Scolds Mandy Lieu on Social Media

Casino tycoon and Sun Entertainment Culture’s owner, Alvin Chau (週焯華) was embroiled with an extra-marital affair with model Mandy Lieu (劉碧麗) since 2014. Although Alvin’s wife, Heidi Chan (陳慧玲), had initially accepted her husband’s multiple affairs, the couple was unable to salvage their marriage since the birth of Mandy’s daughter last May. Heidi announced her divorce intentions in December.

Free of any marital ties, Alvin no longer bothers to keep Mandy away from Hong Kong. The couple officially made an appearance together hand-in-hand, publicly acknowledging their relationship. Focusing his attention now on his new family, Alvin, Mandy, and their eight-month old daughter recently enjoyed a vacation in Phuket, Thailand.

Although an earlier report claimed that Alvin’s father requested to meet Mandy and her daughter during Lunar New Year, it was revealed that Alvin actually spent the holiday with his father, sister, and children in Tokyo. Despite Alvin’s upcoming divorce with Heidi, Alvin’s father dotes heavily on her and they are all still living together. Given Heidi’s good relationship with Alvin’s family, it will not easy for Mandy to earn their approval.

Alvin’s elder sister, Candy Chau, also went on Facebook to vent her frustration about the situation. Although the message did not specify any names, it was evident that she was referring to Mandy. Candy wrote, “You [expletive]…. Don’t think you can [expletive] force my dad. Don’t be [expletive] stupid. God knows what you did. You are so [expletive] despicable and shameless. Do your parents knows?” Despite the high-profile divorce, it appears that the drama has yet to subside.


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  1. Maybe Candy should be yelling at her own brother instead of a 3rd party…. He’s the one who stray and ruin the marriage. Yes Mandy was involve but a cow who doesn’t want to drink water won’t be force. All idiots. Just really glad Heidi is divorcing this loser. He is beyond disgusting to me.

  2. Very very glad Heidi is finally divorcing him! But why is he still wearing his wedding ring? But also… I hope Mandy knows if he can do that to his own wife…. he can do that to her too.

    1. @bbybowyee hypocrite. already going to divorce and still wearing the ring. yes, like what you mentioned, this guy is a cheater and he won’t stop. heidi is smart to get rid of him. mandy can forget about moving into the chau family.

  3. She just said her intentions. But she is still living with them. So might not divorced in the end, just be a occupant in the house with marriage cert. I don’t think Alvin dares to bring Mandy home to see his dad. But I dont get why his sis vents on Mandy. It’s her brother’s choice. She have no rights to publicly vents her displeasure to some one else, and it’s not even someone close.

    1. @dramadrama the legal Mrs Chau is still living in the house. she has a triumph card with her in-laws. it’s a matter of time mandy becomes history since her cheater boyfriend can’t bring her home to meet his parents.

  4. When this cheating SOB grows tired of mandy he’ll have no qualms trading her in for a new model. I hope that day comes soon when karma bites her back.

    1. @isay Well, I am thinking more of this SOB go bankrupt, and see if Mandy still will stick with him……..

      1. @dramadrama

        From your comment you must be very, really very naïve or super young. There are billionaires who went bankrupt, so never say never.

        (1)Alberto Vilar, founder and CEO of the investment firm Amerindo.
        (2) Allen Shepherd, chairman of Standford Financial Group.
        (3) Sean Quinn, Irish business magnate.

        I can go on and on but you can check for yourself.
        I agree with Alvin”s sister for telling off that high prized prostitute, for that is the only way I can describe Mandy. However, the sister should also scold Alvin as it took two to tango. Alvin is a disrespectful, cheating dog.

        I noticed that a lot of men in the Chinese community believe that if they marry the wife and give her every luxury that money can buy, they should be free to treat her however they wish and have as many affairs as their dick desire and the wife should blindly ignore their behaviour. Any relative or friend of mine treat a woman like that, I would disown him. So glad to see Heidi finally getting out of the sham of a marriage.

      2. @abc123a Not so much bankruptcy for a casino tycoon. Money just rolls to them. And BTW, no. Heidi is not out of it. She still stays at her in laws house. Mean’s she still cant/unwilling to cut off from Alvin the handsome gentleman (pui).

      3. @bearbear @dramadrama sadly, i dont think karma will ever reach them….for the many years i have been alive on this earth, i have never seen “bad people” get punished so that above comment was merely a comical remark…i have doubts it will ever happen tbh

  5. disgusted from both side… Mandy for stepping in a established family and ruin the happiness and Alvin for being an eternal player don’t worry what comes around goes around…

  6. At the end of the day the family bond and love for one’s own will outweigh all prejudice and anger. So all these Kardashian like drama unfolding before the public eyes will fade away with whoeever he marries next.

  7. Having children is very potent. In particular, boys for a traditional family. For the sake of the grand children, the parents albeit grudgingly will accept her. She holds the triump card if she has a son (the 1st grandson?). Easier said than done, of course, but Heidi should have played her cards better before calling it quits (after all, she has already suffered long enough). Now, she allows this lady to free access to the throne.

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