“America’s Got Talent” Celine Tam Interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres

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“America’s Got Talent” Celine Tam Interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres

Hong Kong’s own little “giant lung” Celine Tam (譚芷昀) became an overnight sensation after successfully capturing the hearts of judges on the stage of the American singing competition America’s Got Talent. Though the 9-year-old failed to advance to the final round, her popularity remained strong, and from the looks of it, we’re definitely going to be seeing more of her in the future.

In August, Celine immediately advanced to the quarterfinals after receiving a golden buzzer from judge Simon Cowell. She passed the semifinals later that month, but dropped out of the competition mid-September after failing to rack up enough votes to advance to the final round. Her last performance was “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s Moana.

Celine’s exit from the show drew in some criticism—there was a rumor that AGT grew concerned over the complaints about the show was focusing too much on child singers, which resulted in the decision of performance schedules being changed. Fans argued that Celine would have stayed on the competition longer if she didn’t have to go against hot favorite, Angelica Hale, last minute.

But though Celine’s dream was cut short, her popularity continued to thrive. She was invited to The Ellen Show—the award-winning talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres—and performed “How Far I’ll Go”. She filmed the show with the support of last year’s AGT winner, 13-year-old Grace VanderWaal.

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“America’s Got Talent” Celine Tam Interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres

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  • 8 comments to “America’s Got Talent” Celine Tam Interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres

    1. lewismcchan says:

      She did not win in the semi-final and someone better won the show yesterday night in US. That is all for his father to show off and she should go back to school. Get another life.

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    2. ricky721 says:

      Celine did not get the golden buzzer from Simon Cowell. She got the golden buzzer from Laverne Cox –


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    3. jimmyszeto says:

      Celine’s dad is certainly a money grabber because at that age the child needs to be protected. So many young child stars have turned to drugs and have gone wild due to their lack of being brought up in the correct gradual environment. However he’s not the only one. Many HK and Chinese celebrities have taken their kids to China reality shows to earn quick ridiculous money. Their excuse usually is ‘to be closer to the child’ but that is a pathetic excuse. To stay closer to child they just have to spend time with them at home behind closed doors. Look at Yumiko Cheng’s greed for money. Her child is 2 years old and she’s already using her. I’m glad China is considering placing bans on these immoral reality shows.

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    4. llwy12 says:

      Looks like Celine just got invited to her and her sister’s namesake Celine Dion’s concert as special musical guest (it was all over the entertainment news today). I wonder what kind of strings were pulled for that….

      Again, I have nothing against Celine and feel she is a sweet girl with a talent for singing, but I really dislike how her parents (namely her dad) are exploiting her for their own gain. Celine may go along with it but honestly, at 9 years old, it’s not like she really has a choice or knows any better….

      Login or Register before you can reply to llwy12
    5. jjwong says:

      @jimmyszeto So true! It’s your own child. Why do you need a TV show and a big crew to follow you around to learn to be with your own kid?

      @llwy12 Unfortunately she will have much more gruesome and tiresome schedule. Her father will not stop. Like you said, she’s only 9. She has no choice but just to do it. Her silver lining is her mom. Maybe, hopefully she has the common sense to say enough is enough or scale the dad selfish ambitious back. As I had said, I truly hope she does enjoy singing and performing. Or at least, grows to love it. Best of luck to her, she is adorable and does have a huge powerful voice. This song fits her better. It’s cute, age appropriate and fun (it has a fun, light beat.) Even the lyrics is much better suited for her.

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    6. aiya says:

      Well, her dad may as well bring her back to Hong Kong now that Trump has terminated the DACA program. LOL!

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    7. blest62 says:

      Celine Tam Rising! A child prodigy! She certainly has big ‘lungs’ to render the songs of Celine Dion. No easy feat of course but she really aced it though she was robbed of the crown by Angelica Hale, star of AGT 2017.

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    8. coralie says:

      ehhh, I think the girl’s 2 minutes of fame is up. once she’s done with all the talk shows, she’s not going to progress any further. very few AGT singers/other talented contestants went far once the show was done. it’s a shame, but that’s the trend.

      plus, while celine is talented in terms of her age, she doesn’t touch true legends like Jackie Evancho

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