Amy Fan Received No Financial Benefits in Being Gordon Liu’s Guardian

Gordon Liu (劉家輝) may be recovering from his stroke, but the 57-year-old still has a long way to go before he can walk and talk like he used to.

The martial artist star was plagued with a series of family clamors and financial woes last year, in which his wife, children, and personal assistant Eva Fung were said to be only interested in his money. With the support of current guardian and entustor Amy Fan (樊亦敏), Gordon accepted an exclusive sit-in interview with Ming Pao yesterday to talk about his current situation. Amy also spoke on Gordon’s behalf in regards to his economic standing and her debatable position as his legal guardian.

“[We] are accepting Ming Pao’s interview because this was Gordon’s wish. It has been a while since he has had a chat [with the press] and Gordon knows that we are all concerned for him,” said Amy at the start of the interview. “There has been many rumors floating around, and Gordon believes that he shouldn’t cause such great complications for everyone anymore. It is time to clarify this matter.”

Amy formally became Gordon’s entrustor, or legal guardian, on January 10, 2013, a few months after Eva stepped down. Amy clarified that she became Gordon’s legal guardian at the request of both Gordon and Theresa, Gordon’s elder sister who currently resides in the United States. When Amy visited Gordon at home, he cried and begged her to help him as he was unhappy under Eva’s care. Theresa sent in the related credentials to Amy in August 2012, in which she requested Amy to be Gordon’s legal guardian as both her and Gordon’s four children were unable to do so.

Amy Fan Did Not Receive Any Financial Benefits

Amy stressed that she would not receive any benefits for being Gordon’s guardian. “There are some who question my actions and believe that I am here to get benefits, but this is like asking me what benefits I would get by offering a bus seat to an elderly lady.”

The TVB star also served as a witness to Gordon’s will signing earlier, which was completed under the presence of his lawyers and doctors. “I must remind that only those who are not listed as beneficiaries in the will can be qualified as witnesses,” Amy stated.

Having to pay at least $10,000 HKD every month for his hospital bills, Amy indicated that Gordon’s savings are dwindling, and her current priority is to retrieve his million-dollar film remunerations (RMB) that were left in Eva’s prior care.

“Eva refuses to return his money, so I will pursue legal action. I will also be handling the matters regarding the $30,000 HKD he previously lent to his wife.” Amy further confirmed that Gordon will not rule out the possibility of selling or mortgaging his $8 million-HKD flat to the bank in the end, and is prepared for financial emergencies.

As for reports indicating that Gordon has refused to see his children, Amy said, “According to the information I have at hand right now, Gordon is still paying for his children’s insurance.  In such dire needs for money, Gordon is still saving up a portion of his savings to support his four children. He is burning money every day.”

Amy  continued, “He refuses to see his children because he wants them to see a healthy and recovered father. He does not hate his children and loves them dearly.”

As his guardian, Amy expressed that it is inconvenient for her to comment too much about his family matters, but she hopes that Gordon and his family will one day untie the knot that has set them apart.

Amy met with TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), and Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild Chairman, Eric Tsang (曾志偉), who were concerned about Gordon’s current state. Although they offered their needed, it was difficult to intervene in his family affairs.

Source: Ming Pao 

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  1. I am glad that Amy Fan has become Gordon Liu’s legal guardian. She must be a very good friend of Gordon and his sister (Theresa). At least someone is helping Gordon as a friend and no money is involved in this relationship.

    Hope Gordon will recover very soon and be able to walk and have no more speech problems. Take care, Gordon. We all like you because you are a good actor.

    1. Me too May Gordon have a speedy recovery. God Bless Gordon

  2. It doesnt make sense as to why his previous assistant Eva doesnt return Gordan’s money!

    1. Eva mentioned that she would speak up when it is the right time. She must have a reason …………. legitimate or not we don’t know.

    2. The public especially the fans can help by harassing her with every methods available legally to shame her and force her to settle the matter immediately.

  3. I found this article a little amusing. I highly doubt that Amy Fan would take his money even if he gave it to her. She’s so much richer than him, like she would care about that little bit of money.

    She’s obviously doing all this out of pity and kindness.

    1. nyny,

      Can you shed some info on Amy Fan’s wealth? Although Amy has starred in some mainland dramas, Gordon was a big movie star in his prime.

  4. Probably it was Gordon Liu’s wish to let the public know officially that it was his wish to appoint Amy Fan as his legal guardian.

  5. eric tsang and virginia lok finally show out their face to gordon only after the news become big in hk.

    1. Eric did visited him long time ago. Gordon don’t wanna see anyone.

  6. Based on her responses to the press, Amy Fan sounds sharp and managing Gordon’s situation well.

    However, it is a very time-consuming responsibility to handle Gordon’s case, especially with the stack of medical bills to review and his suing of former assistant, Eva. It’s a situation that even Gordon’s sister and children from his first marriage did not wish to handle.

    I hope that Amy is truly helping Gordon from the kindness in her heart and that she takes good care of him.

    1. I also hope she is truly helping Gordon from the kindness of her heart. I have a good feeling that she is and it is great what she is doing. I can imagine everything that she has to deal with and really admire her for taking care of Gordon even though he is not related to her. However, in many cases, people who are not related to you treat you better than your own family does as we can see in this case.

  7. Never know that Amy Fan is a very close friend of Gordon Liu. Does anyone know the history of their relationship? Did they meet at movies or ATV, or TVB?

  8. So what’s the lawyer doing about Eva and Gordon’s money? Did Gordon sign anything unknowingly and thus stuffed things up? No doubt his children are ‘young’ but surely the mother can figure out that Gordon’s income is dwindling, she and the children should do whatever they can. Instead they’re not even lifting a finger. Useless. No wonder Gordon is frustrated, it’s very heartbreaking.

  9. How old are his children? He has 4 children and none of them are willing to take care of him??

    1. maybe they are not close, don’t think gordon spent enough time with his children while they were growing, you will get reap what you sow

    2. he sounds very brusque with them and frankly, there must be some kind of jieng thing with them and their inheritance otherwise they wouldn’t really worry about offending him or pissing him off further and just take his care in their own hands – he seems very old fashioned – I find those people easy to get through if you put away your ego

  10. “$8 million-HKD flat” wow..that’s over $1 million USD!

    1. Flats are super expensive in Hong Kong. A HK$8 million flat would be as big as 700 sq. ft. in a decent neighbourhood.

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