Andy Hui Upset At Wilfred Lau For Revealing Marital Status

Although Andy Hui (許志安) and Sammi Cheng‘s (鄭秀文) marriage seems like an open secret, the two have been adamantly denying it in front of the press. When Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍) accidentally spilled that the two have indeed already tied the knot, Andy seemed to have trouble covering up his displeasure and immediately drew a clear line between himself and Wilfred.

Even though Sammi has rejected Andy’s proposals for years, the 41-year-old songstress finally agreed to marry after a surprise proposal at her 2013 birthday party. The couple later traveled to Bali with close family members to celebrate the engagement, though tabloids revealed that the two were actually there for a private wedding ceremony. Their manager later emphasized that Andy and Sammi were simply engaged and had plans to officially register their marriage later in Hong Kong. More recent reports revealed that the couple will hold a wedding banquet in May, after which they will spend two months cruising around the world.

While most happily assume that they are already married, Andy and Sammi have yet to make a formal announcement and have kept a low profile about their engagement. Unfortunately, Wilfred forced the matter back into the spotlight this week. While interviewed at a concert on May 5, Wilfred was asked if he would consider following Andy and Sammi’s example and move in with girlfriend Joey Yung (容祖兒). Wilfred carelessly blurted out, “But those two are already married!”

Although Wilfred tried hard to explain that he had made the assumption based only on recent gossips, the damage was already done. When reporters sought comment from Andy at the same concert, he awkwardly said, “It’s not true. Don’t mind him,” and did not elaborate further.

When confronted again the following day, Andy as usual dismissed the marriage rumors and insisted that Wilfred was completely mistaken and talking non-sense. Even though they had collaborated in the past and were seen as good friends, Andy seemed upset about Wilfred’s reckless comment and has decided to set boundary. He made it clear yesterday that he and Wilfred are not very close, and stated, “If he is indeed a friend, he would not speak so carelessly.” Andy also spoke little about any wedding plans, answering all related questions saying only that he and Sammi have already come to a mutual understanding.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Looks like Wilfred, needs to bite this tongue and not speak at all. If I’m correctly, the same thing happen to himself and Joey… He talks too much.

  2. Cants wait until Joey dumps his a$$

  3. Wilfred really needs to think before he opens his mouth. Seems like he doesn’t think before he talks.

  4. What’s the big deal about them being married and letting people know that they are married? Wilfred maybe a blabber mouth but sometime that is just how people are, it’s a personality/trait, though he should start to mind his words.

    1. It’s a big deal to them. They might have wanted to have an extravagant party to tell people other people them self or they want to keep their marriage under the spotlight to protect their privacy. It is their choice and people should respect their choices.

      1. Knowing someone is married doesn’t mean u don’t respect their privacy. And besides Wilfred accidentally told the press. It wasn’t like he was trying to expose their privacy.

    2. Ditto. Big fat fecking deal, at this pt.

      Though this dude Wilfred is a careless big mouth, really what’s the drama?

      People were just happy for them when they got back together.
      At this pt: married or not married, living together or not … does anyone really care?

  5. Wait…I’m a little confused. If Andy and Sammi are engaged and everyone knows about it already, why would they have a “secret” wedding? Didn’t Andy propose in a pretty extravagant way during a concert? That already makes it hard to keep the whole thing low key.

  6. Here in Malaysia everyone read about Sammi and Andy married in Bali a few months back already. WHATS THE BIG HOOO HAAA ?CRAZZZYY

  7. I doubt Andy and Sammi are officially married. They have already announced their engagement and everybody wishes them nothing but happiness as a couple. I don’t see why they would lie about being married if they actually are.

    1. You remember Andy Lau and Carol Chu?

      I think that if a person wants to keep their marriage a secret for privacy reasons then it is OK. But not if they are using that right to date other people.

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