Andy Lau and Karen Mok Defend Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow (周星馳) was lambasted by film producer Charles Heung‘s (向華強) wife, Tiffany Chan (陳嵐) after an online article hinting at Charles’ triad background surfaced. Tiffany accused Stephen for being the instigator behind the piece and also chastised the comedian’s questionable work ethics. Many actors and film directors have also stepped in to criticize Stephen’s poor moral character.

Andy Lau Denies Feuding with Stephen Chow

In Tiffany’s statement, she revealed that Andy Lau (劉德華) had told her that he was not friends with Stephen and suggested that they had fallen out over money. Andy also defended Charles, expressing that he was the best boss he had in his entire life. However, when Andy attended the premiere for the documentary My Voice, My Life <爭氣> on September 12, Andy denied ever having a feud with Stephen.

Andy clarified, “First, I never said he isn’t my friend. The only thing I said was that Mr. Heung is my friend. He was in the past, the present, and the future. I also said he was a very good boss. Maybe Mrs. Heung misunderstood what I meant.”

There was a rumor claiming that Andy and Stephen fought over money issues in a film contract. “Those are just rumors. We were given a chance to collaborate in the past, but due to certain details of the contract, we both politely rejected the offer in the end.”

Asked if he will have the opportunity to work with Stephen again, Andy said, “If there will be that chance, of course.”

Andy further clarified his relationship with Stephen. “My relationship with him is like that of colleagues working in a movie together. I never got the chance to know him more, but what I can say is that I was, am, and will always be his fan.”

Ex-Girlfriend Karen Mok: “I Will Always Support Stephen Chow”

Although Karen Mok (莫文蔚) had a bad breakup with Stephen, she offered him her support. Karen said, “He really knows how to take care of people and his actors. I don’t care how the public judge him. I will always support Stephen Chow.”

Stephen’s Shaolin Soccer <少林足球> costar Lam Chi Chung (林子聰) defended, “The article said Stephen had forced Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) to shave her head for a movie. It’s not true at all.”

Mainland actress Zhang Yuqi (張雨綺), star of Stephen’s CJ7 <長江七號> film, said Stephen is “a really good person.”



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  1. ““My relationship with him is like that of colleagues working in a movie together. I never got the chance to know him more, but what I can say is that I was, am, and will always be his fan.””

    Some may say the same of Andy Lau.

    Not all actors are friends or chums. As long as they remain professional.

    1. True,people who you work with are your co workers and some you may end up being lifelong buddies,close friends while others are just acquaintances or remain co workers only. The most important thing is to remain professional because you just have to work with the people,not like them.

      The good thing is usually after each project you can move on to work with new people until you meet some of the same people for another project. I once heard that the cast for a version of Flying Fox did not get along but settled their differences for the sake of the drama.

  2. He doesn’t need anyone to defend for him. He hasn’t been in the limelight for so long and this is perhaps the least of the problem that he would be worried about. He has a new project to get busy with.

  3. FINALLY some people came out to support him. I knew he would be strict and harsh, but I honestly don’t think he’s as bad as how some people or the media portrays him; he just never tends to clarify anything.

    And I read another article where Stephen Chow said he didn’t leak the article (or something) and said that he will apologize to Mr. Heung but his wife still blamed it on him and said even if he wasn’t the one who leaked it out he still have to publicly apologize. Tbh, I feel like this drama wouldn’t have been so bad if Mr. and Mrs. Heung didn’t have to cry out lout to the public…

    1. I don’t even care one way or another but I can’t resist when Karen Mok is mentioned. She’s part German and married to a GERMAN.

  4. Her parents look so at home in HK like typical wealthy above average comfortable Chinese couple but their daughter lacks the charming reticence of HK girls.

    Even if it is propaganda, I LOVE that Athena Yu pushes out her chin and says she HATES that guy.

    She’s a little pepper.

    HK accent is better than this:

    1. I mean both she and her parents pass as regular Cantonese so why can’t she embrace her Zoe Kravitzness. I get this sad vibe from her that I don’t get from Maggie Q. I wouldnt mind being totally Chinese even if ancestrally I wasnt (as long as I wasnt part goblin or orc) – my Dad always chose the most regular and simplest things for me even my names in English and Chinese. Just be yourself, Karen Mok.

  5. I mean she looks exactly like her granny and if she went out for dim sum in HK with her parents where some Cantonese have freckles and funny features, why would she FEEL mixed? As long as you are fluent in Cantonese, you’re good to go.

    How does one FEEL mixed?

    How would you notice? Is it like schizophrenia? (I wouldn’t know.)

    Man, this is a looong youtube video – because she drawls every word. a lawwwt of charity worrrrk.

    for different prohhh jectsss

    or poverrrtee

  6. I think because especially for Englishness in and of itself and in relation to Hong Kong unlike say being Greek and Chinese where you would have more privacy and it would be a family only issue – I think there is an expectation of an upgrade like on an airplane and I think Karen minds that she isn’t Maggie Q mixed.

    Karen is very Yuet looking like Dadawa.

    Imagine not liking the side you most resemble.

  7. I think if there are mixes in China – it happened once in the bloodline and you absorb it, ignore it, learn to order well at local eateries and a few generations down the line, someone will look at the ancestry record and say what is THAT? and then THEY forget about it.
    I think HK is a little messed up in that it is hostile to mixes (but not really just as a matter of policy to protect everyone’s integrity and sense of things) and the reality is that you are all in the same boat even impoverished nonAsian expats.

  8. wow:

    The Star/Asia News Network
    Wednesday, Oct 05, 2011
    China Press reported that Hong Kong actress Karen Mok’s father had denied that he did not like his new son-in-law Johannes.

    Mok Tin Chi said the reason he did not attend the wedding was because he was a Taoist and he did not want to be instructed by the priest who conducted the ceremony.

    “I think Johannes is a nice guy and I have given them my blessings,” he said.

    Tin Chi said his advice to his daughter on her marriage was simple: “I just told her that if she finds something wrong with the husband, she will just have to leave immediately.”

    – See more at:

  9. I knew Andy would step up and speak out. I figured he wasn’t pleased with Tiffany dragging his name into her spat.

    1. I had that feeling too. Glad that people who truly know Stephen can step up to say something that seems more true rather than listen to rumours and keep on blasting him.

  10. I am no fan of Andy’s but what that woman Tiffany did to him appalling. She should deal with her public feud with Stephen by leaving others out of her lies, and not twists Andy’s or anyone else’s words. Just because Stephen said his 1993 to 1996 visa was turned down by Immigration Canada because of his boss’s triad connection (her husband) was turned down.

    I do not believe Andy said that, and even if he did, why would Tiffany want to cause strife amongst other artists. What a horrible evil woman, but then again, triad people are horrible and evil.

  11. But they always say that about the Heung brothers and Stanley HO in the media. CNBC Asia even asked Stanley Ho’s son about triad connections to which he visibly stiffened. The reporter is an established reporter of Chinese ethnicity but from Singapore so I think her attitude is less intimidated than HK press.

    Also, they wouldn’t let Pansy HO invest in an Atantic City casino so North America seems to have no problem calling out triad.

    However when the North American press colludes with Chinese press to cover up triad atrociousness even murder – what is that really about?

    I don’t understand it.

    When my father’s murderers were finally arrested, someone told my mother that when the news was announced over Chinese radio, the customers in the tea parlors pounded the tables with their hands in wordless approval because those brothers had been grabbing Chinatown female workers going home late into limousines from livery car service and then throwing them out when they were finished with them.

    Was this propaganda to terrorize Chinatown and to echo Nazi conduct?

    How could this be true and the press be okay with them?

    “We simply drove by them, tore them into the car, lay them down, and then chucked them out when we had finished. Man, did they fly!'”

    Read more:
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    1. I really hope that all Hanjian and triad are really Chinese police and military to take up positions on the weiqi board against Japanese infestation.

      Otherwise what happened to my father is really bad and will never be restored.

  12. I love Stephen chow . He’s is a very well rounded entertainer. He can act produce write and direct. When someone wants something to be perfect the way Stephen wants his movies then there are no playing around. When u want something done right u have to ask for professionalism hard work and dedication . I don’t think Stephen is harsh or strict at all. He’s just a perfectionist

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