Andy Lau Denies Carol Chu Giving Birth to Second Child

Ever since Hanna’s birth in May 2012, it’s been rumored that her parents Andy Lau (劉德華) and Carol Chu (朱麗倩) are expecting a second child. The rumor reached a peak in March this year, when gossip magazines reported that Carol was four months pregnant with a boy.

On September 27, Andy went off camera to celebrate his 55th birthday with his close family. Andy, who spent his 54th birthday with fans last year, said he wanted a more intimate and personal celebration this year.

According to a gossip report released that day, Andy was said to have celebrated his 55th birthday with his wife, daughter, parents, and a son.

The gossip claimed that Andy’s second child, a boy, was born in August this year. Carol had secretly left Hong Kong to deliver the child overseas. After her one month of postpartum rest, Carol and her son returned to Hong Kong for Andy’s 55th birthday.

Not wanting their son to experience the same media coverage as their daughter, Andy and Carol reportedly kept the birth of their son a secret.

But the rumors seem unfounded. At a blessing ceremony for the film Chasing the Dragon <追龍> on Wednesday, Andy denied having a second child. “No!” he said. “Not at all.” Andy said he is aware that this rumor has been going on for some time, and denied it one more time.

Source: IHKTV, Liberty Times Net

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  1. Hope he doesn’t lie this time. If not, the younger might think old already, grandfather age already but still lie, that’s not good

  2. I heard from reliable sources that the Laus have a son through a surrogate. It will not be surprising if it is true as Andy wants to be more secretive and mysterious than anyone else. He creates more stupid and unnecessary drama for himself than he should.

      1. @happybi having a surrogate would be better than making a 50 year old woman carry the baby…but there were pictures earlier of carol looking bloated.

    1. @elizabeth
      Not share and lie are different. He can keep silent, refuse to answer, etc, he’s more experienced than any of us in dealing with media. The fact he lies or not, has son or not doesn’t bring any benefit to me, lies make his image not good. At the age and at the position that one has everything and can teach young generation, be a good sample for them, lies make one look weird. Anyway I’ve never thought he lied, I believe him

      1. @cuckoo ya i also trust him since he said no means no. Andy is a reliable guy. But i hope he will still get a son since he is freaking rich. Or else everything will left to her daughter so happy of her when she grows up..

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