Andy Lau Expects Comeback in 2 Months

It’s a speedy recovery! According to the Hong Kong media, Andy Lau (劉德華), who injured his lower back from a horse accident last January, expects to return to work this summer in July.

andy lauThe 55-year-old award-winning actor suffered bone fractures in his pelvis and lower back after falling off a horse during a commercial shoot in Thailand. He was flown back to Hong Kong via air ambulance and was hospitalized at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital for 51 days. He was discharged in March, and has been resting at home ever since.

At the time, his doctors estimated that it would take nine months for Andy to fully recover. Andy has been updating his fans on his progress through his official website—originally bedridden, Andy is now standing tall and walking with support.

Much of Andy’s recovery owes to his wife Carol Chu (朱麗倩), who spends her time running errands for Andy. The paparazzi closely followed Carol for a few days, and saw her grocery shopping with two bodyguards. Carol also arranged Andy a meeting with Master Dichiao from the Hsiang-Te Temple of Taiwan for a blessing. With the help of traditional Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy, and physical therapy, Andy is recovering much faster than expected.

“I’ll be running and jumping, talking and laughing with you all very soon!” said Andy in an update.

Source: Eastweek

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  1. Andy is one deternined man. I am not surprised he worked so hard to make a return to work so quickly, considering the serious injuries he sustained. Plus we all know he is a workaholic, and can’t stay away from work for long.

    Good for Carol for taking charge of things while Andy recuperated. Such a good wife. Andy better realise what a lucky man he is.

  2. OMG! Carol Chu (朱丽倩) is so ‘si lai’ (like a typical housewife) in the pic….perhaps Yu Ke Hsin(俞可欣) might hv been a better choice as Andy’s spouse as she is more trendy & sophisticated. LOL!

    1. @ross idk mate, there’s something very endearing about how carol stays in the shadows. i mean andy lau gave up being with a lot of female goddesses just to be with her, there’s gotta be something very special about her

      1. X@rucofan1100 I won’t go so far as to call a mere human being a god or goddess. To me it comes accross as so blasfemous. However, Andy has been linked with some very beautiful celebrities. @rucofan, has it ever occurred to you that Andy was looking for a simple woman who is not part of the industry?. All pretty women do not have pretty characters or personalities. Carol is a simple, decent woman. Too many chinese are too stuck on the social status quo and outward looks of people.

      2. @bubbletea hmmm, wasn’t that what i was implying in my comment, that there is something special about carol? that perhaps she had something that went beyond the glitz and glamor of the usual celeb? was i insulting her when i disagreed with the commenter that called her “si lai”? were we not in agreement in our fondness of carol?
        oh btw, ruco is god!!!

      3. @rucofan1100 my bad. My reply was meant for @ross. Good to know that rruco is god. Then I pray that netizens will open thei eyes to wisdom, and stop focussing on looks and social station. Can my prayer be answered? Thank you

      4. @bubbletea nah no thanks, i’m thinking about praying to raymond lam next; maybe he’ll spare me a buck or two. it seems like i have a habit of praying to real people as opposed to myth and hearsay

  3. Andy really is lucky to have Carol as his wife. Someone who supported him from the back or hidden for so long. Glad he is recovering well and that he get to spend more time with the family during his injury.

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